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Carson Daly Says 'F That' to Britney Spears Interview Restrictions

Jive Records(LOS ANGELES) -- Carson Daly took to his Twitter page this week to blow off some steam regarding an interview that was in the works with Britney Spears.

Daly and Britney, who've known each other since Brit was 15, were going to do a radio interview, but Daly says he was told that the interview had to be pre-recorded, edited and then approved by Britney's handlers before it hits the air.

Once the conditions of the interview reached Daly, he tweeted “I was just TOLD my Britney Spears interview tomorrow...MUST be pre-recorded & submitted for approval by HER management before it can air!” Outraged, he closed the tweet with, “F THAT!”

Then, in a series of tweets responding to comments by his followers, Daly tweeted that no interview he's ever done has ever been “that restricted,” adding, "Even when I interviewed Michael Jackson, it wasn’t anything like this. It’s really insane." Later he tweeted, “[I'm] just shocked her management won’t let her do a normal interview.”  But in Britney’s defense, he said, "She probably doesn’t even know," and added, "This has nothing to do with her, just her people."

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