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No Apology After Susan Sarandon Calls Pope a Nazi

Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Remarks in a recent interview with fellow actor Bob Balaban have left Susan Sarandon in hot water with the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, reports E!

During the talk, Sarandon mentioned that she had sent a copy of Dead Men Walking by Sister Helen Prejean to the Pope.

Clarifying her statement Sarandon said, “The last [pope], not this Nazi we have now.”

She reiterated the remark, following Balaban’s shocked reaction, drawing some laughter from the audience in the Hamptons last Saturday.  According to the report, Sarandon made it clear that she was referring to the current pontiff.

Bill Donohue of the Catholic’s League reacted to Sarandon's coment by saying, “She’s a despicable person to make these kinds of despicable remarks.”

He added, “It is very hard to find someone dumber than [Sarandon].”

Donohue went on to state that Pope Benedict XVI deserted the Hitler Youth at the first moment he could, saying, “He was forced to join as every boy his age was.”

Donohue said he is not seeking an apology, neither has Sarandon offered one.

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More Jesse James Nazi Photos Surface

Photo Courtesy - Jordan Strauss/ WireImage/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Remember the scandal that erupted when Jesse James was caught posing in Nazi paraphernalia?  Well, a new one may be brewing.

Us Weekly has new Nazi-themed photos featuring Sandra Bullock's ex-husband.  The shots were posted on Facebook by former employees of James' company, West Coast Choppers.

In one picture, James is in a car while a friend sits in the passenger seat, delivering the Nazi salute while wearing what appears to be an Nazi officer's hat.  Another photo features a paper cutout of the pro-literacy cartoon character Flat Stanley, colored so that he's dressed as Hitler.  The cutout is being held by someone, apparently male, though it's impossible to tell if it's James.

The pictures were posted on Facebook in October, although it's unclear if they're still on the social networking site.

An insider maintains James is not an anti-Semite, adding, "He's into history.  The swastika deal is to scare people.  It's part of biker culture."

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