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Drew Barrymore Tops 'Forbes' List of Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actors

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Drew Barrymore is a well-compensated actress -- a little too well-compensated, if a new Forbes study is any indication.

She tops the magazine's list of Hollywood's most overpaid actors.  According to Forbes' calculations, studios earn just 40 cents for every dollar they pay her.

Barrymore's recent film credits include Going the Distance, Everybody's Fine and Lucky You Forbes says it excluded her role in the hit star-studded 2009 romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You because she wasn't the main focus of the movie.

Eddie Murphy, who stars in the new comedy Tower Heist, is second on the list, with his movies having raked in an average of $2.70 for every dollar he was paid.

To compile its rankings, Forbes examined Hollywood's 40 highest-earning actors.  Among those stars, it counted those who starred in at least three movies in the past five years, prior to May 2 of this year, that opened in more than 500 theaters.

Here is Forbes' top 10 most overpaid Hollywood actors:

1. Drew Barrymore
2. Eddie Murphy
3. Will Ferrell
4. Reese Witherspoon
5. Denzel Washington
6. Nicolas Cage
7. Adam Sandler
8. Vince Vaughn
9. Tom Cruise
10. Nicole Kidman

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'Forbes' Declares Will Ferrell Most Overpaid Star in Hollywood 

(NEW YORK) -- Will Ferrell is a popular comedic actor, but a new list by Forbes magazine ranks the former Saturday Night Live cast member-turned-film star as the most overpaid actor in the world, for the second straight year.

The magazine say Ferrell’s movies earned only $3.35 for each $1 the star was paid.  In comparison, Shia LaBeouf's films earned $81 for every dollar he was paid, making him the star who gets the most box office bang for his buck.

In determining the ranking, Forbes examined the three most recent movies of each actor on its Celebrity 100 list.  Ferrell’s last three films were Land of the Lost, Step Brothers and Semi-Pro.  The magazine totaled box office, DVD and television revenue for a star's three films, and examined production budgets to come up with an operating income that was then compared to an actor's compensation.

Here’s the Forbes list of Hollywood’s 10 Most Overpaid Actors for 2010, along with the films' earnings for every dollar the star was paid:

1. Will Ferrell, $3.35/$1
2. Eddie Murphy, $4.45/$1
3. Denzel Washington, $5.10/$1
4. Seth Rogan, $6.75/$1
5. Tom Cruise, $7.20/$1
6. Drew Barrymore, $7.45/$1
7. Matt Damon $8.30/$1
8. Vince Vaughn $8.35/$1
9. Adam Sandler $8.45/$1
10. Jim Carrey $8.60/$1

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