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Is Britain’s Prince Harry Hiding?

JSN Photography/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- The world saw much more of Britain’s Prince Harry than they ever expected after nude photos of him partying in Las Vegas were leaked online earlier this month.

Since then, however, the notoriously fun-loving prince has kept an uncharacteristically low profile, declining to speak to photographers as he returned home to England and was notably absent from the Paralympic Games in London Thursday that were attended by his brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

British tabloids claim Harry’s absence from the public eye is because the prince, 27, has been kept hidden by an unlikely source, his one-time rumored flame, Cressida Bonas.

“When everyone was looking for Harry, Harry was actually taking refuge with Cressida and her family,” Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of UK’s Majesty Magazine told ABC News.

Bonas, 23, is the daughter of 1960s model Lady Mark-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon.  Bonas and Harry were first spotted together at the London premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in July.

The blonde model, who bears a striking resemblance to Harry’s former girlfriend of nearly seven years, Chelsy Davy, was also part of the group of young Brits who took part in a reportedly raucous vacation at the Necker island estate of Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson just prior to Harry’s Las Vegas outing.

Harry and Bonas, along with friends including Arthur Landon and Tom “Skippy” Inskip, spent a week on a private island to celebrate the 27th birthday of Branson’s son, Sam, according to the U.K.’s The Telegraph.

Pictures posted from that week-long vacation include a guy wearing the same shorts that Prince Harry wore in Vegas passed out in the sand and a photo of Bonas and another girl dressed in neon bathing suits and neon-pink wigs.  The pictures, along with Harry’s under-the-radar Facebook account, have since been deleted.

From Necker, Prince Harry and two more from the group – Landon and Inksip, according to the Telegraph – flew on to Vegas for more partying.  It was there that the prince was caught playing pool in a hotel suite room fully naked, in one photo covering his genitals with his hand and, in another, bear-hugging a naked woman.

Bonas,  according to People magazine, was introduced to Harry by his cousin, Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew.

Immediately after the Vegas photos emerged, tabloids reported that Bonas was “humiliated” by the nude photos of Harry with another woman and tired of his wild side, UK’s Daily Mail reported.  The paper said then, however, that Bonas had not dumped Harry, only “hinted” that she wanted “some time out.”

If Harry is indeed hiding with Bonas, his time away from the spotlight appears to be almost over.  The prince, who was thought to have returned to his Army base in Wattisham, Suffolk, post-Vegas, is expected to return to the public eye Monday to attend the Paralympics swimming events.

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Report: More Naked Prince Harry Pics Up for Grabs

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- While Prince Harry has already made headlines with racy photos of him playing nude billiards with friends at a Las Vegas hotel, there are rumors there may be more pictures coming down the pike.

The Daily Mail reports Max Clifford, a prominent publicist in the U.K., was approached by two American women who were on the scene and reportedly snapped even racier pictures of the rowdy royal, and were looking to cash in.  Clifford says he turned them down.

The newspaper reports the cellphone shutterbugs are looking to score a quarter of a million bucks for the pics.

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Partier Spills Details of Prince Harry's Shenanigans

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Before Prince Harry was caught playing pool naked in front of cameras in Las Vegas, he was all dressed up at a Sin City hotel pool, wearing a tank top custom-made for a visiting bachelorette party.

“He asked us if he could wear one of our bachelorette shirts and we didn’t hesitate,” one member of the bridal party, all from New York, told “Good Morning America.”  “[He] put it on and, wearing our tank tops, jumped on his friends shoulders and waved his hands in the air.”

The bridal party’s tank tops said “Let’s get Wild,” and Prince Harry, 27, seemed determined to do just that when he ran into the girls last weekend, even asking who among them was single and where they were staying.

“He didn’t really have a lot of security, which is really surprising,” one said.  “He was just looking to have a good time.  He didn’t say anything rude or obnoxious, just really kind.”

“He was like a normal guy,” another said.  “It was kind of amazing that here is the prince of England.”

That Harry, the third in line to the British throne, was at a public pool party and later partying in a hotel room where cellphones were not confiscated has amazed security experts and, according to sources, infuriated Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and the rest of the royal family.

“I think the security could have been better on this occasion,” Ken Wharfe, a former bodyguard for Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana, told GMA. “What’s important about this is that this isn’t just Harry having a private party.  This is a hotel, in America, where he invites people he’s never met before, into his own hotel room.  When you do that you actually start compromising your own security.”

Harry had maintained a low profile in Vegas, going virtually unnoticed amid stars like Jennifer Lopez and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, until he invited a group of girls up to his Vegas hotel suite where the now infamous naked pictures, first posted by TMZ, were taken.

“What should have happened, and what didn’t happen, sadly, it would appear, they need to be searched.  Their identities need to be checked,” Wharfe said.  “Had they been carrying something else besides their mobile phones, say some drugs or firearms, we would have had a real security problem.”

Harry, who returned to England earlier this week, is now known to have begun his raucous vacation a few days before Vegas, partying with friends at the Necker Island estate of Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson.

The prince, along with friends including Arthur Landon, Tom “Skippy” Inskip and rumored love-interest Cressida Bonas, spent a week on a private island to celebrate the 27th birthday of Branson’s son, Sam, according to the U.K.’s The Telegraph.

Pictures posted from that week-long vacation include a guy wearing the same shorts that Prince Harry wore in Vegas passed out in the sand and a photo of two girls dressed in neon bathing suits and neon-pink wigs.

From Necker, Prince Harry and two more from the group – Landon and Inksip, according to the Telegraph – flew on to Vegas for more partying.

The palace has stayed mum on Harry’s partying, beyond confirming that the naked photos are real and then issuing a demand to the British media that they not use the photos.

Prince Charles and the queen are on their annual summer break at Balmoral. Prince William, Harry’s older brother, is on duty with the RAF in Anglesey, Wales, where he has captained two rescue operations in the past 10 days.

Harry, who was said to be in Vegas blowing off steam before reporting back to duty, has now reportedly returned to his Army base in Wattisham, Suffolk, this week before a planned visit to Clarence House for discussions with aides.

“What we’ve got to remember here is this man is a serving Army officer of captain rank, he’s the third in line to the throne, he’s publicly known globally, he has a reputation, everyone knows him,” Wharfe said.

“What needs to happen now is … some serious talking needs to be happening with his private office, with his private secretary and the head of the Royal Protection Department here to build upon a better relationship.”

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Prince Harry Parties…With J-Lo?

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) -- Forget the need for bodyguards or disguises.  When a prince wants to go incognito in the U.S., all he has to do is party alongside the queen of bling, Jennifer Lopez.

That was the lesson learned by Britain’s Prince Harry, who went virtually unnoticed while partying at the same place as J-Lo herself this weekend, MGM Grand’s Wet Republic in Las Vegas.

The 27-year-old, fun-loving royal wore baggy red Bermuda shorts, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat while partying in a VIP bungalow Saturday with five male and five female friends, the UK’s The Sun reports.

Perhaps inspired by the hours he spent watching women’s beach volleyball during the London Olympics, Harry was spotted carrying a giant inflatable beach ball and reportedly running after it in the crowd.  Apparently he remained anonymous.

“Harry looked to be in his element, being able to enjoy himself without anyone outside of his group recognizing him,” a source told the Sun. “They were dancing away and throwing a beach ball around, like any other young people having a good time.”

Also up for a good time, in a very high-profile way, was Harry’s surprise paparazzi cover for the afternoon, J-Lo.  The former American Idol host, now on tour with Enrique Iglesias, hosted the pool party just hours before her Sin City concert and happily kept the spotlight on herself, walking the red carpet and then sunning in a two-piece white midriff-baring outfit.

Lopez and her beau, Casper Smart, ate, drank and relaxed in a bungalow just a few short steps away from Prince Harry, although the trio never appeared to interact or greet each other, according to

The prince, who is the third in line to the throne, continued the fun after the sun had set, moving from the pool to the casino at the Wynn resort, where he played craps, a source told the Daily Beast.

The next day, Harry reportedly stayed at the Wynn for another pool party, this one at the luxury hotel’s Encore Beach Club.

Harry last tried his luck in Vegas last November when he played several rounds of blackjack and hit the dance floor at the Wynn’s Tryst nightclub. He was in the United States for a two-month helicopter training program in California and Arizona.

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Prince Harry Spotted With New Blonde

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Prince Harry, 27, was spotted with a blonde woman who looks strikingly similar to his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy, at the Dark Knight Rises premiere in London Wednesday, according to People magazine.

The new blonde is Cressida Bonas, daughter of 1960s model Lady Mark-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon. Bonas’ chaperone to the premiere was reportedly Harry’s pal Tom Inskip, but People reports that didn’t stop the prince from getting “playful” with the 23-year-old at a club following the film’s after party.

“Inside the club they were very, very friendly together and getting very cozy with each other,” an observer told People magazine.

Princess Eugenie, Harry’s cousin, reportedly introduced the prince to the blonde model, People magazine reports.

Harry and Bonas left the club separately just after 4 a.m. Thursday.

“She’s an extremely fun girl but she’s quite a wild thing too and would have a nightmare if she was dating Harry,” a source described Bonas to the Daily Mirror.

Bonas isn’t the first blonde the prince has been linked to. In April, reports stated that Harry was “smitten” with Mollie King, 24, a member of all-girl pop group The Saturdays. The pair was spotted by British paparazzi singing karaoke with friends at London’s Bunga Bunga club.

The prince and his former girlfriend Davy, 26, split last year after a nearly seven year on-again, off-again relationship.

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Prince Harry Spies New American Girl

JSN Photography/WireImage(SAN DIEGO) -- The first target hit by Britain’s Prince Harry while on U.S. soil for intense pilot training came not in the battlefield, but in the nightclub.

The party-friendly royal was enjoying a night off with fellow members of the Royal Air Force Friday, Oct. 7 at the Andaz Hotel in San Diego, when 26-year-old cocktail waitress Jessica Donaldson caught his eyes.

Harry, 27, got Donaldson’s phone number and wooed the waitress, inviting her along with a few friends, to a beachside brunch just days later.

“Harry is a real-life Prince Charming,” Donaldson told the UK’s Mirror.

The pair caused another media storm when they were then observed kissing in a nightclub the night after.

“Some of the hotel staff in San Diego say they saw Harry and a pretty brunette kissing in the foyer about one, two o’clock in the morning,” Duncan Larcombe, royal reporter for The Sun, told ABC News.  “Then they saw the same girl leaving at 10:30 the next morning.”

Prince Harry has been staying at a naval air facility in El Centro, Calif., a two-hour drive from San Diego, since earlier this month in the first leg of a two-month stay in the U.S. to learn how to fly Apache attack helicopters in preparation for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Despite calling him “Prince Charming,” Donaldson denied rumors of a fling with the prince while sitting for an interview alongside her boyfriend of three years, nightclub promoter Brandon Thomason, 28, whom the British media have described as “hulking.”

“That wasn’t me...It must have been another girl,” Donaldson told the Mirror.  “I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a gentleman to me.”

Harry split with his long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davy earlier this year following a seven year on-again, off-again relationship.

The prince will spend two more weeks in California and will then head to the Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona to complete the eight-week training.

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Prince Harry Due to Land in U.S. for Helicopter Training

JSN Photography/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Prince Harry is due to head to land in the U.S. for helicopter training in October.

People Magazine
reports that the 26-year-old Prince will arrive in El Centro, Calif., during the first week of October  where he will be enrolled in Exercise Crimson Eagle—a culmination of his "Conversion to Role" course that he started in Wattisham, Suffolk.

During his two-month visit, Harry is expected to spend some time in Arizona at Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field.

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Prince Harry Ditches Lingerie Model

JSN Photography/WireImage(LONDON) -- Prince Harry is on the market again.

The royal, 26, reportedly split with lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, 25, after just two months of dating.

Sources told the UK's Daily Mail that the prince didn't want to be tied down.

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Adele's Sights Set on Prince Harry?

ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images(LONDON) -- After she had her heart broken by her last serious boyfriend, Adele wrote the songs on her album 21.  But what about a new relationship, with a new guy?  Adele says she's got her sights set on one in particular.  She tells the July edition of Glamour UK, "I'm after Prince Harry...I said I wouldn't go out with a [red-haired guy], but it's Prince Harry!"  She adds, "I'd be a real duchess then. I'd love a night out with him, he seems like a right laugh."

As for the general prospect of dating a celebrity, Adele isn't into it.  She tells Glamour, I've been on a few dates with celebrities but I don't like it. You go out and everyone looks at you both...[and] everyone wants to [sleep with] celebrity so I wouldn't trust them." But overall, Adele isn't that picky when it comes to men.  She says, "I don't have a type. Never have...any color, any shape. But they've got to be funny."  She has one criteria, though -- the guy has to be older than her.  She says, "Older, but not as in 50...[just] not younger than me. I'm pretty young so it would be like [sleeping with] Justin Bieber!"

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