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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Recap: Halloween-Themed Performances in Week 7 

Adam Taylor/ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- The six remaining celebrities on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars season 13 took to the dance floor for a special, Halloween-themed show Monday night.

The show (which started a half-hour later to accommodate the special Scared Shrekless Halloween animated feature) featured dancers in over-the-top makeup and costumes, dancing their spooky best. In addition to their individual performances, the celebrities had to compete against each other in two group dances.

The score earned by each team would be added to each competitors’ individual score, for one grand total for the night.

David Arquette’s cha cha cha -- as the actor channeled a magician with his assistant -- won a warm reception from judges, who praised his overall progress during the season. But they pointed out that he needed to have more rhythm, was out of time on occasion and needed to pay more attention to his hold. The actor earned a 24 out of a possible total of 30.

Fan favorite J.R. Martinez’s tango -- performed to the Ghostbusters theme -- got mixed reviews.

While judge Bruno Tonioli said the performance was “solid,” he said Martinez had lost his timing a few times due to the complexity of the music. Inaba agreed, but head judge Len Goodman was far less impressed.

“For me, this performance was substandard to what I expect from you,” he said.

Martinez was tied for the top spot after last week’s performance. On Monday, he earned 25 points.

Asked whether he was happy with that score, he told show co-host Brooke Burke Charvet that he was, but said he hoped the audience voted to bring him and partner Karina Smirnoff back next week so they could “redeem” themselves.

TV host Nancy Grace seemed to enjoy her devil-inspired jive, but judges weren’t thrilled.

Inaba said Grace “lost” the choreography at times, and Goodman said she wasn’t suited to the dance. He said her kicks weren’t sharp enough and lacked bounce in her foot. She got 21 points.

Reality TV personality Rob Kardashian earned a standing ovation for his spooky Addams Family-inspired tango.

Inaba told him it was his “best dance so far.”  Tonioli said he was “manly and in control,” but cautioned him to keep his “bum” tucked in so he wouldn’t ruin his frame. Goodman said Kardashian did a terrific job. Kardashian earned 25 points, tying with Martinez for second place.

Despite having to dance with bruised ribs, Ricki Lake’s paso doble -- a dance floor retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story -- brought the audience to its feet with rousing applause. There was equally enthusiastic feedback from the judging panel.

Tonioli said it evoked “passion and fear in the frozen woods,” while Inaba complimented Lake’s shapes. Both warned her to be conscious of tension in her shoulders. Goodman thought it was lovely, saying her precise footwork and the shapes she formed on the floor were what he loved about this style of dance. She earned 27 points, and the highest score of the night for the individual dance.

Soccer World Cup star Hope Solo’s samba met with the judges’ approval.

Solo has struggled during the competition, and her pro dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy was so frustrated by judges’ harsh reviews of her performance last week that he ended up in a heated exchange with Goodman, ending by testily suggesting that the judge “get out” of the industry.

He has been strongly criticized for his outburst, but many others say his frustrations over perceived judging inconsistencies were valid and deserved to be aired.

Monday night he stood silently by his partner’s side when she got her judges’ reviews.

Inaba said she believed Solo had a newfound ease of movement that made the performance better than her past best dance. Goodman told Solo she handled a difficult dance well. Tonioli said Solo had “better timing, better placement, better finish,” adding that she should be proud. She earned 24 points.

The group dances followed, first a performance from Team Tango -- comprising Grace, Martinez, Arquette and their partners.

The group dynamic was good, but when the team broke into pairs, “each one of the individual performances was a disaster,” Goodman said.

The other judges agreed, awarding Team Tango 23 points.

They were followed by Team Paso -- with Solo, Lake and Kardashian. Their dance won enthusiastic approval from the judges, and earned them 26 points.

Tonioli said the dance was powerful, moody and dramatic, while Inaba said it was amazing and poetic.

Each team member had his or her team’s score added to the individual score from earlier in the evening.

With the judges’ and audience votes combined, the star with the lowest total will be sent home Tuesday.

Activist Chaz Bono was voted off last week. Also booted off the show this season were fashion guru Carson Kressley, reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, Italian model Elisabetta Canalis and NBA champ Metta World Peace (former Ron Artest).

Tonight’s Scores:

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: 27; 26 (53 points)

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff:  25; 23 (48)

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke: 25; 26 (51)

David Arquette and Kym Johnson:  24; 23 (47)

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 24; 26 (50)

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus: 21; 23 (44)

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 2011: Week 3, Dance by Dance

Adam Taylor/ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- It’s week three of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, and Monday night was the episode when the celebrities’ dances evoked the most memorable year of their lives. The dancers did not disappoint, bringing personal, emotional performances.

First up were Rob Kardashian and his professional partner Cheryl Burke. Kardashian’s foxtrot -- dedicated to his late father, attorney Robert Kardashian -- won good reviews from the judges.

“You just put the ‘dash’ in Kardashian,” judge Len Goodman said. “I hope your dad’s looking down and saying ‘Rob, you did good,’ because you did.”

Singer Chynna Phillips got even higher praise -- and tied for second-highest score of the night -- for her soulful rumba. She danced to "Hold On," a song by her former group, Wilson Phillips, and said the song had been written against a backdrop of her depression and personal turmoil.

“I knew you could do it. You are a smoldering siren, seductive, stylish,” judge Bruno Tonioli said of her performance.

Phillips got an eight and two nines -- the first nines of the season.

Chaz Bono danced to "Laugh at Me," a song by his father, the late Sonny Bono, and he drew mixed reviews. Goodman called Bono’s rumba “the best dance I’ve seen you do,” but Tonioli and judge Carrie Ann Inaba didn’t find it and memorable.

“You looked really distracted,” Inaba said, adding that Bono didn’t dance enough.

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari received a standing ovation when she and partner Mark Ballas danced a high-energy samba to Beyonce’s "Crazy in Love." For Cavallari, the song recalled the year when she graduated from high school and decided to pursue an entertainment career.

Judges liked it. “You fast-moving devil woman,” Tonioli said in approval.

Fashion guru Carson Kressley danced to No Doubt’s song, "It’s My Life," in celebration of his 2003 show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Growing up gay, Kressley said, meant he always felt like an outsider.

“You feel like you have this flaw,” he said, adding that his show made him feel proud of who he was.

The three judges were all happy with his over-the-top tango.

“You put the ‘boy’ in flamboyant,” Goodman said, while Tonioli called it “insanely brilliant.”

J.R. Martinez -- the actor who was badly burned while serving in the military in Iraq -- brought the audience to its feet with his poignant rumba dedicated to those who lost their lives during military service. Tonioli said Martinez danced from his heart. Added Inaba: “You touched us all. That was one of the most poignant, honest dances I have ever seen.”

Martinez also earned two nines and an eight, winding up tied with Phillips for second place.

TV host and attorney Nancy Grace dance a waltz in honor of the year her twins were born.

“Your love and your tenderness for your daughter and your son truly came through in the dance,” Inaba said.

Goodman and Tonioli told her she needed to work more on her posture, but agreed that emotion came through.

Ricki Lake’s sleek rumba recalled her finding love again, and the former talk show host said she hoped to inspire others to not close themselves off from the possibility of doing the same.

“Ricki Lake is on fire!” Inaba said of Lake’s performance. “That was fabulous.”

Goodman and Tonioli also had high praise for Lake and her partner, Derek Hough.

Soccer player Hope Solo sizzled with her cha-cha, and judges said she nailed the routine, but Inaba thought Solo’s dance needed more fluidity and femininity.

“For me, it was your best dance so far,” Goodman said.

Actor David Arquette’s tender rumba brought smiles to the faces of those in the audience. Tonioli said Arquette brought “sensitivity and vulnerability” to the dance. Arquette’s performance recalled this past year, in which his marriage fell apart and he sought solace in alcohol. But he said he wanted to show his daughter, through the dance, that she was “everything” to him.

“I thought you did a great job,” Goodman said of the final routine of the night.

Bono was is the low scorer Monday night, with a total of 18 points, and Lake leads the pack with 27 points.

Tonight’s Scores

Lake and Hough: 27 out of a possible 30

Phillips and Dovolani: 26/30

Martinez  and Smirnoff: 26/30

Kardashian and Burke: 24/30

Cavallari and Ballas: 24/30

Kressley and Trebunskaya: 23/30

Arquette and Johnson: 24/30

Solo and Chmerkovskiy: 24/30

Grace and MacManus:  21/30

Bono and Schwimmer: 18/30

Based on a combination of judges’ and viewers’ scores, one celebrity will be voted off during Tuesday’s results show. Former NBA champ Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) and Italian model Elisabetta Canalis have already been eliminated.

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 13: Week 2, Dance by Dance

Adam Taylor/ABC(LOS ANGELES) -- On Monday night's episode of Dancing With the Stars, Ricki Lake rose to the top of the leader board this week with a super-high-energy jive, while Chaz Bono tumbled down to the bottom, all thanks to a leg injury.
Kristin Cavallari wowed judges with her Marilyn Monroe-style quickstep -- making her one of the contestants to watch out for. Fan favorite J.R. Martinez tied with her for second, despite Len’s complaint that he danced more of a lindy hop than a jive.

Insecurities seemed to get the best of some of the contestants during rehearsals. Rob Kardashian complained about his “man boobs,” while Nancy Grace, still upset from her disappointing cha cha cha performance last week, was reduced to tears while trying to learn the quickstep (and she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when a nipple was partially exposed at the end of her performance.)

Grace and Kardashian performed well, ending in a three-way tie with Chynna Phillips for third place. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba also proclaimed Rob Kardashian ”a better dancer” than his famous sister and former contestant, Kim Kardashian.

Courtney Arquette was in the audience yet again to cheer on Arquette. Their daughter, Coco, was the lucky one to catch Arquette’s coat at the end of his performance. Bruce and Kris Jenner were there to support Kardashian, and past Dancing With the Stars contestant Rick Fox was there with his girlfriend Eliza Dushku.

Overall, a great night of performances, but looks like Chaz will be in the hot seat Tuesday.

The Week Two Scoreboard --

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer:  17 out of 30

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya:  18 out of 30

David Arquette and Kym Johnson:  18 out of 30

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy:  19 out of 30

Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy:  21 out of 30

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus:  21 out of 30

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke:  21 out of 30

Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani:  21 out of 30

Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas:  22 out of 30

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: 22 out of 30

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: 23 out of 30

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