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Rick Springfield Pleads No Contest in DUI Case

ABC News(MALIBU, Calif.) -- "Jesse's Girl" singer and one-time General Hospital star Rick Springfield pleaded no contest Thursday in a DUI case stemming from a drunk-driving arrest in California in May of 2011. reports Springfield himself wasn't present for the proceeding at the Malibu, Calif., courtroom, but his attorney pleaded on the star's behalf to a lesser offense, a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving, "with driving under the influence conditions."

As a condition of his plea, Springfield will avoid jail, but must attend an alcohol education program, and will be considered on informal probation for three years.

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'Jessie's Girl' Singer Rick Springfield Arrested

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- "Jessie's Girl" singer Rick Springfield was reportedly arrested Sunday in Malibu, Calif., on suspicion of drunk driving.

Officials told the gossip site that Springfield's blood alcohol content was measured at .10 and .08. California's BAC limit is .08.

Springfield was booked at a nearby jail, then released on $5,000 bail, according to TMZ.

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Rick Springfield Reveals Suicide Attempt 

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Grammy-winning artist Rick Springfield, who made it big with the 1981 hit "Jessie's Girl," and went on to become the musical icon of a generation, has opened up about his life-long battle with depression and insecurity.

Springfield said it took him years to realize his depression was more than just a case of artistic sensitivity.

"Until 'Jessie's Girl' and all the success...I thought I was just a moody artist," he told ABC News. "Once I achieved a lot of what I thought I wanted to hit me. Depression came roaring back. I realized what I thought would heal me, which is success and my dreams come true, doesn't heal you. That's was when I truly labeled that I was more than just a moody guy."

Springfield, now 61, was 17 when he fought the first skirmish in his battle with depression. The outwardly sunny soul reveals in his new memoir, Late, Late at Night, which hits stores Tuesday, about his dark attempt to take his own life.

"I made a noose and went out to the garden shed and put it -- tied it around a rafter and stood on this [chair]...and kicked it away," he said.

When the rope snapped and he fell to the ground unharmed, he awoke with an appreciation for life and passion for music.

"It changed my life," he said.

After his failed suicide attempt, Springfield, who's Australian by birth, headed to the U.S. By 1980 he was nearly broke when he landed a record deal and was cast as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital -- a role that put him in the spotlight, but paid only $500 a week.

Springfield went on to sell more than 20 million albums. "Jessie's Girl" is just one of his 17 top 40 hits.

Despite his success, his depression followed him and led to a lot of promiscuity. Springfield shied away from labeling himself a "sex addict" but admits he was a bit of a womanizer.

"[Sex] calmed a lot of things in me," he said. "It's something that I did because it made me feel better about myself. If this person is willing to have sex with me, than she must think I'm OK....It became, like any drug, a habit."

Springfield also writes that he was unfaithful to his wife, Barbara, but that the two managed to stay the course.

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