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Alec Baldwin Sets 'SNL' Hosting Record, Defends 'Schweddy Balls'

Dario Cantatore/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- On Saturday night's season debut of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin broke Steve Martin's record for hosting SNL when he walked on stage for the 16th time.

Baldwin announced the feat in his opening monologue, prompting Martin and Seth Rogen to walk onstage and ask the 30 Rock star to provide a urine sample to make sure he hasn't used any "steroids or performance-enhancing drugs" to take the title.

Baldwin also addressed the controversy stemming from "Schweddy Balls," the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor named in honor of one of Baldwin's SNL characters. The product has drawn protest from a family group called A Million Moms, which believes the "vulgar" flavor's double entendre is inappropriate for store shelves.

Baldwin addressed the group, saying "If you don't like Schweddy Balls, Ben & Jerry's has a new ice cream flavor, just for you.  It's called 'Go Fudge Yourself.'"

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'One Million Moms' Finds 'Schweddy Balls' Ice Cream Offensive

Business Wire/Ben & Jerry's(NEW YORK) -- Not everyone finds Ben & Jerry’s new “Schweddy Balls” ice cream tasteful.

Conservative group One Million Moms finds the new flavor offensive and is calling for a boycott. “The vulgar new flavor has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive,” the group, an offshoot of American Family Association, stated on its website. “Not exactly what you want a child asking for at the supermarket.”

The limited-batch ice cream flavor released recently was inspired by a Saturday Night Live skit of the same name.

The skit stars Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon as hosts of the “Delicious Dish,” a parody of a National Public Radio program. Alec Baldwin portrays Pete Schweddy, the fictional owner of Season’s Eatings Bakery, who explains poker-faced to the show hosts that he has a variety of “Schweddy Balls” — popcorn balls, cheese balls, rum balls suited for every taste among his special holiday offerings.

Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson Sean Greenwood told ABC that in the last three days, he’s only heard from about 600 moms — not a million — complaining about the new flavor. At the same time, the company has received hundreds more emails that say things like, “We get the joke” and “We love you guys.”

“This is just about silly fun,” Greenwood said. “We didn’t name it for shock value. We did it because it’s a funny skit.”

“Schweddy Balls” isn’t the first time Ben & Jerry’s has spun a fun mixture of flavor and pop culture. Apparently, One Million Moms wasn’t amused when the company released a special edition of Chubby Hubby called Hubby Hubby last year to celebrate gay marriage.

“It seems that offending customers has become an annual tradition for Ben & Jerry’s,” the group said on its website.

As to that charge, Greenwood said, “We stick up for what we believe in.”

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Ben & Jerry's Debuts 'SNL'-Inspired 'Schweddy Balls' Ice Cream

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ben & Jerry's(SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt.) -- Ben & Jerry's has immortalized musicians and other entertainers with its ice cream flavors like "Cherry Garcia" and "Phish Food," as well as "Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream," but the company's newest creation looks to Saturday Night Live for its inspiration.

The naughty-sounding "Schweddy Balls" ice cream gets its name from an SNL sketch featuring Alec Baldwin's Pete Schweddy character discussing his irresistible family dessert with a pair of NPR hosts, played by Ana Gastayer and Molly Shannon.

The double entendre-loaded skit became a classic, so much so that in a statement about the new ice cream flavor, Baldwin joked, "For a long time, I thought that 'Here Lies Pete Schweddy' would end up on my tombstone."

The 30 Rock star seems happy to pass the mantle, saying, "Now, thanks to Ben & Jerry's, the goodness of the Schweddy family recipe won't go with me to the great beyond.  It is immortalized here, right now, and it's an ice cream."

For the record, the limited-run flavor is described as "Fair Trade vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and is loaded with fudge covered rum and milk chocolate malt balls."

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