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Matthew Fox Groin-Punching Suit Dropped

Danny Martindale/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- The bus driver who accused Matthew Fox of punching her in the chest and groin has dropped her civil suit.

Heather Bormann accused Fox, the star of Lost, of hitting her as he tried to board a party bus she was driving in August 2011.

Fox countersued and denied the allegations.

Entertainment Weekly
discovered Bormann’s attorney, Norman Stark, actually withdrew the suit last month. He told the magazine his client “intentionally failed and refused to provide full and timely cooperation and information.” Bormann also reportedly broke a promise to pay her attorney’s out-of-pocket expenses.

Fox has withdrawn his suit, according to E! News.

News of the dropped suit comes after a bad few weeks for the actor.

Earlier this week, Fox’s Lost co-star, Dominic Monaghan, tweeted that Fox beats women.

During a Q&A with Lost fans, one user asked Monaghan to get Fox on Twitter.

“He beats women. No thanks,” Monaghan replied.

Fox still faces his share of legal trouble. Three weeks ago, he was busted for DUI in Oregon.

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Friends of Matthew Fox: He’s Never Beaten a Woman in His Life

Danny Martindale/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Sources close to Matthew Fox tell TMZ the actor has never beaten a woman in his life.  The denial comes just days after Fox's former Lost co-star, Dominic Monaghan, made a blunt allegation during a Twitter chat with a fan.

When the fan asked Monaghan to help get Fox to join Twitter, Monaghan replied, “He beats women. No thanks.” 

The allegations were repeated in a further reply.  When the fan suggested Fox should sue his former Lost co-star, Monaghan wrote, "It's very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth."

In August 2011, an allegedly drunk Fox was accused of repeatedly punching a female shuttle bus driver in an Ohio scuffle that led the victim to sue him for injuries sustained.

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Dominic Monaghan on Matthew Fox: 'He Beats Women...Often'

Danny Martindale/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Dominic Monaghan, who starred in the Lord of the Rings films and later on Lost, had some choice of words about his one-time co-star Matthew Fox during a Twitter chat Monday.

When a fan asked Monaghan to try to get Fox to join Twitter, Monaghan bluntly answered, "He beats women. No Thanks."

In August 2011, an allegedly drunk Fox was accused of repeatedly punching a female shuttle bus driver in an Ohio scuffle that led the victim to sue him for injuries sustained.

The Twitter fan referenced this incident, saying to Monaghan, "I KNOW IT WAS WRONG BUT WHAT?! WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE GOOD TIMES YOU HAD TOGETHER?!" 

But the actor responded by posting, "how do you know we ever did?you don't know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often..."

When the Fox fan said the actor should sue Monaghan, the actor posted, "It's very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth."

Earlier this month, Fox was arrested on a DUI charge in Oregon.

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Matthew Fox Countersues Woman over Alleged Party Bus Altercation

Danny Martindale/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Matthew Fox, who in August was accused of attacking a female party bus driver who subsequently sued him, is now pursuing legal action against the woman. reports the former Lost star has countersued Heather Bormann, who alleged an intoxicated Fox attempted to board a bus in Cleveland reserved for a private party, and then punched her in the chest and pelvis area after she told him to leave.

Fox says she attacked him -- something that she has already admitted, though she claims it was in retaliation of his alleged actions.  He also claims that he's lost work because of the allegations, which he says have caused him "public hatred, contempt, ridicule and shame."  He seeks unspecified damages.

Cleveland prosecutors in September said they declined to file charges against Fox in connection with the incident.

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Female Bus Driver Files Assault Charges against Matthew Fox

Danny Martindale/WireImage(CLEVELAND) -- The female party bus driver whom former Lost star Matthew Fox allegedly attacked last weekend in Cleveland, Ohio has filed assault charges against him, according to CNN.

Cleveland prosecutors reportedly are reviewing the complaint brought by 29-year-old Heather Bormann, and have photographed bruises on her legs and arms.

Bormann claims the scuffle began after Fox had attempted to board her bus, which was reserved for a private party, and she told him to leave.  She alleges Fox punched her in the chest and pelvic area, after which, she says, she struck him in the jaw.

She further alleges Fox was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

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Bus Driver Details Scrap with ‘Lost’ Star Matthew Fox

Danny Martindale/WireImage(CLEVELAND) -- “He said, ‘This is the guy from Lost, Matthew Fox.’  I said I don’t care if he’s Joe Schmoe -- he assaulted me!”

These are quotes from Heather Bormann’s interview with ABC affiliate WEWS in which she described her scuffle late Saturday night with a man she identified as Hollywood actor Matthew Fox.

Bormann said she was driving a private party bus for a bachelor party. She was waiting for her customers outside the Shooters entertainment complex when Fox boarded the bus and demanded a ride to his hotel.

“He smelled like a bar. I mean he smelled like a liquor cabinet,” Bormann said.

When she refused, Fox allegedly lost it.

“He just would not get off my bus…so he started swinging, and I made him leave,” Bormann said.

“He was hitting me in the breast, he was hitting me in the groin area -- I have bruises that I can’t show,” Bormann said. “He bruised me all up,” she claimed, exhibiting her knuckles.

“I did bust his mouth open. I got him good,” Bormann said. In a dramatic touch, Fox “took the blood and just threw it to the ground,” she added.

She said that’s when the police arrived, took a report, detained Fox briefly, then sent him to his hotel in a taxi.

“You’re gonna hit me, I’m gonna hit back. I mean, I bite just as hard as you can bite,” said Bormann, possibly literally.

She said she planned to press charges: “No matter who it’s from, assault is wrong; it’s against the law.”

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Matthew Fox Detained, Released after Alleged Assault

Danny Martindale/WireImage(CLEVELAND) -- Matthew Fox, who played Jack Shephard on the ABC drama Lost, was detained by Cleveland police Saturday after allegedly assaulting a female party bus driver.

According to a police report obtained by ABC News, Fox, 45, tried to board the bus and refused to move when the female driver, Heather Bormann, 29, told him it was a private vehicle. According to the report, Fox then "punched her in the chest and stomach area." Bormann punched Fox in the mouth, cutting his lip; a 24-year-old man also tried to help her.

The report said that Fox was not arrested, got released "to a friend" and took a taxi to his hotel. Both he and Bormann, a local resident, refused medical treatment, but the report said that she now believes she may have broken her hand.

The altercation occurred in a parking lot near a bar in Cleveland between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. Saturday morning. No charges have been filed, but Bormann told that she's meeting with prosecutors Monday and may press charges.

Representatives for Fox didn't immediately respond to ABC News’ requests for comment. The actor has been in Ohio filming scenes for his upcoming film World War Z, which also stars Brad Pitt.

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