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Fleetwood Mac Feud: Stevie Nicks to Blame?

Greetsia Tent/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Stevie Nicks has said that she’ll go on the road with Fleetwood Mac as soon as she’s finished touring to support her most recent album, In Your Dreams, which came out last year.  However, Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood now despairs of Stevie ever rejoining the group, and tells Playboy magazine, “I don’t believe Fleetwood Mac will ever tour again.”

Fleetwood says that he understands Stevie’s desire to promote her album, but is upset that it’s coming at the expense of what would be an extremely lucrative tour. According to a promoter, Fleetwood, Stevie, Lindsey Buckingham and bass player John McVie could earn 10 million bucks’ apiece if they did an eight-month arena tour.  “It is certainly a blow to all of us financially,” admits the drummer.

Fleetwood tells Playboy that the Mac was supposed to go on the road in 2011, but agreed to delay their tour so Stevie and Lindsey could promote their albums.  But now, Fleetwood thinks Stevie’s gone overboard.  “It comes down to her, and for the first time, I think, even Lindsey has lost his patience,” he says.  “Stevie is really proud of her new album and I get that, but she will not let it go … she’s insistent upon working it until it is incapable of growing further … she has become enthralled and obsessed with her in album in a very nice but very inconvenient way.”

The drummer continues, “She’s working 20 times harder than she would ever have to do with Fleetwood Mac and not making anything close to as much money as she would with us.  But this is what she wants to do, and I respect that.”

While in the past, Fleetwood says, he would’ve “not taken no for an answer,” he claims he’s now ready to accept the fact that his beloved band may not ever see the road again.

“Stevie changed her program and changed her mind, and however willful anyone may be, this is what’s happening, or not happening, rather,” he tells Playboy.  “It’s quite simple.  Stevie changed her mind.  And you know what?  That is our innate privilege as humans.”

You can read the full interview in the new issue of Playboy, on newsstands Friday.

In July, Stevie will team with Rod Stewart for another edition of their Heart & Soul joint tour, which was a big success last summer.

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