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Justin Bieber Calls Out Mariah Yeater On Twitter

DISNEYLAND/MARK ASHMAN(LOS ANGELES) -- Justin Bieber is famous for his tunes, but his Tweets took center stage and got people talking this weekend. The most eye-opening was one aimed at Mariah Yeater, the woman who accused him of fathering her child.

On Saturday Bieber tweeted: “Dear mariah yeeter (sic) …we have never met…so from the heart i just wanted to say” and then he posted a link to a YouTube audio clip of the character Borat, played by comedian/actor Sacha Baron Cohen. In the clip, Borat says, mockingly: “You will never get this. You will never get this. La la la la la …”

His fans re-tweeted the original tweet more than 53,000 times.

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Last year Yeater, 20, stunned the entertainment industry and Bieber’s millions of ardent fans when she sued the pop star, claiming she got pregnant after they had a minutes-long tryst in a backstage bathroom following one of his concerts.

Bieber, now 18, steadfastly maintained the incident never happened and said he had never met Yeater. The woman abruptly withdrew her lawsuit, but said she wanted to settle out of court.

Bieber reportedly took a DNA test to disprove the paternity claim.

Bieber posted the tweet during what he called Random Twitter Hour, which featured other odd postings, including: “Rick james is my grandfather”; “my loins”; “chuck norris wears justin bieber pajamas”; “why does david ortiz look like robocop haha” and “wish dirty diana would clean up her act.”

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Report: Justin Bieber Takes DNA Paternity Test

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Justin Bieber has reportedly taken a DNA test to disprove the paternity claim of a 20-year-old woman who alleged that a backstage bathroom sexual tryst following one of the pop star's concerts resulted in a pregnancy.

A source close to Bieber told ABC News that arrangements were made for Bieber to take the test.  ABC News cannot independently verify that, but the gossip website is reporting that the teen heartthrob took the test on Friday in New Jersey under what it reported were very controlled circumstances.

Mariah Yeater had initially filed a paternity suit against Bieber but abruptly withdrew it last week. She has since hired new legal representation and reportedly wants to settle out of court.

Bieber has steadfastly denied Yeater’s allegations, saying the story was “completely made up” and that he has never met her.

The pop star may take legal action against Yeater following the results of the test.

Yeater had earlier accused her former boyfriend, Robbie, of fathering her baby. In her court filings, Yeater alleged that she and Bieber engaged in a minutes-long tryst in a backstage bathroom at the Staples Center in Los Angeles following a concert in October 2010. She was 19 and Bieber, 16. Her son, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, was born in July.

His team says the pop star has no intention of reaching a settlement with Yeater, and added that text messages purportedly sent by Yeater are evidence of a classic celebrity shakedown.

In the messages, released by TMZ, Yeater allegedly wrote last week: “Pleeease ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says Tristyn is Robbie’s Son. I’ll kick u when we get paid. I’m trusting you pleeease.”

In another text, Yeater allegedly writes: “Would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son’s life?”

Yeater also faces a bench trial next month on a misdemeanor battery charge filed against her last December claiming she slapped 18-year-old Robbie during a dispute.

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Report: Woman Drops Paternity Suit Against Justin Bieber

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- The woman who accused Justin Bieber of being the father of her baby son has dropped her paternity lawsuit against the 17-year-old singer, TMZ reported Wednesday morning.

As it happened, the suit by 20-year-old Mariah Yeater was dismissed late last week, according to TMZ, while attorneys Lance Rogers and Matt Pare have also withdrawn from representing her.

Bieber vigorously denied the allegations of having had sex with Yeater following a concert last year that she alleged resulted in her becoming pregnant and having his child.  Bieber also offered to take a DNA test to prove his innocence.

Yeater might have decided to drop the paternity suit after Bieber's attorney Howard Weitzman threatened to sue the woman for making what he termed was a bogus claim.

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Justin Bieber to Take Paternity Test

ABC/Donna Svennevik(LOS ANGELES) -- Justin Bieber will take a paternity test to settle questions about whether he is the father of a 20-year-old California woman’s child, the pop star’s spokesman said.

The 17-year-old singer will take the test when he returns to the United States from Europe, where he is on business, and then he will likely file suit against the woman, according to his representative.

“We’ll vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to protect Justin and to hold those involved with bringing this suit accountable for their actions,” Bieber’s publicist Matt Hiltzik said in a statement to ABC News.

Mariah Yeater filed a paternity suit against Bieber, claiming their tryst in a backstage bathroom at the Staples Center in Los Angeles following a concert in October 2010 resulted in the birth of her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater this July.

The threat of a retaliatory lawsuit from Bieber is not the only legal trouble facing Yeater.  Her very public allegations have placed a spotlight on her checkered past, including a domestic violence charge from an ex-boyfriend whom she earlier accused of fathering the baby she now says is Bieber’s.

Yeater faces a bench trial next month on a misdemeanor battery charge that she slapped her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend last December.   The charge could leave her facing six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The Los Angeles Police Department has also not ruled out the possibility they may look into Yeater’s alleged backstage tryst with Bieber as a case of unlawful sex with a minor, since the singer was 16 at the time.  If convicted, the violation carries a one-year jail sentence.

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Justin Bieber Denies Paternity Suit Claims

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Justin Bieber is making the rounds promoting his latest album, Under the Mistletoe, which means that sooner or later, he was going to have to field questions about the accusations that he fathered a child with a 20-year-old woman named Mariah Yeater.

Bieber did so Friday on NBC's Today show, telling Matt Lauer, "I'd just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true.  I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim."

In her paternity suit, Yeater claims she had sex with Justin a year ago, backstage after one of his concerts, and claims he's the father of her three-month-old baby.  But Justin told Lauer that what Yeater is claiming doesn't make sense.

"I think it's crazy because every night after the show, I've gone right from the stage right to my car," he said. "So it's crazy that some people want to make up some false allegations, but to set the record straight, none of it is true. Never met the woman."

Justin's fans are furious about the paternity suit, and many have been threatening on Twitter to harm Yeater.  The singer said that he's willing to take the good with the bad in this business, and added, "I want to focus on what's real, like, my fans are real, [and] the charity work that I'm doing with this album is real."

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