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"Men in Black 3," "Skyfall" Most Error-Strewn Movies of 2012

Columbia Pictures(LOS ANGELES) -- The annual roundup of the most error-strewn movies has been released by Moviemistakes.Com.  Men in Black 3 leads the 2012 list with a total of 63 mistakes, including continuity gaffes such as items moving around between shots and characters changing positions.

In one scene, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ characters are seen falling from a roof onto a door, landing opposite from one another.  In the next shot, viewed from a different angle, they are seen lying next to each other.

Another culprit is Skyfall, where Daniel Craig’s James Bond is shown completely dry minutes after falling into icy water.  It’s one of 35 mistakes in the film, which also shows “instant” changes of footwear and a scene where Bond grabs a bottle of liquor, shown to be 80 percent full, which is reduced to 20 percent full after one small pour is taken.

Rounding out the top five worst offenders are The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man, tied with 24 mistakes apiece, and The Avengers with 22 errors.

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"Men in Black 3" Knocks "The Avengers" Out of Top Spot at Box Office

Columbia Pictures(NEW YORK) -- The men in black took out The Avengers at the box office over the Memorial Day weekend.

Men in Black 3, starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin, earned an estimated $70 million from Friday through Monday to debut in first place.

Marvel’s The Avengers, which was the box office champ the previous three weekends, slipped to second place, collecting $46.9 million.

The thriller Chernobyl Diaries opened in sixth place, with $9.3 million.

The new Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom made nearly $670,000 in four theaters over the four-day weekend.  It earned $130,752 per location from Friday through Sunday, a record for a live-action film.

Here are the top 10 movies from Friday through Monday, with estimated ticket sales:

1. Men in Black 3, $70 million
2. Marvel’s The Avengers, $46.9 million
3. Battleship, $13.8 million
4. The Dictator, $11.8 million
5. Dark Shadows, $9.4 million
6. Chernobyl Diaries, $9.3 million
7. What to Expect When You're Expecting, $8.9 million
8. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, $8.2 million
9. The Hunger Games, $2.9 million
10. Think Like a Man, $1.8 million

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"Men in Black 3," "Chernobyl Diaries" Open Friday

Columbia Pictures(NEW YORK) -- Here's a look at the new movies opening nationwide Friday:

-- Men in Black 3: In the first film in the Men in Black series in 10 years, Will Smith's Agent J travels back in time to the 1960s to prevent an alien from assassinating his colleague, Agent K.  Tommy Lee Jones returns as the modern-day Agent K, while Josh Brolin plays his 1960s counterpart.  Men in Black 3 is screening in 3D.  Rated PG-13.  [Click here to read a review]

-- Chernobyl Diaries: Six young tourists are haunted by the aftermath of the 1980s Chernobyl nuclear disaster when they take a trip to an abandoned Ukrainian city not far from where the tragedy occurred.  Jesse McCartney stars.  Rated R.

And expanding into wide release:

-- The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: The dramedy follows a group of Brits who decide to live out their retirement at a hotel in India that turns out to be less exotic than they imagined.  Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy and Dev Patel star.  Rated PG-13.

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Movie Review: "Men in Black 3"

Columbia Pictures(NEW YORK) -- It is one of the semi-great questions of our time: Do we really need a third Men in Black movie?

As Will Smith himself might say, “Aw, hell no!”  Let’s revisit that question at the end of this review.

Conceptually, I’m a sucker for time travel. I’ve read books on the topic (my favorite being How to Build a Time Machine by physicist Paul Davies) and love time travel narratives.  I’m also a sucker for New York Mets baseball and actor Michael Stuhlbarg.  And Men in Black 3 contains all of these elements.  So far, so good.

MiB3 starts out well enough, as we meet Boris the Animal, played by Flight of the Conchords actor/musician Jemaine Clement.  Boris is one the MiB universe's better creations -- a despicable being with some sort of orifice in his hand, replete with teeth, where he stores a dart-shooting pet that seems to be half crab, half scorpion and completely disgusting.  He might have two such hands if Tommy Lee Jones’ K hadn't shot off his other arm 40 years ago when he apprehended Boris.  The action really begins when bad guy Boris escapes from prison -- on the moon -- with the sole purpose of exacting revenge on K.  That’s the good news.

The bad news? Will Smith’s first ten minutes on screen. I have no idea if they shot MiB3 in sequence but Smith seems really uncomfortable at the beginning of the movie. Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah might have done a better Will Smith in the opening moments than Will Smith does.  Fortunately, that Big Willie Style charm we all love soon shows up, at which time we get to have some fun.  And there is plenty of fun to be had.

Boris gets his hand on a time-traveling device that allows him to jump, quite literally, back to 1969, where he kills K.  That murder triggers a chain of catastrophic events that ripple into the future.  Once J realizes what has happened, he needs to jump back to 1969 and prevent K’s murder. 

Fun as it all is, the heart of MiB3 is Josh Brolin’s performance as the young K. Brolin is so good at nailing Tommy Lee Jones' voice and manner, you actually forget he’s not Tommy Lee Jones.

Then there’s Stuhlbarg (Boardwalk Empire, A Serious Man) as Griffin, a timid alien creature who simultaneously exists in the past, present and future (if Rain Man and Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen had a baby, it might be Griffin). Griffin serves as J and young K’s guardian, using a fantastic moment in baseball history to teach them a lesson.

There are some holes in this story and unfortunately, they're not time-travel wormholes, but I can live with that.  Men in Black 3 may not hold up to the most stringent scrutiny, but it is what it is -- a real crowd pleaser with a big heart. 

So: Do we really need a third Men in Black movie? No, we don't, but I’m glad we have one.

Three-and-a-half out of five stars.

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Will Smith Smacks Amorous Reporter

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A Ukrainian reporter who tried to kiss Will Smith on the mouth was instead met with a backhanded slap to the face.

Russia’s Life TV caught overly affectionate reporter Vitalii Sediuk and the actor on camera at the Moscow premiere of Smith’s new film, “Men In Black 3.”

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After a hug and a pat on the back, Sediuk leaned in toward Smith’s face and started going for kisses, prompting the star to push him away.

“He tried to kiss me on my mouth,” Smith said on camera seconds after the incident. “This joker, he’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

It turns out kissing interview subjects is part of Sediuk’s schtick and he is known as quite the prankster, TMZ reported.

Before the kiss seen around the world, the reporter, who posed as a fan, was known for presenting Madonna with a bouquet of hydrangeas. She graciously accepted the flowers despite the fact she had said in previous interviews she did not like them.

Moments later, the singer was caught on an open microphone at a press conference telling the person next to her she “absolutely loathes hydrangeas.” The video went viral and garnered millions of views.

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Lady Gaga an Alien in 'Men in Black 3'?

PRNewsFoto/Barneys New York Credit: David Swanson, Terry Richardson Photography(LOS ANGELES) -- A quote from Will Smith to a Brazilian website makes it pretty plain that Lady Gaga will be following in the footsteps of the late Michael Jackson in an out of this world cameo in a Men in Black film.

Smith reportedly said during a promotion appearance in Rio that Gaga's going to play one of those aliens among us in Men in Black 3.

"We have a couple of celebrity cameos, but I think I can not reveal who they are," Smith was quoted as saying by  "We must keep as a surprise that Lady Gaga appears."

Previously, Jackson, Al Roker, Martha Stewart and a host of other celebs, were glimpsed as aliens-in-disguise thanks to cameos in the sci-fi comedy series.

Men in Black 3, starring Smith, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson and Tommy Lee Jones, opens on May 25.

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VIDEO: 'Men in Black 3' Trailer Jumps Online

C Flanigan/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- After much delay --- blamed on a ballooning budget and script re-writes --- Sony has unveiled a first trailer for Men in Black 3.

As before, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play agents from a secret government agency tasked with policing aliens living among us on earth, but this time around, there's a twist. Smith's character J finds there are secrets even he doesn't have access to, and eventually he has to jump back in time to solve the mystery of his partner's death.

Emma Thompson also stars as an MIB operative, as does James Brolin, who plays the younger version of Jones' Agent K.

Men in Black 3 opens May 25, 2012.

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