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Pippa Middleton's Bridesmaid Dress for Sale

ABC/ HAZEL THOMPSON(LONDON) -- Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress, which she wore when she was Duchess Catherine’s maid of honor in the royal wedding of the century, is now available for purchase on the British version of the website,, according to TIME.

Originally a silk-crepe ivory gown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Pippa’s bridesmaid-inspired dress will be sold for the bargain price of $1,680, a steal compared to what the original was expected to fetch -- somewhere between $20,000 and $31,000.

Currently, the dress appears to only be available in red. Aside from the color, the overall shape of the dress is the same, but cut to knee-length and a zipper up the back instead of a series of buttons.

“The signature accentuated shoulders and draped neckline are effortlessly flattering -- style a clean silhouette with swept-back hair and drop earrings for radiant, understated appeal,” the luxury designer website reads.
Those living outside of the U.K. can call to order, however, the dress has already sold out.

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Pippa Middleton Media Stardom Grows Into Documentary

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- The name Pippa Middleton held marginal significance until the 29th of April, when her big sister, Kate, tied the knot to Prince William. Now known as the sister-in-law of Britain's apparent future King, Middleton, 27, gained immense popularity virtually overnight, even garnering the moniker, "Her Royal Hotness."

"It's all part of the Middleton interest, the ordinary family being part of the royal family. It's the dream, the fantasy," said Colleen Harris, former press secretary to Princes Charles, William and Harry.

And you know you've hit it big when, within mere months of your name taking over the twitterverse, you're the single subject of a film. TLC will air next week a one-hour special entitled Crazy About Pippa, a documentary that tries to answer the question of who this British party planner is and what she's really all about.

"Our interest stemmed from the fact that a pretty young woman entered Westminster Abbey as a sister of a bride, and emerged as a global phenomenon in the space of an hour," the film's executive producer, David Notman-Watt, said. "It was literally within minutes of her appearing holding Kate's train, Twitter went crazy, Facebook went crazy."

Examining Middleton's rise to fame, the doc touches on many of the elements that have boosted Middleton's star power. From her party life in London's trendy Chelsea neighborhood to her strict fitness regime, experts from relatives to journalists weigh in on why everyone actually is crazy about Pippa.

Claudia Joseph, author of biography Kate: The Making of a Princess, said the apparent future queen's sister has a certain je ne sais quoi. "[Pippa and Kate are] two very attractive girls who've been mingling with the royals for a number of years," she said. "But people know very little about them and that's part of their mystique."

Crazy About Pippa is scheduled to air Aug. 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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Kate Middleton Spotted Doing Grocery Shopping

David Cheskin - WPA Pool/Getty Images(LONDON) -- From Westminster Abbey to the grocery store, Kate Middleton turned heads during the week while making a trip to her local market in Anglesey, North Wales – a rare trip for the normally private British royals.

Wearing skinny jeans and ballet flats, Kate, 29, pushed a grocery cart to the store with her protection officer near.

"She loaded all the shopping into her car on her own, then skipped as she ran the trolley back to the park," one observer told the Daily Mail.

"She looked very happy and was smiling at people. Most people didn't even spot who it was, despite her being probably the most famous person in the world at the moment."

Prince William and Kate -- now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- famously said they wanted to live as much of an ordinary life as possible, and they are living up to their word by residing in a modest cottage in Wales and shunning away the help of butlers and servants.

The newlyweds represent a new breed of monarchs that some are calling the modern royals -- strip away the titles and for the most part they are "just like us," going to college, having careers, and marrying for love. But even while living modestly, William and Kate will not escape the scrutiny to which the royal family is subjected.

The marriages of three of Queen Elizabeth's four children and that of her sister all ended in divorce. The scandalous headlines and tales of adultery that accompanied many of these splits tarnished the royal family's image. Having inherited such a legacy of divorce, Prince William and Middleton have an opportunity to modernize the monarchy.

"And, for them, living in the public eye so much, when every flicker of an eyelid is recorded by the cameras and television … and now by mobile phones, the pressures are even greater. " William Shawcross, the queen mother's official biographer, said.

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Who is Pippa Middleton's Boyfriend?

Marcus Trescothick/Getty Images(LONDON) -- After Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the knot, eyes turned to Kate's stunning sister Pippa -- who glided down the aisle, garnering almost as much attention as the bride herself. Dressed in a butter cream dress adorned with buttons down the back, Pippa Middleton, the maid of honor, was nicknamed "Her Royal Hotness" by the London tabloids.

But heads up, guys, Pippa is off the market. Alex Loudon -- Alexander Guy Rushworth Loudon, 30, son of James Loudon, a retired financier -- accompanied Pippa to the royal wedding and the two have reportedly been dating since December 2010.

Loudon attended the independent school Eton College, and went on to Durham University before seeking an MBA at the London Business School. At Eton, Loudon was named president of an elite society called Pop and was "unbelievably popular" at both Eton and Wellesley House, the prep school he attended, according to the Daily Mail.

Nicknamed "Noisy," "Minor," "A-Lo" and "Minotaur," Loudon spent time on the cricket field and even played professionally for a short time before retiring in 2007 to pursue his MBA. This 6-foot 3-inch athlete captained the England-Under-19 team for the 1999-2000 World Cup, according to ESPN Crickinfo. "I will continue to closely support the club and wish the boys every success for the next season and beyond," Loudon told the BBC when he retired.

Reports say Pippa and Loudon tried to stay out of the spotlight leading up to the royal wedding, but a source told Marie Claire "He's madly in love with her." The source also said, "Alex thinks it's hilarious that suddenly the world has discovered Pippa."

Her profile got a major lift last month the moment she walked down the red carpet in her white satin Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen dress.

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Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress: Fashion Expert Tim Gunn Weighs In

ABC/ HAZEL THOMPSON(LONDON) -- "This was a fashion orchestration," said Project Runway style guru Tim Gunn on the wardrobe selections Friday at Prince William and Catherine’s nuptials.

Gunn had nothing but praise for the newly named duchess of Cambridge, and her wedding dress. In describing her look, Gunn kept repeating the word "ravishing." When asked to expand on this, he said, "Simply, she took my breath away."

While Kate's wedding dress has been compared to the one worn by Princess Grace, who married Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco in 1956, Gunn said Kate's "couldn't have been more modern." Whereas Grace's dress had modest lace up to her chin, Kate's look was all opened up, revealing a demure bit of cleavage. It was "stunningly paired with the exuberance of the skirt," said Gunn.

Even though Kate's fashion eye is drawn to minimalism, she knew she had to sustain attention for a four-minute walk down the red-carpeted aisle of Westminster Abbey, which explained her full skirt and elaborate lace bodice.

Her sister, Phillippa "Pippa" Middleton, wore a simple column silhouette that reflected "what people thought Kate would look like," said Gunn. "Had that been on Kate, we would have been disappointed."

Gunn said some fashion experts would no doubt question Kate's dress design. "There will always be detractors at events on this scale."

But the clothing on view at Friday's royal wedding is sure to influence trends across the world, an exciting prospect for anyone interested in cultivating a current wardrobe. "I maintain," Gunn said, wrapping up the day, "it doesn't get any better than this."

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Elton John Cautions Royal Couple Against 'Nastiness' of Brit Media

ABC/Ida Mae Astute(NEW YORK) -- British music superstar Elton John says his friend the late Princess Diana would be "very happy" with her son William's choice of bride, but he had harsh words for the British media that have intensified their coverage of William and Kate Middleton since their engagement was announced.

An aggressive pursuit by paparazzi in Paris is believed to have led to Diana's death in a car crash in 1997. Henri Paul, the driver of the car, apparently lost control as he tried to elude pursuing photographers. He along with Diana and her companion, Dodi Fayed, were killed.

John, who performed at Diana's funeral at Westminster Abbey, cautioned William and Kate: "It starts here. Enjoy it while you can, because...the press are going to give you a bumpy ride, they're going to love you, they're going to hate you."

Speaking in an interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters, John continued: "I just hope they love each other enough to stay away from all that. You know, (if) there's one thing in the world ... I could get rid of, it's that negativity in the British press, that hatefulness, that whole nastiness that pervades our British media, and I'm sorry we have it but we do, and we have to live with it."

But even as he criticized the press, he acknowledged why people paid so much attention to the couple.

"Yeah, it is a fairy tale thing, and people criticize it and say we're making too much of it, but it's about love, and in this day and age, anything that's about love and positivity is a welcome relief from what's going on in the world," he said.

Prince William is scheduled to marry Middleton on Friday at Westminster Abbey.

John said he was "surprised" to have been invited to the wedding, but that he was happy about the invitation.

John said he hopes William and his 29-year-old bride-to-be, Kate, have "the most wonderful day."

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Jerry Seinfeld Calls Royal Wedding 'A Circus Act'

Chris Jackson/Getty Images(LONDON) -- What's the deal with royal weddings?  That's what Jerry Seinfeld wants to know.

While appearing on the British television show Daybreak last week, the comedian offered his take on the upcoming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  After sarcastically saying he was "very excited" about the nuptials, Seinfeld said, "Well, it's a circus act, it's an absurd act."

He went on to say, "You know, it's dress-up. It's a classic English thing of let's play dress-up. Let's pretend that these are special people. Okay, we'll all pretend that -- that's what theater is. That's why the British have the greatest theater in the world. They love to dress up and they love to play pretend. And that's what the royal family is -- it's a huge game of pretend.  These aren't special people -- it's fake outfits, fake phony hats and gowns."

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James Blunt 'Simply Joking' About Royal Wedding Gig

The Image Gate/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Although it is still March, James Blunt just pulled off a major April Fools joke.

The singer-songwriter recently divulged that he would lend his musical talents to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

"I'm not singing. I'm playing the church organ there," Blunt told the Italian news channel SkyTG24, while promoting his newest album, Some Kind of Trouble.

Only problem? It's not true!

A rep for Blunt told E! News that the singer was "simply joking" and that it was "just his humor."

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James Blunt Set to Play Organ at Royal Wedding

The Image Gate/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Award-winning British musician James Blunt divulged Monday that he will be the organist at Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding on April 29.

The singer is best known as the crooner for the 2005 hit single, "You're Beautiful."

"I'm actually playing. I'm not singing. I'm playing the church organ there," Blunt told the Italian news channel SkyTG24, while promoting his newest album, Some Kind of Trouble.

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