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Conrad Murray Leaves Jail

Barcroft Media /Barcoft Media via Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Two years after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray left jail early Monday. He exited a Los Angeles facility just after midnight West Coast time.

Murray was sentenced to four years in jail for involuntary manslaughter after he treated Michael with the powerful anesthetic propofol. He was released two years early due to credit for time served.

Even before his release date, Murray was already looking to get back into medicine. Lawyers for the former doctor have filed petitions in Texas to have his medical license reinstated.

Texas officially revoked Murray's license -- the first state to do so -- following his trial. His medical licenses in California and Nevada had already been suspended following his arrest. According to Murray's attorney Valerie Wass, the California medical board will wait until all appeals have been exhausted before making their decision on revoking his license.

Wass said he is hopeful he will be vindicated on appeal and that he will be able to practice medicine again.

"He's going to fight it. I think it will be very difficult in California if they uphold the judgment," Wass told "He's very hopeful. He's going to practice medicine somewhere is my understanding....He's prepared to go to federal court to fight."

Murray's Texas attorney, Charles Peckham, told they were hoping to reverse the revocation of Murray's license, since the California Medical Board was waiting until the appeals process was over making a final decision.

Earlier comments that Murray would pursue getting his medical license sparked Katherine Jackson's attorney, Brian Panish, to say in a statement sent to ABC News Los Angeles affiliate KABC-TV, "It is clear Conrad Murray was hired by AEG and killed Michael Jackson. We hope he can never practice medicine again and will not violate his Hippocratic oath and hurt another patient."

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Michael Jackson’s Mother Denounces ‘The Biggest Lie’ About Her Son

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Katherine Jackson said her son, Michael Jackson, was a loving father and a doting son, and said it is hard to hear what she believes are misconceptions of the King of Pop, who died in 2009 at the age of 50 after being given a lethal dose of the drug propofol.

“The most difficult thing is to sit there in this court and listen to all the bad things they say about my son,” she said on the stand Friday her family’s wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live, the company that was promoting the world tour Michael Jackson was preparing for when he died. “[They] call my son a freak, saying he is lazy.

“My son was not lazy,” Jackson, 83, continued. “That is the biggest lie around.”

In addition to being a singer/songwriter, Michael Jackson was a very good artist, his mother said, adding that some of his work has been sold. And of course, “he was born dancing,” she said. “He was in my arms and couldn’t be still, was dancing.”

She also described Michael as a philanthropist who took joy in helping others, including his family. When asked if he ever gave her gifts, Jackson responded, “All the time. He gave me everything, the necessities of life, gifts, cars, jewelry, mobile homes.”

However, she did not think he was physically able to complete the grueling world tour he had planned, and added that she called AEG Live’s CEO Randy Phillips and Jackson’s former manager, Dr. Tohme Tohme, about it. She said she didn’t know Conrad Murray, the doctor who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, until after Michael had died.

“When a mother loses a child,” she said, crying, “that’s the worst than can happen to a person.”

“Michael and I were very close,” she added. “He was the son — a mother wouldn’t want a better son than Michael.”

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Report: La Toya Jackson in Charge of Michael Jackson's Kids' Careers

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Michael Jackson’s son Prince recently signed on to be a correspondent with Entertainment Tonight -- reportedly under the watchful eye of his aunt La Toya Jackson.

Writing for the New York Post, a close friend of the Jackson family, Stacy Brown, says La Toya has signed all three of Michael’s children exclusively to her Ja-Tail Enterprises talent agency.

Brown claims that while La Toya's siblings battled over the King of Pop’s $2 billion estate following his death, La Toya took Prince, Paris and “Blanket” to the family’s Calabasas, Calif., mansion where, according to a family insider, “they needed comfort with everyone showing their wild side, so they watched television together, they listened to music and they talked about what Mike would want.  Mostly, it was Toya doing all the talking.”

As well as the ET gig, Prince has signed a deal to appear on the CW's 90210.  His sister Paris, meanwhile, has a movie deal that will see her shooting later this year in London.  It’s believed that La Toya will get a standard 15 percent commission on each deal.

She reportedly is also currently negotiating a reality TV show deal, featuring all three kids.  Insiders claim bidding has approached $10 million, with Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network leading the pack.

One potential problem for the 56-year-old La Toya is Paris’ refusal to shoot a reality show, but insiders say La Toya’s power of persuasion over the children is strong.

One source is quoted as saying, "Prince wasn’t exactly eager to do ET, but could you tell?  When the money is on the line, Toya is going to cash in.  I wouldn’t bet against her.”

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Does Lady Gaga Want to Buy Neverland Ranch?

Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Coty Beauty UK(NEW YORK) -- Neverland Ranch was once owned by an eccentric pop star, Michael Jackson. Could it soon be owned by another eccentric pop star?

Britain’s The Sun is claiming that Lady Gaga wants to purchase a share of the California ranch. A source says, “Lady Gaga is obsessed with Michael.  She’s become good friends with his sister La Toya and would love more than anything else to restore Neverland to its original state.”

The source adds that Gaga would “love to help with the financial costs” of the ranch should it remain with the Jackson family long-term.

Neverland is currently owned by Jackson’s estate as well as Colony Capital, which saved the property from foreclosure in 2008, the year before the King of Pop died.

Michael left Neverland in 2005.

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Michael Jackson’s Father, Joe Jackson, Suffers Stroke

GV Cruz/WireImage(LAS VEGAS) -- Michael Jackson’s 83-year-old father, Joe Jackson, said he has suffered a stroke.

He is being treated at an unspecified hospital in Las Vegas.

“I will be fine and I am going home tomorrow,” Jackson told ABC News.

The Jackson family has suffered from other health woes recently.

Matriarch Katherine Jackson’s doctor, in July, recommended she leave Los Angeles because “her health was really bad,” her son, Randy Jackson, told Good Morning America.

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"Michael Jackson: Bad25" Premieres on ABC Thanksgiving Night

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Michael Jackson: Bad25, a documentary about the making of Michael Jackson's landmark 1987 album Bad, airs on ABC Thanksgiving night. 

The in-depth film was directed by Spike Lee, who traces the King of Pop's creative process as he followed up from the success of his 1982 album Thriller.

Lee first worked with Jackson more than a decade and a half ago, directing the 1996 music video "They Don't Really Care About Us." 

"When I got that phone call and he was on the other line I hung up because I thought it was an impersonator," Lee tells ABC News Radio.  "It was really a big moment in my life when Michael Jackson called me on my phone to do a music video."

Jackson asked Lee to come to California to hear his song, but the new dad had just welcomed his first child home, and couldn't make the trip.  That didn't stop Jackson, though. 

"He came to Fort Greene, Brooklyn, to my house, my brownstone, to play the songs," Lee says.

Jackson had a passion for his craft, and Michael Jackson: Bad25 shines a light on that passion.  In one scene, viewers will see footage of Jackson in November 1986, working on the choreography for the Martin Scorsese-directed "Bad" music video in his hotel room with choreographers Caszper Canidate and Jeffrey Daniel.  

In the clip, Daniel talks about how the three of them developed the iconic dance sequence in the "Bad" video.  He says that he and Canidate would work with Jackson's dancers in the daytime, then the trio would meet back at the hotel, and work together until the wee hours of the morning.

"We'd take turns creating different things, making different things happen," Daniel says.  Each of the guys would get their turn, "but it wasn't like a dance-off," he says.  Instead, the three of them were "inspiring each other and pushing each other to the next limit."

Daniel is one of several people who share their behind-the-scenes stories from the making of Michael's Bad album.  Siedah Garrett is another contributor who appears in Michael Jackson: Bad25.  The singer and songwriter helped pen the duet "I Just Can't Stop Loving You."

In an interview with ABC News Radio, she recalls joining Jackson in the studio to record her part on the track, and remembers that he admired her work on the song.

"So, Michael follows me into the booth and he starts filming me and I remember asking him, 'Why are you doing this?'" Garrett tells ABC News Radio.  "He said, 'Because you have so much emotion and I just love the way you sing it and I wanna sing it like you.'"

Bad was the first album on which nearly all of the songs were written by Jackson.  He co-wrote nine of the album's 11 tracks, and was listed as a co-producer for the entire project. 

"He might not be able to play the guitar riff in 'Beat It,' or 'Billie Jean,' but he can sing it to the guitar player and he'll get the feel that we wants," Garrett recalls.  "He had a human beatbox in his body that was ridiculous."

She says that Jackson was always looking to improve. 

"Like athletes, they love to watch themselves on tape and then better their game.  He was just like that.  He wanted to better himself at every turn," she says.

In addition to interviews with Jackson's collaborators, Lee also did one-on-one interviews with the King of Pop's famous fans.  The list includes Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green and Kanye West, among others.

Michael Jackson: Bad25 airs on ABC Thursday night at 9:30 p.m. Eastern time.

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Michael Jackson's Personal Assistant Sues AEG

Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Michael Amir Williams, who was Michael Jackson's personal assistant, has filed a class-action lawsuit against AEG, the promoter of Jackson's aborted This is It tour, reports

Williams alleges that he and many other employees lost a lot of money because This is It never happened due to AEG negligently employing Dr. Conrad Murray.  It was Murray who gave the singer a fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol and was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

According to Williams, AEG should never have hired Murray to begin with, but when they did, they failed to supervise him.

Williams claims in court papers that AEG already agreed to pay Jackson's staff some $7.5 million for the work they did on the tour, but he's asking for unspecified damages.

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Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson Top "Forbes" List of Dead Celebs

Archive Photos/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Forbes has released its annual list of the highest earning dead celebrities, and even after death, Elizabeth Taylor is still hanging out with Michael Jackson.

Taylor tops the 2012 list with an impressive $210 million posthumous purse thanks to sales of her jewelry and her perfume line, nudging out the former King of Pop, who earned $145 million in the past 12 months.

Others in the top five include Elvis Presley -- number three on the list -- with earnings of $55 million, Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, whose estate raked in $37 million, and the late Bob Marley, who earned $17 million.  The list is based on earnings for one year, starting in October 2011.

Here is the Forbes list of the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities in 2012:

1. Liz Taylor, $210 Million
2. Michael Jackson, $145 Million
3. Elvis Presley, $55 Million
4. Charles Schulz, $37 Million
5. Bob Marley, $17 Million
6. John Lennon, $12 Million
7. Marilyn Monroe, $10 Million
7. Albert Einstein, $10 Million
9. Dr. Seuss, $9 Million
10. Steve McQueen, $8 Million

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Janet Jackson Demands Retraction from "Vanity Fair" for Claims She Delayed Michael’s Funeral

Steve Granitz/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- An attorney for Janet Jackson says a story published in Vanity Fair that claims Janet refused to let her brother Michael’s funeral take place until the late King of Pop’s estate reimbursed her for the $40,000 deposit she made to secure a burial plot at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif. is “false and defamatory.”

In a letter addressed to Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter, Jackson attorney Blair Brown demands the magazine “retract its statement that Ms. Jackson ‘refused’ to let Michael Jackson’s funeral take place until the money she put down as a deposit on his burial plot was repaid.”

Brown insists that Vanity Fair publish a retraction explaining that the statement is false, and also demands that the magazine “contact all other media and websites that have re-published Vanity Fair’s false statement and inform them of its retraction and its corrective statement."

In her letter to Vanity Fair, Brown says the article “is replete with additional false and defamatory statements regarding Ms. Jackson.”

The article in Vanity Fair’s November 2012 issue is an excerpt from author Randall Sullivan’s upcoming book, Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on Sept. 3, 2009, more than two months after his death.

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Michael Jackson’s Kids Journey to Dad’s Hometown on His Birthday

Mark Sullivan/WireImage(GARY, Ind.) -- Michael Jackson’s three children spent what would have been the King of Pop’s 54th birthday in Gary, Ind., the town where their father was raised.

For the first time since Michael Jackson’s death three years ago, Prince, 15; Paris, 14; and Blanket, 10;  joined a vigil for their father on Wednesday at the house at 2300 Jackson Street, where Joe and Katherine Jackson raised their father and his famous siblings until 1969. The late singer’s sister La Toya also was also at the vigil.

Jackson’s children were photographed at a casino overlooking Lake Michigan, where Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson presented them with “Team Gary” T-shirts.

“It’s a new experience for us. People are real nice here. It’s amazing how much he was respected and loved,” Prince told a local reporter Wednesday. ”It’s something that amazes me every time I come to a place like this where all these fans gather for him. It’s amazing how much he was respected and loved.”

Paris Jackson took to her Twitter account Wednesday to also express her love for her dad: “Thru my joy & my sorrow, in the promise of another 2morro, i’ll never let u apart for ur always in my heart … happy birthday i love u daddy,” she tweeted.

The memorial events came two days before the 25th anniversary of the release of “Bad,” one of Jackson’s landmark albums, which included such mega hits as “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Smooth Criminal” and the title track.

Bad was the first album for which Jackson wrote nearly all the songs. He co-wrote nine of the 11 tracks — and he was listed as a co-producer for the entire project.  It was also the first album that Jackson toured behind as a solo artist — a tour that cemented his status as a global superstar.

Bad  sold between 35 and 40 million copies worldwide, including 8 million in the U.S. alone.  It was nominated for six Grammys, and won two.

It took more than 20 years for another artist to match that record: Katy Perry did it with her album Teenage Dream.

Spike Lee’s documentary about the making and influence of Bad, which premieres at the Venice International Film Festival Friday, includes one-on-one interviews with Jackson’s confidants, collaborators, choreographers and famous fans, including director Martin Scorsese, Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green and Sheryl Crow, to name a few.

“This film was done with the cooperation of the Michael Jackson estate so they opened up the archives,” Lee told ABC News.  “We have stuff in this documentary that no one has ever seen.  So it was amazing to me to look at this, to see this stuff.”

The documentary screens at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and airs on ABC close to Thanksgiving.

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