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Aretha Franklin Says Her Health Problem 'Has Been Resolved'

Photo Courtesy - Jeff Fusco/Getty Images(DETROIT) -- Aretha Franklin still isn't confirming, or denying, those reports that she's battling pancreatic cancer, but in an exclusive interview with Jet magazine, she reveals that, when it comes to the health issue that required her to have surgery late last year, "The problem has been resolved."

The Queen of Soul states, "I'm not one to do a lot of talking about my personal health or business...[but] I know my fans are concerned.  Let them know I am feeling great and coming along."

However, Franklin does open up about the circumstances under which she found out that she was ill.  She tells Jet that she felt "a very hard pain in my side" during a concert in Canada last year, but thought it was a result of a colonoscopy she'd had a couple of days beforehand.  Her doctor told her that it couldn't have been that, and she'd better come in for a CAT scan.

Franklin says, "Thank God he said that, because that unfolded everything, what the problem was and everything."

Regarding the pancreatic cancer rumor, Franklin tells Jet, "I am not going to even deal with that.  I don't have to talk about my health with anybody other than my doctors."

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