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VIDEO: Shaq Gets Piggyback from Petite Girlfriend

D Dipasupil/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- At 7’2”, Shaquille O’Neal towers over his 5 foot 2 inch girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. But that didn’t stop Alexander from piggybacking her man across the stage on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Alexander, dressed in high heels, managed to fit in almost 10 steps before collapsing under O’Neal’s 350-pound frame.

“Wow, she is strong,” said Kimmel after helping the couple to their feet. “Is that something that appeals to you in a woman -- someone who can potentially get you out of a fire situation?”

Alexander is two inches shorter than the national average for women, making the couple’s height difference all the more pronounced.

According to Polish anthropologist Boguslaw Pawlowski, the most desirable male-to-female height ratio is 1.09 -- a number achieved by David and Victoria Beckham.

But for guys like O’Neal, a height-matched mate is a tall order. To fit the 1.09 ratio, she would have to be 6 feet 5 inches.

Denver-based therapist Susan Heitler said height asymmetry can make it hard for couples to see eye to eye. But judging by their kiss after the tumble, O’Neal and Alexander appear to have the height issue figured out.

“The relationship feels symmetric to them, even though there’s an extra 24 inches,” said Heitler.

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