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Whitney Houston’s Death Voted the Biggest 'OMG! Celebrity Headline' in the First Half of 2012

ABC/ Ida Mae Astute(NEW YORK) -- Whitney Houston’s accidental death at the age of 48 in a hotel bathtub in Beverly Hills in February has been selected as the biggest OMG! celebrity headline in the first half of 2012.

That's according to Parade magazine and, which joined forces to conduct a Pop Culture Poll in August involving more than 56,000 respondents.

Kristen Stewart cheating on her Twilight co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson was chosen as the second biggest shocking celebrity headline of the first half of the year.

Here’s a selection of Pop Culture Poll questions and responses:

What was the biggest OMG! headline in the first half of 2012?
Whitney Houston Dies at 48 -- 50 percent
Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson -- 21 percent
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce -- 14 percent
Jersey Shore's Snooki Announces Pregnancy -- 6 percent
Anderson Cooper: “The Fact Is, I'm Gay” -- 3 percent
Demi Moore Seeks Treatment in Rehab -- 3 percent
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Engaged -- 3 percent

Which celebrity should enter politics?
George Clooney -- 36 percent
Oprah Winfrey -- 27 percent
Matt Damon -- 12 percent
Elisabeth Hasselbeck -- 10 percent
Ben Affleck -- 9 percent
Alec Baldwin -- 6 percent

Whose wedding would you most like to see happen?
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux -- 42 percent
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield -- 21 percent
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth -- 15 percent
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively -- 13 percent
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- 9 percent

Who would you cast as a celebrity "Bachelorette"?
Sandra Bullock -- 24 percent
Mila Kunis -- 21 percent
Taylor Swift -- 20 percent
Rihanna -- 16 percent
Charlize Theron -- 11 percent
Katie Holmes -- 8 percent

Who is the sexiest man in Hollywood?
Ryan Gosling -- 35 percent
Channing Tatum -- 33 percent
Brad Pitt -- 13 percent
Robert Pattinson -- 8 percent
Taye Diggs -- 7 percent
Jon Hamm -- 4 percent

Who is the sexiest woman in Hollywood?
Jennifer Aniston -- 29 percent
Blake Lively -- 20 percent
Angelina Jolie -- 17 percent
Jennifer Lopez -- 14 percent
Beyonce -- 14 percent
Kim Kardashian --- 6 percent

What is your favorite book series?
Harry Potter -- 33 percent
50 Shades of Grey -- 23 percent
Hunger Games and Twilight tied with 22 percent each

Who's your favorite TV antihero?
Dexter Morgan, Dexter -- 31 percent
Emily Thorne, Revenge -- 30 percent
Don Draper, Mad Men -- 18 percent
Walter White, Breaking Bad -- 13 percent
Nucky Thompson, Boardwalk Empire -- 8 percent

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Voted Hottest Bods in Hollywood

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may no longer share a home, but they do share the top spot in a new survey on the hottest celebrities bodies. A survey conducted by Fitness magazine and Yahoo OMG! ranks the former spouses the “Most Fit Over 40” stars, beating out Halle Berry, Will Smith and other hot-bodied celebs.

The 42-year-old Aniston also earned the titles of “Most-Wanted Celebrity Body,” topping Berry once again, and “Most-Wanted Celeb Body Part.”  According to survey respondents, Jen’s abs beat Cameron Diaz's arms by a wide margin.

Jennifer Lopez was honored with the title of “Best Body After Baby” while Jessica Alba is the best-looking pregnant star, with 42 percent of the vote.

Here’s a rundown of the categories and the results:

The body women want most:
Jennifer Aniston's, 34%
Halle Berry's, 28%
Beyonce's, 17%
Kim Kardashian's, 15%
Blake Lively's, 6%

Which female star over 40 has the best body?
Jennifer Aniston, 25%
Halle Berry, 24%
Jennifer Lopez, 22%
Demi Moore, 19%
Gwen Stefani, 6%
Courteney Cox, 4%

Which male star over 40 has the best body?
Brad Pitt, 29%
Will Smith, 24%
Hugh Jackman, 23%
George Clooney, 17%
Tom Hanks, 4%
Jon Hamm, 3%

The body men want most:
Will Smith's, 37%
Daniel Craig's, 27%
Zac Efron's, 17%
Bradley Cooper's, 16%
Jon Hamm's, 4%

Best Celebrity Abs: Respondents were asked, "If you could have one celeb's body part, what would it be?"
Jennifer Aniston's abs, 65%
Cameron Diaz's arms, 12%
Blake Lively's legs, 11%
Pippa Middleton's butt, 7%
Christina Hendricks' chest, 5%

The celebrity whose body we're most sick of seeing?
Snooki's, 40%
Kim Kardashian's, 31%

The hottest talk show host on TV:
Kelly Ripa, 38%
Anderson Cooper, 20%

Dynamite Duo:
David and Victoria Beckham, 34%
Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez (pre-split), 24%
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, 15%
Fergie and Josh Duhamel, 15%
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, 13%

Funny and Sexy. Who has the hottest body?
Tina Fey, 28%
Chelsea Handler, 23%
Kathy Griffin, 15%
Russell Brand, 14%
Jimmy Fallon, 11%
Jon Stewart, 9%

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