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Did Russell Brand Give Katy Perry Bad Review of Her 'SNL' Performance?

MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Did Russell Brand's marriage to Katy Perry hit the skids in part because he wasn't supportive enough?

An Us Weekly source claims Russell in November attended the final concert of her recent tour, but "he was totally uninterested and seemed annoyed he was there."

Another source alleges Russell declined Perry's request to make a cameo on Saturday Night Live when she hosted the NBC program last month.  Supposedly, he told her after the show, "that she wasn't that funny."

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Friends 'Shocked' by Divorce

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Fans were caught off guard by the announcement December 30 that Katy Perry and Russell Brand were divorcing, but it turns out that even the couple's friends were surprised at the news.

A source who reportedly knows Katy and Russell tells People magazine, "I was shocked when I found out. I was really surprised that Russell filed for divorce so quickly -- especially at Christmas time."  The source added, "I thought they would be together for a long time. Maybe not forever, but definitely not just 14 months."

What is it about their relationship that indicated that Katy and Russell would last?  Says the source, "They were always laughing.  They were very affectionate, always holding hands. They seemed like they were really in love."  And yet another source tells People that Katy and Russell "took marriage very seriously," adding, "These aren't people who give up. I always thought they would work on their marriage if they had trouble."

More details on the divorce will appear in People's new issue, on newsstands Friday.

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Russell Brand Might Get $20 Million in Divorce From Katy Perry

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Russell Brand’s divorce from singer Katy Perry could make him $20 million richer, thanks to California law and the couple’s reported decision not to sign a prenuptial agreement when they tied the knot 14 months ago.

The comedian, 36, who filed for divorce Friday, told New York magazine in 2011 that the couple did not sign a pre-nup prior to their Oct. 23, 2010, wedding in India after a yearlong, whirlwind romance.

Under California law, without a pre-nup, the couple, who met at the 2009 MTV Music Awards, must split their earnings 50/50.

Forbes magazine reports Perry, 27, the singer behind hits such as “Last Friday Night” and “Fireworks,” is worth at least $44 million.

The projected divorce payout would out-value even Brand himself, who is estimated to be worth around $15 million.

The Arthur star released a statement Friday announcing the divorce: “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

Divorce papers filed by Brand’s lawyers at Los Angeles Superior Court cited “irreconcilable differences,” according to TMZ, which obtained the divorce documents.

The first public signs of difficulties between the couple came around Christmas when the two were spotted celebrating thousands of miles apart—Brand in Britain with his family and Perry in Hawaii—and without their wedding rings. Us Weekly reported that Perry and Brand had “a massive fight” just before the holiday.

“This split was something that’s been discussed,” Ian Drew, senior editor at Us Weekly, told ABC News.

“Did she know that he would draw up papers during a holiday right before New Year’s Eve?  I think that was a big surprise,” he said.

Just one month earlier, Perry told ABC News’ Barbara Walters in an interview that all was well in the couple’s marriage, and that she envisioned starting a family with Brand. “I think that it’s lovely so far,” the singer said of their marriage.

“Yes, of course,” she responded, when asked about having kids together. “I think that is one of the big reasons why you do get married.”

Sources close to the couple say that Perry’s partying was upsetting to Brand, a recovering heroin addict, and that he did not approve of her circle of friends, who include A-list names such as fellow pop star Rihanna.

It was also reported that Brand submitted the divorce papers at the request of Perry, who did not want to upset her parents.

Reps for Perry and Brand did not respond to’s requests for comment Friday.

Perry has remained quiet on the split, while Brand spoke out to reporters this weekend. “I’m doing good,” he told London’s Daily Star. “Everything is going to be better next year.”

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Russell Brand Files for Divorce from Katy Perry

MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Russell Brand and Katy Perry are calling it quits.

Brand, 36, filed the petition for divorce from Perry Friday in Los Angeles, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Rumors swirled recently that the couple's marriage was in trouble after the two were spotted out separately without their wedding rings.  The two also spent Christmas apart, with Perry travelling to Hawaii with friends and Brand celebrating the holiday in the UK.

Reps for Perry and Brand did not respond immediately to ABC News' requests for comment. And their normally active Twitter pages have been unusually mum on the issue.

Earlier this month, Brand brushed off reports of problems, telling Ellen DeGeneres, "I am really happily married.... I'm married to Katy. Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge. I'm still alive."

Brand and Perry married on Oct. 23, 2010 in India.  They have no children.

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Katy Perry, Russell Brand Seen Without Wedding Rings

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- Rumors about marital discord between Katy Perry and Russell Brand continue to grow, after both were spotted recently without their wedding rings.

The couple recently spent the Christmas holiday apart, fueling rumors that their marriage was on the rocks. A solo Perry was photographed before Christmas splashing in the surf around Hawaii, which could explain the absence of her wedding ring.

But then People reported that her husband Brand, who spent Christmas miles away in the UK, stepped out on a London street Thursday, also without his wedding band.

Reps for Perry and Brand did not respond immediately to ABC News' requests for comment. And their normally active Twitter pages have been unusually mum on the issue.

Us Weekly reported that Perry and Brand had “a massive fight” just before Christmas and instead of flying her family via private jet to Brand’s London hometown for the holidays, the singer changed course and flew to Hawaii with friends.

Perry, 27, and Brand, 36, wed Oct. 2010 in India after a whirlwind romance. Earlier this month, Brand brushed off reports of problems, telling Ellen DeGeneres, “I am really happily married.”

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Russell Brand Wasn't Denied Entry into Canada, Despite Tweets

MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images(ONTARIO, Canada) -- Russell Brand is welcome to perform his stand-up comedy in Canada, no matter what he says on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Brand tweeted that he was going to be late to his concert at an Ontario, Canada, casino "unless someone can force Canadian customs officials to let us land."  He later announced that the show had been postponed because he, "can't enter Canada.  We must abolish the borders between our nations AND our minds."

The Casino Rama casino has since clarified that Brand was just messing around with his Twitter followers.

It stated on its own Twitter account that Brand was stuck in California, adding, "[H]e has no immigration or border issue, it was a tech issue with plane!"

A spokesman for Canada's public safety minister confirmed to CBC News that Brand was not denied entry into the country.

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Russell Brand Denied Entry to Canada, Forced to Postpone Show

Peter Kramer/NBC(ORILLIA, Canada) -- British comedian Russell Brand had to postpone a show in Canada on Saturday after being denied entry to the country.

Tweeting from the air he told his followers, “HELP I’m gonna be late for Casino Rama show unless someone can force Canadian customs officials to let us land in Orillia!”

In another tweet, according to E! Online, he said, “How do you manipulate customs officials? Wasn’t Hitler’s father a customs officer? I’m pretty sure he was.”

The reason for Brand’s problems with border bureaucrats is not yet know.  He was also denied entry into Japan earlier this year.

The story ended with a further tweet from the actor and funnyman, stating, “Tonight’s casino Rama show postponed. I’m sorry. I can’t enter Canada. We must abolish the boarders between our nations AND our minds.”

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Russell Brand Draws Criticism for Paralympics Joke

Peter Kramer/NBC(LONDON) -- Russell Brand has upset some disabled athletes after making a joke about the Paralympic Games during a stand-up performance in London last week.

Britain's Daily Mail reports the brash British comedian, who's married to pop star Katy Perry, said he doesn't care about the Olympics because it's a waste of money.  He then added, "At least the Paralympics have some kind of novelty value or something."

London will host both the Olympics and the Paralympic Games next year.

The UK newspaper The People quotes multiple Paralympic athletes who say the joke was offensive and irresponsible.  One competitor says, "We’ve worked harder than anyone to get here.  We’ve suffered life-threatening illnesses.  It’s both patronizing and upsetting for Russell Brand to describe us as a novelty.”

Brand is shrugging off the controversy.  He's tweeted, "Daily Mail/People stop being silly."

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Katy Perry Sad After Husband Kicked Out of Japan

MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Katy Perry was left heartbroken in Japan after her hubby Russell Brand was booted from the country over the weekend.

He went to Japan to visit her during her tour but, according to tweets from Perry, he was deported due to unspecified incidents involving Brand over 10 years ago.

She wrote on Twitter, " husband just got deported from Japan. I am so. sad. I brought him all this way to show him my favorite place...But of COURSE I ♥ my Japanese fans & the show #MUSTGOON no matter the daily aftershocks or husband kidnappings!"

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Katy Perry: 'My Career Is Like an Artichoke'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- If you were to describe the trajectory of Katy Perry's career, you might compare it to a rocket, but to Katy, her career is more like a vegetable.

In the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Perry explains, "My career is like an artichoke.  People may think that the leaves are tasty and buttered-up and delicious, and they don't even know that there's something magical hidden at the base of it."  In other words, Perry says, "There's a whole other side [of me] that people didn't know existed."

Despite the focus on her marriage to Russell Brand and her sex-bomb image, Perry says her music is really what she's all about.  She explains, "I don't care what people say about my relationship…People are buying my songs…I'm getting incredible feedback from my music."  She adds, "If the core, the honesty, my story isn't working, then all those bells and whistles aren't going to work either.  Sometimes I can be distracted by the glamour and the fabulousness. But my husband always reminds me to keep my core intact."

Asked about that photo that Brand tweeted a few months ago of her in bed with no makeup, Perry says, "We were just messing around. I didn’t really care. I mean, when I go to rehearsals I look like that. I’m every woman. It takes a village to make me who I am."

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