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Robert Downey Jr. on Oscar: 'I'm Getting One'

ABC/Ida Mae Astute(LOS ANGELES) -- Robert Downey Jr. — not exactly known for his modesty — is calling himself one of the best actors of his generation.

“I’m probably one of the best,” the Iron Man star said in the latest issue of GQ. “But it’s not that big a deal. It’s not like this is the greatest swath or generation of actors that has ever come down the pike.”

The Oscar-nominated actor believes he will take home an Academy Award before he dies.

“Because I’m young enough, and I’m running down being occupied with these kind of genre movies, close enough,” the 48-year-old actor said. “Even the next thing we’re doing with [my wife, Susan Downey], I’m so confident about it. It’s the best script the studio has; it’s the best thing I’ve read in years.”

He added, “Look, even if I don’t get one directly, eventually they’re just going to have to give me one when I get old. So no matter how you slice it, I’m getting one.”

Despite that, he prides himself on being a regular guy.

“Nothing pleases me more than when somebody who was awe-inspired to be working with me realizes I’m just another schmuck that they’re bored of hanging out with on a set,” he said. “I love that moment. I like it when that persistent illusion is smashed.”

Unlike a lot of his Hollywood peers, Downey had no problem discussing salary.

Asked whether he made about $50 million to appear as Iron Man in The Avengers, he told the GQ interviewer, “Yeah.”

“Isn’t that crazy?” he added. “I’m what’s known as ‘a strategic cost.’”

It was Downey’s persistence that won him the role of Iron Man to begin with. When director Jon Favreau first approached Marvel, the comic book company told him, “Under no circumstances are we prepared to hire him for any price.” But Downey persisted until he got a screen test.

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On Oscar Sunday, Ben Affleck's Daughter Wins Trophy of Her Own

ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Argo director Ben Affleck has collected many awards this season, including an Oscar statuette for best picture of the year, but his young daughter wasn't to be outdone. She won her own trophy Sunday -- for spelling.

Affleck told ABC News his daughter Violet told him, "You know, I want to do a spelling bee."

The actor-turned-director took his 7-year-old daughter, Violet, to a spelling competition in their Los Angeles neighborhood just hours before the Oscars were to start.

"We found this place at a rec center at a park and we took her down there and she did it and she was into it and really studied and won a trophy," said Affleck in an interview on Good Morning America after the awards.

Affleck's wife, actress Jennifer Garner, told E! that she was getting ready for the Oscars and wasn't able to take her daughter to the competition.

"It was mayhem at our house…I was in hair and makeup so I couldn't take her, so Ben took her in the middle of everything," she told E!, adding that Violet won. "Our family has already had a great day, so congratulations to our sweetie. And then she had a basketball game. Life goes on. No one really cares! It's just all about trying to keep the dogs and kids from getting stuff on the stuff."

In addition to Violet, Garner and Affleck have another daughter, Seraphina, and a son, Samuel.

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Oscars Fashion: Hollywood Glamour Shines on the Red Carpet

JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- It was all about color on the Oscar red carpet Sunday night. The world's biggest stars strutted in colors ranging from pale pinks and hot reds, to light silvers, greys and metallics and everything in between.  Hollywood legend Jane Fonda went with canary yellow: the only look that could be seen from miles away.

Hairstyles were mostly in two categories: upswept, like Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried, or down with a soft curl, like Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Chastain.  Bucking the trend with short locks were Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway.  Those who went strapless mostly stayed away from necklaces, but the few who did adorn their swan-like necks went with a choker-style with the necklace part cascading down the back, the better to highlight the plunging backs on many dresses.

As for the guys, it was mostly standard tuxedos and bowties, with a few, like Channing Tatum and Dustin Hoffman, donning regular neckties. Daniel Day Lewis stood out, though, in a navy blue tux, as did Samuel L. Jackson, in a red velvet jacket and silver shirt.

SLIDESHOW: Stars Arrive on the Red Carpet

Here's a closer look at who wore what:

One of the best-dressed of the night was Jennifer Lawrence in white Dior Couture.  It was strapless with an enormous puffed-out bottom.  She also wore diamond globe earrings and a ring you could see from space, as well as a very fine necklace that draped down her back. Her hair was upswept and perfect.

Jessica Chastain chose a Giorgio Armani Prive strapless gown in salmon metallic with sequin beaded pattern.  It complimented her skin tone and hair, which was down in a soft wave. She wore big diamond hoops in her ears and a big bracelet, but no necklace.  Her mother, who was her date, sported black Michael Kors and Harry Winston jewelry.

Nine-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis walked the carpet like a pro in navy Giorgio Armani with a matching shawl.  Her hair was up in pin curls, and she carried a purse that looked like a puppy.

Django Unchained star Kerry Washington wore a sleeveless Miu Miui gown with a hot red bottom and a bejeweled top, as well as a bow at the waist and a bit of a train: it was a little too much.

Jackie Weaver of Silver Linings Playbook was dripping in two million dollars' worth of Steven Webster diamonds: dangling earrings, a rock of a ring, and giant bracelet.

Helen Hunt, nominated for The Sessions, wore a navy blue satin strapless by -- believe it or not -- H&M.

                                 SLIDESHOW: Best and Worst Dressed at 2013 Oscars     

Django Unchained's Cristoph Waltz wore a navy Prada tux, with a white shirt, bowtie and hornrim glasses. Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell also wore a Prada tux.

Ben Affleck wore a standard tux with vest and bowtie; he sported a mustache and beard.  Hugh Jackman also wore a standard tux with bowtie; his wife Deborah also wore a tux, with a bustier underneath.

Robert De Niro wore a navy blue tuxedo; his hair looked uncombed.

George Clooney was in a tux with a bow tie and very full grey beard.

SLIDESHOW: Hottest Couples on the Red Carpet

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Academy Award Nominees Gather for Oscars Luncheon

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage(BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.) -- Several of Hollywood's top names assembled under one roof Monday for the annual Oscar nominee luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Of the 188 nominees, 150 of them made appearances at the Beverly Hilton event, including George Clooney, Viola Davis, Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara, Melissa McCarthy, Brad Pitt and Octavia Spencer.

Clooney, nominated in the best-actor category for The Descendants, said the luncheon was fun for him because he doesn't often fraternize with his acting peers.

"I think a lot of... people at home think we all just hang out together," he said. "I think they think we're always at the Hilton drinking champagne. And the truth is I hadn't seen Brad in about a year. It's fun to catch up."

Pitt reflected on how he's been able to use his success to pursue charitable endeavors.

The best-actor nominee for Moneyball said, "I feel very fortunate that I'm in a position where I can pass on some of that good fortune or a helping hand. I think it's been one of the nicest things about where I get to stand today."

Pitt's Moneyball co-star, Jonah Hill, said he could relate to his character in the film -- the right-hand man to a baseball general manager.

He said, "I just saw it as being undervalued and being overlooked for not being the obvious choice for something, and that's exactly a good metaphor for what I'm doing standing here right now, you know?"

Along the same lines, Bridesmaids actress Melissa McCarthy, who won an Emmy in September and is a contender for best supporting actress, said the past year for her has been "amazing" and "surreal." 

The Help star Octavia Spencer, nominated in the best supporting actress category, hinted that she was a little star-struck at the luncheon.

"It's just a bunch of really normal people who happen to be named Glenn Close and George Clooney and Brad Pitt and sometimes you just find yourself ogling them," she said. "I think I kind of mauled everyone."

Spencer's Help co-star Viola Davis, who's up for best actress, claimed she's much more glamorous at big events than she is around the house.

She quipped, "My biggest fear is that paparazzi with some like lens is going to come into my backyard and see me getting into my pool. That would be very unfortunate."

Joining Davis in the best-actress race is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara. She clarified to the media that she had only one nipple pierced for her role in the film. Mara said she plans to keep all of her piercings because, "I don't want to have to re-pierce that should we do the other two films."

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Natalie Portman Was the Most Viewed Celeb on IMDB in 2011

Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Natalie Portman was a popular celebrity on IMDB this year. The IMDB page of the Black Swan star received the most views of any celebrity page on the website in 2011. IMDB didn't disclose the total number of views tallied by Portman's page. She won an Oscar this year for her performance in Black Swan as a tormented ballerina.

Portman's Black Swan co-star, Mila Kunis, ranked second, followed by Johnny Depp, Emma Stone and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

Jennifer Lawrence, who was nominated for an Oscar this year for Winter's Bone and will appear in the highly anticipated film The Hunger Games next spring, is IMDB's highest-ranked actor or actress making his or her debut on IMDB's top 100 list. She placed seventh.

This is the first year since 2007 that a Twilight cast member failed to make the top 10. Kristen Stewart ranks the highest, at number 12. She ranked second last year.

Here are IMDB's top 10 stars of 2011:

1. Natalie Portman
2. Mila Kunis
3. Johnny Depp
4. Emma Stone
5. Chris Hemsworth
6. Olivia Wilde
7. Jennifer Lawrence
8. George Clooney
9. Ryan Gosling
10. Christian Bale

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Orson Welles’ 'Citizen Kane' Oscar Goes on the Auction Block

Robert Caplin/Bloomberg News(LOS ANGELES) -- A rare piece of Hollywood history is up for auction. The only Academy Award ever won by the late Orson Welles is being sold Tuesday night in Los Angeles. The Oscar statuette is the one Welles received for winning the 1941 Academy Award for best screenplay for his classic film Citizen Kane.  Welles shared the award with Herman Mankiewicz. Citizen Kane is recognized by many as the greatest film of all time.

Nate D. Sanders, owner of Nate D. Sanders Auctions, is selling the Oscar, and tells ABC News Radio there’s a bit of tarnish on the statuette, but it’s still looking good after 70 years. Sanders says the Oscar could fetch as much as one million dollars, and he says it would be worth it because it’s the only Academy Award Welles ever won. In 1971, the Academy did present Welles with an honorary Award for his contribution to film.

Sanders says it’s rare to find an Oscar available for sale, because since 1950, the Academy has required all recipients to sign a contract giving the film industry organization the right to buy the statue back for $1.

Sanders says Welles believed that he had lost his Citizen Kane Oscar, but it resurfaced after his death in 1994 and was bequeathed to his daughter.  Beatrice Welles and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences went to court in 2002 over the statuette, and a judge ruled that she had the right to sell it.

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Oscar Winner Cliff Robertson Passes Away at 88

Cliff Robertson leans against a metal gate in a still from the film, 'Charly.' Robertson won a Best Actor Academy Award for his role in the film. Cinerama/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson died in New York Saturday, just one day after he turned 88 years old.

The actor passed away from natural causes at Long Island's Stony Brook University Medical Center, according to his personal secretary, Evelyn Christel.

Robertson won an Oscar in 1968 for his role as a mentally disabled man in Charly.  He is also remembered for playing President John F. Kennedy in the movie version of the book PT 109.

Most recently, audiences saw Robertson star alongside Tobey Maguire as Uncle Ben in the Spider-Man movies.

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The Oscars: 10 Best Backstage Moments

Photo Courtesy - Kevin Winter/Getty Images(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) -- So we know who won the Oscars.  But what about the rest of the night?

The juiciest comments of the night were made not on blogs or Facebook or Twitter but in the press room behind the big show.

Backstage, Melissa Leo talked about her F-bomb drop, Colin Firth explained the matter that rushed him away from the mic, and Natalie Portman declared the name she almost certainly will not give her baby.

Here are the 10 best quotes from backstage:

Melissa Leo (winner: best supporting actress, The Fighter) on accidentally cursing during her acceptance speech: "I had no idea.  Those words, I apologize to anyone that they offend.  There's a great deal of the English language that's in my vernacular.  I really don't mean to offend and it was probably a very inappropriate place to use that particular word in particular."

Natalie Portman (winner: best actress, Black Swan) on whether or not she'll name her first child "Oscar:" "I think that's probably definitely out of the question."

Portman on how motherhood might change her career: "I really can't say what's going to happen.  I have no idea what to expect.  It's just accepting that I have no idea."

Colin Firth (winner: best actor, The King's Speech) on what he'll do now that awards season is over: "I think I'm going to cook a lot.  I'm not particularly good at it...but it's a good way to decompress.  I'll probably be the only one eating it."

Firth on the "impulse" that rushed him offstage after he accepted his Oscar: "I don't think that this is the appropriate forum to display that sort of thing and anyone who's seen Mamma Mia will know what I'm talking about."

Firth on shouting expletives in The King's Speech: "I don't take this stuff lightly, but in the context of this film, it could not be more edifying, more appropriate.  It's not vicious, it's not to do with insult...It's a bad man trying to free himself through the use of forbidden words."

Christian Bale (winner: best supporting actor, The Fighter) on almost missing the Oscars because he went drinking before the show and arrived late: "They wouldn't let me in.  I was literally banging on the door with Dickey [Ecklund, on whom The Fighter is based] saying, 'Let us in!'...Now I know in case I ever make it back here."

David Seidler (winner: best original screenplay, The King's Speech) on what the award means to him as a former stutterer: "A fairly high ranking person called me the other day and wanted to talk ex-stutterer to ex-stutterer ... I've been flooded with the most wonderful emails and text messages from my fellow sutterers.  Because, I'm still a stutterer...To have these people tell me their personal stories really moves me to tears."

Aaron Sorkin (winner: best adapted screenplay, The Social Network) on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: "Mark, I think he's been an awfully good sport about all this.  I don't think anyone here would want a movie made about the things that they did when they were 19-years-old."

Tom Hooper (winner: best director, The King's Speech) on how he plans celebrate: "Well I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight, I have to be on Oprah at 10 a.m...I don't want to be the first person to go on Oprah drunk so I'll try to control myself."

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Las Vegas Oddsmaker: 'The King's Speech' Is Favorite to Win Best Picture Oscar

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) -- Odds are The King's Speech will win big at this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony. Las Vegas oddsmaker John Avello lists the film, which has a leading 12 nominations, as the favorite to win best picture, and star Colin Firth the favorite to win best actor. Avello says, "I believe if The King's Speech gets on one of those rolls, like they can during an Oscar night, it could win at least five, possibly six."

Avello also believes Black Swan star Natalie Portman is the frontrunner to win best actress; The Fighter co-stars Christian Bale and Melissa Leo are the leaders in the supporting actor and actress categories; and The Social Network director David Fincher is the favorite to win best director.

Don't expect Winter's Bone to pick up major hardware at the ceremony. Avello says it's the least likely film to win best picture.

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Whoopi Goldberg Angered by Alleged 'New York Times' Oscar Snub

Photo Courtesy - Henry S. Dziekan III/ Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- A New York Times article criticizing a perceived lack of racial diversity in Oscar winners is causing more headlines, for the wrong reason.

Whoopi Goldberg was left off the list of African-American winners and she took time on The View to vent Monday.

"It hurt me terribly," said Goldberg, who brought her Oscar to the set and placed it on the table before her.  "When you win an Academy Award, that's part of what you've done, your legacy.  I will always be Academy Award-winner Whoopi Goldberg, and [I] have been dismissed and erased by the New York Times film critics, who should know better."

Goldberg won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1991 for Ghost.

The New York Times is standing by its story, saying those who criticize it are misreading it.

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, the newspaper's editors say, "The point of the piece was not to name every black actor or actress who has been awarded an Oscar, it was to draw a comparison between the number who won prior to 2002 (the year Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won) and those who have won since.  And the story states very clearly that in 73 years, prior to 2002, only seven black actors/actresses won Oscars."

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