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Underdog 'Dolphin Tale' Predicted to Steal Weekend Box Office

Comstock Images/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- The online movie ticket site is usually a good predictor of what will be big at the box office any given weekend. And the top ticket seller leading into Friday? Dolphin Tale!

The 3D movie about a dolphin in need of a new tail was a surprise success last weekend, coming in third, just behind the Brad Pitt movie Moneyball and not too far off from 3D reissue of The Lion King. Director Charles Martin Smith told ABC News Radio that he didn't expect to do that well, and he hopes the success continues.   

"It is tough, it's very very tough...last weekend was surprising because of the other films that were out against us, and still, how many people really wanted to see Dolphin Tale. I think I was reading that this was like one of the, for this time in September, this was like the most successful weekend at the box office. Not bad."

And he had no problem going against an old Hollywood saying that you never work with children or animals.   

"No problems with any of them...they were fantastic," he said. "The kids, the dolphins. The thing about shooting Winter, the dolphin, was of course that we were working around her schedule. And if there were days that she didn't feel like being in the movie, then we'd go shoot something else. So, we had to stay flexible with the shooting schedule. Her well-being was our main concern. And the kids were great. They were ready to do any scene at any time, and cheerful and wonderful actors."

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