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Nicolas Cage Settles Overdue DVD Rental Bill

David Livingston/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Nicolas Cage has settled an outstanding debt with a Los Angeles video store.  TMZ reports the star had rented A Star is Born and The King of Comedy and run up late fees of $224.48.

The Old Bank DVD Store used its Facebook page to attract the attention of Cage, who finally called the owner to apologize, blaming an assistant, according to TMZ.  The store owner described Cage’s mood as "cool” and said he did not take offense for being called out on Facebook.

The store ended up charging the actor $20 in late fees for each movie overdue and another $20 each to keep them, for a total fine of $80.

An update on the store’s Facebook page reads, “As a token of our appreciation for all the fine work Mr. Cage has done in film, with any rental this weekend, our customers may also pick one Nicolas Cage movie for free – and that’s like half our store, I mean seriously, that’s one hard working actor ;-). Welcome back anytime Nic.”

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‘Terrifying’ Nicolas Cage Photo Teaches Student an Email Lesson

John Foxx/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- If you are looking to land a job in this tough economic climate, sending a crazy-eyed picture of actor Nicolas Cage to a potential employer is not the stuff “How to Get Hired” books are made of.

If you are looking to gain instant fame online, it turns out that might be just the thing to do.

Such is the example of Vanessa Hojda, the Canadian college student who earlier this week accidentally attached a picture of Cage instead of her resume to an email inquiring about a summer job as an administrative assistant at her school, York University in Toronto.

When she realized her mistake, the 20-year-old posted a frantic admission of her 21st-century error on her Tumblr page.


She also posted the email in full and, just like that, an Internet star was born.

Since her error went viral, the previously anonymous Hojda has appeared on a Toronto radio show, been photographed for her local paper, the Toronto Star, and been interviewed by the Washington Post’s celebrity blogger.  She’s also gained nearly 800 new followers to her Tumblr page and seen her mistake blogged by Gawker and tweeted about by actress Elizabeth Banks.

“It’s been a weird day,” Hojda told the Post’s Jen Chaney on Tuesday, 24 hours after she hit “send.”  “This whole thing got my name out there.”

The “whole thing” did not land Hojda the administrative job she first wanted.  The potential employer responded to her email mistake with a simple, “Vanessa, all I see is a picture of Nic Cage looking terrifying,” and then later informed her the position had been filled.

“She was probably thinking, ‘She can’t even get the attachment right,’” Hojda told Chaney.

The attention did land the psychology major two job offers via her Facebook page from people who, evidently, like Hojda, get a kick out of Cage.

Hojda told Chaney she’s not even a true fan of the actor, just his crazy expressions that have gained the actor his own Internet fame, which is why she had a photo of him saved on her computer.

The whole mess has taught Hojda a lesson and led to a commitment to very clearly label her computer files from now on.

“I renamed my resume file to ‘thisisaresumeyoudumba**notaphotofnicolascage,’” she told Chaney.

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Nicolas Cage Pays IRS $6 Million

David Livingston/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Nicolas Cage has paid off $6 million of his massive tax bill.

TMZ obtained a copy of the document showing the federal government released a lien against Cage after he paid the IRS $6,257,005 on Feb. 15. That was the balance of what he owed for the 2007 tax year. In late 2008, the federal government placed a tax lien on Cage's real-estate holdings.

"Everybody makes mistakes. It's part of being human," Cage said on ABC’s Good Morning America last year. "Some people say you have to be a sinner before you can be a saint."

Cage is only half way to solvency. The Ghost Rider actor has admitted to owing the IRS a total of $14 million and has said that he is taking steps to repay it, starting with switching business managers.

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Nicolas Cage: Jim Carrey Wanted Me to Star in 'Dumb and Dumber'

David Livingston/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Nicolas Cage won an Oscar for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas, but only after he turned down an opportunity to work with Jim Carrey.

He tells The Huffington Post, "We talked at length about trying to do a movie together.  In fact, he wanted me to be in Dumb and Dumber with him.  And then I wanted to do a much smaller movie instead called Leaving Las Vegas."

Carrey went on to star in Dumb and Dumber with Jeff Daniels.

Cage, who appeared with Carrey in Peggy Sue Got Married, likely won't collaborate with him in the future.

He says, "We don't really speak so much anymore. We used to be very close."

Cage says there's no animosity between them; they just "fell out of conversation."   

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Nicolas Cage Recalls Encounter with Naked Man Eating Fudgesicle

David Livingston/Getty Images(TORONTO) -- Nicolas Cage was at the Toronto Film Festival Wednesday promoting his new home invasion movie Trespass when he told reporters about a real-life intruder who suddenly showed up at his L.A. home naked and eating a Fudgesicle.

The Toronto Sun quotes the actor telling reporters, “It was two in the morning.  I was living in Orange County at the time and was asleep with my wife [Alice]...I opened my eyes and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed.”

“I know it sounds funny...but it was horrifying,” Cage added.

Cage said the incident ended when he convinced the man to get out of the house and police arrived.  The Hollywood star said he didn't press charges because he realized the intruder “wasn’t all there,” but he couldn't stay in the house after that and sold the property.

Cage now lives in Nassau, Bahamas.

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Nicolas Cage, John Cusack to Star in Alaskan Serial Killer Flick?

David Livingston/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Nicolas Cage and John Cusack are reportedly in talks to star in The Frozen Ground, a thriller about the true story of an Alaskan serial killer and the state trooper who tracked him down.

Variety reports Cage would play the Alaska State Trooper while Cusack would play the killer, Robert Hansen.

Hansen is currently serving 461 years in prison for four murders.  Authorities say he abducted dozens of women and then flew them into the Alaskan wilderness where he released and then hunted them.

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Nicolas Cage, Son Weston Share Domestic Troubles

David Livingston/Getty Images(NEW ORLEANS) -- In the case of Nicolas Cage and his son Weston Cage, it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The son was arrested on Monday for domestic violence, less than three months after his father faced similar charges.

Now Weston, 20, has dropped two bombshells. Not only is his wife, Nikki Williams, a 22-year-old singer, pregnant, but he's getting a divorce, he announced on his Facebook page Wednesday morning.

His announcement follows a turbulent weekend, in which the newlyweds -- they were married in April during a quickie ceremony in New Orleans -- were both arrested for domestic violence on July 4.

According to TMZ, Williams allegedly cut Cage on the arm with a broken bottle, punched him wildly and threatened to jump off the balcony. The website reported that there were visible injuries on both.

Initially after he was released on $50,000 bail Tuesday, Weston Cage professed his love for his wife on Facebook, chalking up the whole mess to "a huge misunderstanding" that occurred "because of alcohol."

By Wednesday, it was unclear if Williams had been released from jail. He asked his Facebook friends to vote on whether or not he should get a divorce before posting, "made my choice/getting divorced."

Weston also updated his status from "married" to "it's complicated."

His father has also been dealing with his share of marital troubles.

On April 16, Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans for domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness after an allegedly aggressive outburst.

According to police, the actor was heavily intoxicated and violent as he argued with his wife, Alice Kim, in a tattoo parlor and on the street. He pushed her, and later, punched a few cars. According to People, Cage's son, 5-year-old Kal-El, fell and scraped his knee in the midst of the chaos and a child-abuse detective was called to the scene. No charges were filed in that case.

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Nic Cage Owes Money to Production Company: Report

David Livingston/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Nicolas Cage has been sued by a production company that claims he owes money over a 2000 film titled Shadow of the Vampire, according to

Early Bird Productions alleges that Cage was supposed to compensate producer Paul Brooks at least $77,176 for his work on the film, but never did.

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Nicolas Cage Won't Face Charges in Domestic Abuse Case

David Livingston/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Nicolas Cage is off the hook in his domestic abuse case.

Cage, who was arrested in New Orleans last month after arguing on the street with his wife while allegedly drunk, will not face charges, according to People magazine.

His attorney tells the magazine that the matter has been closed, adding, "We are pleased that the process led to the correct result, despite inaccurate media reports, and that Nick has been cleared and all charges have been dropped."

Police had said a heavily intoxicated Cage had an argument with his wife, Alice Kim, in front of a home in New Orleans' French Quarter that he claimed they were renting.  He allegedly grabbed his wife by her upper arm and dragged her towards the home, and then also struck some parked vehicles.

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Nicolas Cage May Face Child Abuse Investigation

David Livingston/Getty Images(NEW ORLEANS) -- Actor Nicolas Cage may now face a child-abuse investigation as new details from his April 16 arrest for public drunkenness in New Orleans have emerged from a police department's report. According to People Magazine, Cage's son, 5-year-old Kal-El, fell and scraped his knee in the midst of the chaos and a child-abuse detective was called to the scene.

According to the account based on the police report, Cage was retrieving Kal-El from a car during an argument with his wife, "and at some point, Mr. Cage fell while holding their son. The fall caused the five-year-old child to suffer a minor abrasion [on] his left knee, and she then recovered the child."

Child Protective Services did not immediately return a call seeking comment, according to People.

Following his arrest in New Orleans for domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness, a longtime friend told the Chicago Sun-Times, "Many of us are worried that his drinking again is a big problem for him and those around him."

The friend said, "Nic has been under so much pressure lately, due to a variety of issues -- including his major financial problems."

His marriage to Alice Kim also appears to be troubled. "Alice is terrific, but I get the sense she's coming to the end of her rope," another friend told the paper, "and if Nic doesn't quickly straighten himself out, she's going to bail."

Cage's rep did not respond immediately to ABC News’ requests for comment.

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