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PETA: ABC Won't Air New Ad Starring Joaquin Phoenix During Oscars

Jason Merritt/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- A new ad from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is a little too fishy, as far as ABC is concerned.

PETA tells E! News the network has opted not to air its anti-fishing commercial, featuring Joaquin Phoenix submerged in water, during the Oscars telecast because it was deemed too "political" and "controversial."

In the clip, which was posted online Wednesday by PETA as part of a "go vegan" campaign, Phoenix is seen underwater, eventually panicking and flailing around.

His voiceover states, "In water, humans drown just as fish suffocate on land.  It's slow and painful and frightening.  And we do it to more than one trillion fish every year.  Put yourself in their place.  Try to relate."

PETA says ABC will instead air the ad during Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscars special.

Phoenix is nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in The Master

ABC will air the ceremony live on Feb. 24.

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PETA Targets Lady Gaga for Wearing Fur; Gaga Fires Back

Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- Lady Gaga has said in the past that she doesn't wear fur, but recent photos have shown the star stepping out in some decidedly furry outfits.  This has prompted Dan Matthews, a vice president for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, to reach out to Gaga and ask her to explain herself.

In a letter posted on PETA's website, Matthews writes, "Many of your gay fans, I among them, have long admired what you told Ellen [DeGeneres]: 'I hate fur and I don't wear fur.'  I included a link because these recent photos of you in fox and rabbit and with a wolf carcass make it appear that you have amnesia...What happened? Are your stylists telling you that it's fake, or are you a turncoat?"

Matthews adds, "By wearing those dumb furs in a heat wave, you're making yourself a target just like the mindless Kim Kardashian.  As we plan our fall campaigns, please tell us whether what you gracefully told Ellen was heartfelt or just a pose. We await your reply."

PETA confirms to ABC News Radio that Matthews' letter has indeed been sent to Gaga.  Gaga, meanwhile, has responded to the online speculation with a sarcastic note posted on her social networking site  "For those press and such who are writing about whether or not my fur is actually real, please don't forget to credit the designer HERMES.  Thank You! Love Gaga."

A PETA spokeswoman tells ABC News Radio that their response to Gaga's comment is that they hope she'll go back and watch a link they sent her to a video showing animals being killed for their fur, so she can, "remember why she was against wearing fur in the first place."

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PETA, Theraflu Respond to Kanye West's New Single

George Napolitano/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Kanye West admits that he fell in love with Kim Kardashian on his tell-all new song "Theraflu," and now PETA is just hoping that the rapper will have the same affinity towards the treatment of animals.

Kanye mentions PETA in the hook to his single, rhyming, "Someone tell PETA my mink is draggin' on the floor."  The group has fired back, of course, with PETA's senior vice president Dan Mathews issuing a statement Thursday, saying, "What's draggin' on the floor is Kanye's reputation as a man with no empathy for animals or human beings."

Mathews goes on to say that while 'Ye is a "great musician," he "doesn't seem to have the fashion sense to design anything more than caveman costumes."

By that, the PETA leader is likely referring to the fall/winter collection that Kanye debuted during Paris Fashion Week back in March.  Models walked the runway in furs and reptile skins, which certainly lost Kanye favor with groups fighting for the protection of animals.

Still, PETA hasn't completely written off Kanye.  "We keep hoping that one day he'll find his heart and join evolved style icons -- including Russell Simmons, Pink and Natalie Portman -- who have dropped animal skins," Mathews says.

PETA isn't the only group that isn't happy about Kanye's song "Theraflu."  According to TMZ, a rep for the cold medicine says, "We in no way endorse or approve of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner."

Kanye titled the single "Theraflu" because, according to his lyrics, he's "way too cold."

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Khloe Kardashian Abandons PETA Due to Flour Attack on Kim

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Khloe Kardashian believes in the ethical treatment of animals, but she also believes in the ethical treatment of her sister, Kim.

Khloe on Monday announced that she is ending her association with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- PETA for short -- because, she says, the woman who doused Kim with white flour at a red-carpet event last week has ties to the group.  Khloe posed nude for a PETA campaign a few years ago.

Khloe writes on her blog, "Not only has PETA lied to the public, but they have proved that they support this kind of behavior....I am absolutely disgusted by their behavior. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions -- I personally don’t wear fur but that doesn’t mean I am going to force my views on anyone else, ESPECIALLY by violating them." is reporting that the perpetrator is a woman named Christina Cho, who has been referred to by PETA in the past as one of its members.  PETA has told the website it is not responsible for last week's flour attack on Kim.

Kim was promoting her new fragrance line at a West Hollywood event at the time of the incident.  She recently told E! News she's thinking of pressing charges against the woman.

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PETA Unleashes on Snooki and JWoww for Dyeing Their Dogs

Craig Barritt/Getty Images(JERSEY CITY, N.J.) -- Jersey Shore's JWoww and Snooki have run afoul of PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. No, the reality show starlets' animal prints aren't made of real hides, but the apparent dyeing of their dogs' fur has led the animal rights group to blast the guidettes.

Their dogs Bella and Noel were seen sporting pink and purple fur while on a walk with the pair, who are filming their Jersey Shore spin-off this week in Jersey City.

"Dyeing a companion animal's fur causes the animal stress and can lead to complications or allergic reactions that endanger the animal's health," a PETA spokesperson told E! "Our dogs and cats love us regardless of how we look; we should extend the same kindness to them."

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Animal Rights Group Seeks Warning on New Matt Damon Film

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- A new movie starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson has become the subject of a special request by the folks at PETA in the wake of the killing of dozens of wild animals at a farm in Ohio.

In the movie, We Bought a Zoo, Damon stars as a father who moves his family to the countryside to help save a struggling zoo. Johansson takes the role of a keeper at the park, home to lions, tigers, zebras and bears, among other creatures.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has sent a letter to the film's director, Cameron Crowe, urging him to include a warning at the end of the movie about the dangers of owning wild animals. In a statement, PETA’s Lisa Lange says, “We Bought a Zoo conveys the misleading and downright dangerous message that no special knowledge -- just a lot of heart is needed -- to run a zoo.”

The animal rights group also insists that the studio behind the film, 20th Century Fox include warnings on all marketing materials, including movie posters, reports E!

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PETA Offers to Fill Ad Void for Troubled MTV 'Skins' Series

Photo Courtesy - MTV Networks(NEW YORK) –MTV has said they will not cancel their controversial series Skins, despite a decline in ratings and the loss of several advertisers.

As six advertisers have come out against the scripted series, PETA has stepped up, saying they will help to fill the void with a 30-second spot that plays off of the show’s title.

“In light of the uproar surrounding the explicit content of MTV's new teen drama, Skins, and the show's resultant loss of sponsors, PETA is offering the network a chance to get some positive media attention as well as save animals' skins,” PETA said in a statement.

Meanwhile, MTV addressed the show's controversy in a statement.

“MTV stands by the U.S. adaptation of Skins and the vision of its creator Bryan Elsley,” the network said. “Skins has earned the loyalty of fans across the globe for its thoughtful and honest portrayal of teen life today. An internationally acclaimed scripted drama, the show has been honored with a long list of prestigious awards."

MTV has said that they will air all 10 of the episodes scheduled for this season.
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Paul McCartney Asks Indian Prime Minister to Establish Meat-Free Day

Photo Courtesy - Dave Hogan/Getty Images(NORFOLK, Va.) -- Paul McCartney wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India, urging him to declare Jan. 12 "a "Meat-Free Monday" in that country.

In the letter, which was provided to ABC News Radio by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, McCartney writes, "Would you please think about declaring one day every year -- perhaps Jan. 12, the anniversary of PETA's India founding -- [as] a day to celebrate vegetarianism and compassion towards animals? would be a celebration of life -- all life."

McCartney also urges the prime minister to watch an expose of the meat industry which he narrated, and which was just released in India.

McCartney also made sure to add, "India has held a very special place in my heart since my first visit to your country many years ago."  That, of course, was in 1968, when he and the rest of The Beatles traveled to Rishikesh, India to study with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Ringo Starr famously went back home after 10 days because he didn't like the food.

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PETA President Invites Lady Gaga to Dinner 

(Ingrid Newkirk) Photo Courtesy - PETA(NORFOLK, Va.) -- A spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals confirms to ABC News Radio that the president of the organization, Ingrid Newkirk, has decided to have a heart-to-heart with pop star Lady Gaga about the infamous meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.  Newkirk has sent Gaga a private letter inviting her to a vegan dinner.  The spokesperson added, "We know her to be a kind person from her previous anti-fur statements, and we hope that she takes Ms. Newkirk up on the offer."  Last year, Gaga wore an outfit made entirely of stuffed Kermit the Frog dolls, and explained it by saying, "I thought it was a commentary on not wearing fur, 'cause I hate fur and I don't wear fur."

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