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La Toya Jackson's New Reality Show Premieres This Weekend

Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Fresh off her appearance on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, La Toya Jackson is moving on to another reality show.

The series Life With La Toya premieres Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network. It will document La Toya's career and family life.

Though the OWN website's official description of Life With La Toya describes her as a "fun-loving aunt," don't expect to see much of Michael Jackson's three kids on the show. La Toya tells ABC News Radio, "There is a quick clip of them in the show and we were in Indiana at a baseball game and the kids happen to be there...but as far as being a part of the show and in the series, absolutely not."

La Toya laments the fact that her family became fractured following Michael's death in 2009. She says, "I was always told when a loved one dies that it kind of destroys a family, and there's not as much togetherness as it was before. Well, I never believed that. And I experienced it when my brother passed. I don't know what happened, but everybody had their own opinions. It's not the way it used to be."

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Jennifer Lopez and Al Roker Sued over Bounty Hunter Show

Spike TV(NEW YORK) -- A man in Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez and Al Roker, claiming their Spike TV reality show called Big Easy Justice falsely labeled him a criminal on national television, reports

Everette Draughn, who is 19 years old, said the show made him the subject of a nationally-televised manhunt.  The show, which is produced by Roker and Lopez, is about a New Orleans bounty hunter named Tat-2.

Draughn's episode aired in April, and the show labeled him as a fugitive who had committed grand theft auto.  However, Draughn claims he did not commit a crime and he was not a fugitive.  He adds that he was forced into signing a release agreement.  He is now suing for unspecified damages -- alleging the show ruined his reputation, caused him damages and cost him his job.

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Vince Vaughn, Glenn Beck Team Up for Reality Show

Kevin Winter/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Here’s a Hollywood couple you probably didn’t see coming: Vince Vaughn and Glenn Beck. The Wedding Crashers star and former Fox News host announced Wednesday that they’re developing Pursuit of Truth, a reality show for Beck’s network, TheBlaze TV.

The show will pit 20 documentary filmmakers against each other as they compete for financing and distribution for their film. (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon did a similar series with HBO, Project Greenlight, in the early ’00s.) Vaughn and Beck’s nine-episode series will launch on TheBlaze TV in spring 2013.

Aspiring documentarians, take note: Beck said he’d “love to see something on the Federal Reserve, the game that’s being played there. I would love to see something on why capitalism is actually a good thing, why it’s not a bad thing.”

Beck, Vaughn, and their production partners will review applications for contestants, according to the show’s website.

Vaughn has expressed his conservative leanings before. He supported Republican presidential contender Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.

For Beck, the show is his latest eyebrow-raising project. Earlier this year, he launched a line of jeans.

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Reality Web Show Helps “Mormon Bachelor” Find 'Eternal Marriage'

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The Mormon Bachelor is unlike the show that inspired it. In a way, it's ABC's The Bachelor minus the sex and scandal.

The Mormon Bachelor -- seen on the web -- features speed dating with distinctly Mormon values. The dates have less drama, the conversations more wholesome, but the stakes are just as high. Contestants on the show, now wrapping up its fourth season, are hoping to find a marriage partner.

The star of the show is Chris Barbour, a 26-year-old virgin.

"Mormons don't engage in sexual activities before marriage," he said. "You have the physical kisses and what not but past that, not too much."

The rules of the Church of Latter-Day Saints go way beyond simply refraining from pre-marital sex. The couple also can't smoke or drink alcohol.

"We definitely do have our standards and our guidelines that we go by, that we try to live by, as much as we possibly can," Barbour said.

It's a far cry from the sort of rule-bending on the ABC version. This summer on The Bachelor Pad, a bunch of contestants ended up naked in the pool in the season premiere. That's not likely to happen on the Mormon Bachelor.

"I don't even like to kiss on the first date," Barbour said.

The show's creators, Aubrey Laidlaw and Erin Elton, came up with the idea for the reality series after graduating from Brigham Young University and moving to Southern California. They were frustrated with a dating scene so different from what they had known at BYU, where many of their classmates joked they went for an "MRS degree."

"Our dating practices are so different than the dating practices of mainstream," Elton said. "Holding hands and kissing, which is not very passionate is pretty much all you can do before you're married."

Laidlaw actually auditioned for ABC's The Bachelor, but didn't make it, which is probably just as well, she said.

"I don't know why I was thinking I would do something like that because in reality, I really wanted to marry an LDS guy," Laidlaw said. "But I was so in love with the show. So we came up with the Mormon Bachelorette, and I was cast as the first bachelorette."

The first season of the web series was a huge success for Laidlaw. Her handsome prince rode up on his Harley Davidson. Six months later they wed in a temple ceremony and now have a baby girl.

They do get some pressure from viewers to sex up their online series for the sake of ratings.

"We get emails constantly about doing a fantasy suite," Elton said. "Sorry, you're out of luck. Hand-holding and kissing is probably all you're going to see."

When reviewing contestants' audition tapes for the current season, one thing the producers are not casting for is drama. Elton said she is truly trying to find Barbour a wife he can love for all of eternity.

"He likes girls that are really fun loving, not too serious, good, strong LDS Mormon girls, so active in church, good families," she said.

In the Mormon Church, Laidlaw said couples are not just looking for marriage but for "eternal marriage and an eternal family" and there is no "'til death do us part."

"That means to be married in the house of the Lord, one of the temples, for time and all eternity," she said.   

Another reason for making the show, producers said, was to help clear up public misconceptions about Mormons, although Laidlaw admitted that "the majority of our viewers are LDS."

Popular TV shows such as Big Love or Sister Wives -- that focus on LDS splinter groups -- have highlighted the fact that Mormonism once allowed polygamy, a practice the church has not condoned for more than a century.

The show's creators said they are often asked why the Mormon Bachelor even needs to make a choice among the prospective brides.  But the fact is, he only wants one wife.

"We don't practice polygamy," Barbour said. "That's not us."

Barbour has yet to find his eternal partner -- at least until the season finale. But the show's executive producer said she finally has. Erin Elton, 32, plans to get married in the Mormon Temple this weekend.

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Flashy Vegas Mom, CEO to Star in New Reality Show

Courtesy Fuchs family(NEW YORK) -- Lana Fuchs, the Las Vegas entrepreneur who told 20/20 she routinely bribed her kids with million-dollar parties and VIP tickets to the Grammy awards, will be featured on a reality show scheduled to premiere on TLC in December.

Vegas High Rollers will focus on Fuchs and four other prominent Las Vegas women in an attempt to take viewers behind the curtain of the flashy city.

“We have been filming for several weeks now. It’s so much fun!” Fuchs said in an email.

Fuchs owns and runs Billionaire Mafia Enterprises — a clothing brand, record label and concierge service. Her interests include diamonds, guns and a pet monkey named Mikey.

Fuchs told 20/20 that while she bribed her kids with expensive items, she also insisted that they work hard.

“They say bribing, I say rewarding,” she said.

Fuchs said she believes the tactic reinforces the behavior she’d like to see, motivating her children to aim for and reach higher goals.

“My children get praise, love, affection and gifts,” Fuchs said.

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Bristol Palin Says Reality Show Will Present Her as a ‘Normal Mom’

Richard Knapp/Lifetime(NEW YORK) -- Bristol Palin is certainly no shrinking violet. She has appeared on the political stage next to her mother — former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, taken center stage on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, and has captured people’s attention, making a few headlines of her own.

Now, with her 3-year-old son, Tripp, in tow, Palin will star in her own reality TV show.  Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, will feature 10 half-hour episodes that will air on the Lifetime network starting June 19.

Palin, 21, sat down recently with ABC’s Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts to talk about the show.

Asked what it was to have cameras watching her every move, every hour of every day, she replied:  “I don’t really think you get used to all of it, but Tripp was used to it the whole time. He’s didn’t care if the cameras were there or not. He’s still going to be rowdy, he’s still going to be a little terror, but it was fun. It was a lot of fun.”

Roberts also asked Palin how her mother felt about her doing the series.

“You know, she supports me and she knows that I have good judgment so she is definitely in support of it,” Palin replied.

And the young woman’s strong support of her mother is clearly demonstrated in the show, when she engages in a heated verbal exchange at a bull-riding bar with a man whose political views are different from those of her famous mother.

“I think if somebody is going to talk poorly about my mom, I am going to pick and choose my battles and a battle like that, I chose to confront him and see what the real problem was,” she said, “and I’m excited for viewers to see the real me in that, because I’m sitting there all tough and shaking and I’m acting tough and instantly when it’s over, it’s like, ‘OK, there’s the real Bristol,’ because I am calling my boyfriend, I’m calling my mom. ‘Ah, get me out of here,’ people are going to see the real Bristol in this show.”

She added that the real Bristol Palin is “a grounded, normal mom.”

Palin has faced criticism for appearing in the reality show, but says she’s prepared for the public’s disapproval.

“I think I have tough skin and I know that God is on my side and my faith is everything to me. It’s just the root of my life and my family’s life and I think it will do well,” she said. “And when people are talking poorly about me, I think it just gives me more motivation to want to do more and want to speak up even louder and they’re just not doing themselves well by doing that.”

She added: “I think the people who don’t like me, I’m not trying to change their opinion on it, but it’s going to be a good show.”

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Clint Eastwood's Wife Says He Won't Appear Often on New Reality Show

Jim Spellman/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- The upcoming E! series Mrs. Eastwood and Company won't have much of Mr. Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood's wife, Dina, on Wednesday emphasized to reporters in Pasadena, California, that the actor/director won't appear often on the show. According to Entertainment Weekly, she said, “If you are tuning in because you are an Eastwood lover, you might be disappointed.”

She added, "We reference my husband as the head of the family. We very freely talk about him and what we think his position will be on something. Hollywood marriage wise, we are pretty boring."

The show, premiering May 20, will focus on Dina's relationship with the couple's two teenage daughters, as well as the South Africa-based vocal group she manages, Overtone.

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Clint Eastwood’s Family to Make Reality TV Series

Jim Spellman/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Clint Eastwood‘s family will be coming to a television near you, opening up their lives in a new reality series set to hit televisions May 20.

Mrs. Eastwood and Company will debut on E! and take the public into the lives of Dina Eastwood, wife of film legend Clint Eastwood, and their two daughters, 18-year-old Francesca and 15-year-old Morgan.

“Nothing is more important to me than family -- no matter how you define that,” said Dina Eastwood in a press release.

Clint Eastwood, 81, is expected to make guest appearances.

“I’m really proud of my family,” Clint Eastwood said in a release. “They are a constant source of inspiration and entertainment.”

The 10-episode series will also focus on the six members of Overtone, a vocal group managed by Dina Eastwood.

“People might be surprised by how we live our lives and our unconventional approach, and I also believe that it’s hard not to fall in love with my band, ‘Overtone,’” she said.

Bunim-Murray Productions, the same company that produces the Kardashian shows, Project Runway and The Real World: San Diego, is producing the Eastwoods’ show.

Dozens of other members of Hollywood royalty have taken the family-reality-show route. Aside from the Kardashians, you may recall the inaudible fights between the Osbournes on their self-titled show, the parenting styles of wrestling champ Hulk Hogan played out on Hogan Knows Best, or Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott raising their little ones on Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

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Bristol Palin Back in the Spotlight for Lifetime Reality Series

Kevin Winter/Tonight Show/Getty Images for The Tonight Show(NEW YORK) -- Lifetime announced Wednesday that the network has picked up a new documentary series focusing on Bristol Palin, daughter of 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and former contestant on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

The show, Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp, was picked up for 10 half-hour episodes and will offer an insight into the life of the 21-year-old mother as she raises her 3-year-old son, Tripp. The network said the show will also focus on her relationship with her parents, Sarah and Todd Palin, and her siblings.

"From the first moment she was thrust into the public eye, Bristol and her son have been the subjects of a huge amount of curiosity and misunderstanding," said Rob Sharenow, executive vice president of programming for Lifetime Networks, in a news release Wednesday. "This show will reveal the real Bristol Palin and her journey as a daughter, mother and a young woman making her way in the world."

Palin first stepped into the spotlight in 2008, when her mother, the former Alaska governor, became Republican Sen. John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

At the age of 18, Palin gave birth to her son, garnering national attention because she was not married to the father, then-18-year-old Levi Johnston.

The two have been engaged and broken the engagement twice in the past four years.

After the birth of her son, Palin began working with the Candie's Foundation as an advocate for the prevention of teen pregnancy, speaking to teens about the importance of abstinence.

In 2010, Palin participated in Dancing With the Stars alongside celebrities David Hasselhoff, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey Shore, Florence Henderson and Jennifer Grey. She placed third in the competition's 11th season.

Palin's memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, made the New York Times best-seller list after its release in 2011. The book chronicled her personal life and time spent in the public eye.

The current Lifetime series is already in production, but no clips of the show have been released. Network representatives said they plan to begin airing the series sometime this year.

As for Johnston's role in the series, his manager, Tank Jones, said he was offered a role by the producers, but they have yet to make a decision.

"I don't like surprises," Jones told ABC News. "I don't want him to walk into a bad situation -- not that we necessarily think it will be. We're just trying to be careful so we're looking at everything before he decides to participate in the show."

This is the second proposed series focused on Palin. The first, a reality show picked up by the BIO channel, was dropped in November, and would have included fellow DWTS contestant Kyle Massey.

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Rihanna Lands UK Fashion Reality Show Deal

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Not long after filming her movie debut in the upcoming action-adventure film Battleship, Rihanna is taking her talents to the small screen. She’s signed on to produce and appear in a new British television show in which fashion designers will compete to create outfits for musicians and other celebrities, according to British television network Sky Living, which will air the series this summer.  The winner will get the honor of crafting an outfit for Rihanna’s Barclaycard Wireless performance in London’s Hyde Park in July.

“I’ve always had a great love of fashion,” Rihanna told Sky Living.  “It’s a constant source of inspiration in my life, and is a big reason why I’ve grown into the person and artist I am today.”

The You Da One singer will have a major part in the casting process in addition to appearing on the show and serving as an executive producer.  British pop star Nicola Roberts will host the series.  There’s no word yet on whether the show will air on American television.

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