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Airline Pulling '30 Rock’ from Flights Because of Alec Baldwin?

Art Streiber/NBC(FORT WORTH, Texas) -- There have been reports that American Airlines may pull 30 Rock from its roster of in-flight entertainment in the wake of Alec Baldwin’s blow up last week on an AA flight from Los Angeles to New York. That doesn’t seem to be exactly the case. Here’s AA’s official stance:

“NBC routinely rotates programs on and off what is offered on board, and not all programming is the same on every flight,” an AA rep said in a statement to ABC News. “At this time, 30 Rock continues to air on some of our flights, but not others, which is our standard programming procedure.”

Asked if the move had anything to do with the Baldwin incident, the rep said, “Absolutely nothing. All this was in motion months ago, as part of our regular entertain[ment] rotations.”

Earlier Monday, E! News reported that the American Airlines Flight Attendants Union had lodged its own bid with management to get Baldwin’s show off AA’s airwaves. AA’s rep told ABC News, “There have been some discussions about all this, but I don’t know that we can call this a ‘formal’ request.”

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Ryan Seacrest to Succeed Matt Lauer on 'Today'?

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- "I'm Ryan Seacrest and the Today show."  The American Idol host just may have the opportunity to use that line on the NBC morning news program, as the eventual successor to co-anchor Matt Lauer.

The Wall Street Journal reports Seacrest met with NBC executives Tuesday evening for preliminary talks regarding a role for him on Today. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the meeting was part of "continued discussions" between both sides.

Seacrest would potentially succeed Lauer, who's co-anchored Today since 1997 and who earlier this year was rumored to be considering an exit from the show in late 2012.  He's denied the speculation.

In addition to his hosting duties on American Idol, Seacrest is also a host and producer for E!, which is owned by NBCUniversal. His contract reportedly expires early next year.

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Ricky Gervais to Host Golden Globes Again?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- It just may be that Ricky Gervais will return as host of the Golden Globes, suggests the New York Post.

NBC’s head of specials and the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association reportedly were spotted wining and dining the British comedian in Paris.

Gervais rubbed some people the wrong way when he made snarky jokes at the expense of celebrities when he last hosted the Globes early this year.

NBC has so far declined to comment on the report.

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NBC’s 'The Playboy Club' the First Casualty of the 2011 TV Season

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- As expected, TV’s class of 2011 has some promising new entries, and some bona fide duds. NBC has picked up two new comedies, Up All Night and Whitney, for a full season, but the party’s over for The Playboy Club. The underperforming drama, which launched amid much hype on Sept. 19, will be replaced on Monday nights with repeats of Prime Suspect until Oct. 31, when the news show Rock Center with Brian Williams debuts.

The Parents Television Council, which had blasted The Playboy Club over what it saw as the show's strong sexual content and had called for sponsors to pull their spots from the show, issued a press release celebrating the cancellation, calling the show a “poor programming decision from the start” and a “violation of the public trust.” However, an NBC spokesperson told ABC News Radio that the only thing that shut down The Playboy Club was poor ratings, not pressure from the PTC.

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Ellen DeGeneres Teams Up with Wife for NBC Pilot

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Ellen DeGeneres is going into business with her wife, Portia de Rossi. reports DeGeneres is producing a comedy pilot for NBC starring de Rossi as one of two sisters at odds with one another.

The project is a "put pilot," meaning NBC will be financially penalized if the pilot ultimately does not air.

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Ricky Gervais Asked to Host the Golden Globes Again

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Comedian Ricky Gervais who snubbed celebrities when he last hosted the Golden Globe Awards in January, has been asked by NBC to host them again for the third time.

E! Online reports that Gervais bashed A-listers like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie during this past year’s ceremony and began a rumor that he was already slated to host the following year’s event.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association, responsible for organizing the event, denied the rumors and insisted that Gervais would not make a return to the stage as host.

Gervais has neither declined nor accepted the offer from NBC to host next year’s award ceremony.

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CBS Suing over NBC Legal Drama

George Doyle/Stockbyte(LOS ANGELES) -- NBC's upcoming series based on the John Grisham book The Firm is the subject of a lawsuit filed by CBS against a producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS is alleging that producer Lukas Reiter shopped a similar version of the project to NBC after he was compensated by CBS to develop it for them.

NBC is not named as a defendant in the suit.

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NBC Announces Series Premiere Dates for Fall 2011 Schedule

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- NBC has revealed the series premiere dates for its official fall primetime schedule, which kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 13 with the season premiere of Parenthood.

Sunday Night Football is set to start on Sept. 8, provided the NFL lockout ends.

The new comedies Up All Night and Free Agents will debut on Sept. 14 outside of their respective time periods following the season finale of America's Got Talent.  Both series will then premiere in their regular slots with their second original episodes on Sept. 21.

Other season premieres include The Sing-Off on Sept. 18, The Biggest Loser on Sept. 20, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on Sept 21.  Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office all return on the same night, Sept. 22.

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NY Man Blames Jerry Seinfeld for Reality TV Show Divorce: 'It Is His Show'

Paul Drinkwater/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Howie Kohlenberg and ex-wife Christine joined reality TV show The Marriage Ref for their 15 minutes of fame. Instead, they saw the end of their 15-year marriage. Now, Kohlenberg, the jilted husband, is blaming the NBC show and its executive producer, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, for the breakup of his marriage.

"It is his show. He is co-creator, co-producer," Kohlenberg told ABC News of Seinfeld's alleged role in his marriage's demise. "His crew and his producers got us souped up that we could be stars the next day."

Kohlenberg alleges those dreams of stardom pushed by the show pushed his wife to leave him and their four-and-a-half-year-old son behind as well, bolting for Los Angeles and an acting career after the couple's Marriage Ref segment aired.

The Kohlenbergs put themselves among a pool of thousands of applicants to appear on the show, on which three celebrities pick a side in a real-life marital dispute, in hopes of helping their now-defunct Manhattan spa business.

"The show producers said that it would really pump up the publicity," Kohlenberg said. "I felt it could be fun."

Kohlenberg and his now-former wife were picked for the show's debut episode, but when it aired March 4, 2010, the focus was instead on, Kohlenberg says, a manufactured dispute.

"I take my wedding ring off twice a week to play basketball, and the producers loved that angle," Kohlenberg said. "We embellished it a little, saying I go out and party with the guys."

But, in real life, Kohlenberg said, it was only money issues that sometimes strained their otherwise-happy marriage. "She didn't really care when I took my wedding ring off or not," he said.

The show's reps had no comment, but Seinfeld told the New York Daily News that he found the whole thing amusing.

"I love it, I love, I love it. When people get upset, I enjoy it," Seinfeld said."That he's having problems, and blaming me, it's all, anything that alleviates the withering, blithering boredom of existence I'm in favor of."

The couple's divorce was finalized three months ago. ABC News was unable to reach Christine but Kohlenberg says his ex-wife moved to Canada, where she lives with her producer-boyfriend.

While Kohlenberg is convinced Seinfeld and his reality TV show are to blame for his marriage's demise, experts say when reality television and romance collide, it's usually as much about the couple as the show.

"I absolutely do not think that Jerry Seinfeld's show broke up this marriage," Los Angeles-based psychologist Michelle Golland told ABC News. "When a couple is on a reality TV show, it can give them a new perspective," she said. "The glaring spotlight of reality television really highlights the dysfunction."

Kohlenberg says he is now on the brink of bankruptcy and has been forced to move out of his apartment, but has no plans to sue either the show or Seinfeld.

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Who's Replacing Christopher Meloni on 'Law & Order: SVU?'

Michael Kovac/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- NBC has found not one, but two replacements for Christopher Meloni on Law & Order: SVU.

According to, Chase actress Kelli Giddish and Cold Case actor Danny Pino are joining the cast for its 13th season.

Meloni announced his departure from the drama last month.

Mariska Hargitay will return but will have less screen time, at her request.

Meloni is reportedly trading up: rumor has it he's up for a juicy role in the upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel.

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