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Second John Travolta Accuser Hires Gloria Allred

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- The second anonymous masseur who sued John Travolta, claiming sexual battery and sexual harassment, has hired lawyer Gloria Allred, much as the first accuser did earlier this week.

The second masseur withdrew his lawsuit on Thursday, but Allred is leaving open the possibility that the complaint may be re-filed. 

She said in a statement obtained by People magazine, "We believe that the lawsuit should be filed in another court and, therefore, the lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice."

The first masseur has also dropped his lawsuit and hired Allred.

Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, is waving off any suggestion that the actor settled either case, telling, "Not one penny has been paid nor do we have any intention to pay any money for these ridiculous and false claims."

Singer also denies a National Enquirer report, detailed by the New York Post, claiming that Travolta once tried to perform a sex act on Grease co-star Jeff Conaway.

Singer tells E! News, "This spate of recklessly published tabloid stories is just part of a malicious tabloid agenda to boost lagging sales by running outrageous defamatory stories about my client sourced by people seeking notoriety or a payday."

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Attorney Says John Travolta Could Face More Lawsuits from Masseurs

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- John Travolta has been sued by two unidentified masseurs for sexual battery and sexual harassment, and there may be more accusations to come.

The lawyer who represents both plaintiffs tells People magazine that a "bunch of accusers" making similar allegations against the actor have reached out to him.

Lawyer Okorie Okorocha says, "Many have contacted me, and I'm still vetting their stories.  More defendants might come forward soon." 

Okorocha says the lawsuits were filed following failed negotiations with Travolta's attorneys.

Travolta's camp has denied the allegations levied against him in the lawsuits.

The first complaint claims Travolta attempted to have sex with a masseur during a massage at a Beverly Hills hotel, but has published photographs of Travolta in New York City as well as a restaurant receipt belonging to the actor from the day in question.

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John Travolta Facing Second Sexual Battery Lawsuit

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- A second masseur has come forward to make a sexual battery claim against John Travolta.

Earlier this week, an unidentified masseur alleged in a $2 million lawsuit that Travolta touched his private parts in front of him and attempted to have sex with him.

On Tuesday, according to, a second unidentified masseur filed suit in Los Angeles, claiming that during a massage at an Atlanta resort in late January, the actor tried to force the masseur's hand onto his scrotum and later performed a lewd act.  The masseur says he left the room and complained to his supervisors and co-workers, after which Travolta unsuccessfully "demanded" that the masseur continue the massage.

Much like the first defendant, the second masseur seeks $2 million.  Both men are being represented by the same lawyer and are alleging sexual battery and sexual harassment.

After the first lawsuit was filed, Travolta's camp called it "complete fiction and fabrication," and threatened legal action against the plaintiff. In fact, claims that it has proof that Travolta wasn't even in Los Angeles on the day of the alleged sexual assault. Travolta was photographed in New York and the website has even obtained a receipt from Mr. Chows, where the actor is said to have eaten.

In response to the second complaint, Travolta's lawyer said in a statement obtained by, "This second 'anonymous' claim is just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one."

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John Travolta Accused of Sexual Battery in Lawsuit

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- John Travolta has been accused in a lawsuit of assault and sexual battery for allegedly attempting to have sex with a masseur.  The $2 million lawsuit was brought by a masseur identified only as John Doe.

The complaint alleges that Travolta touched his private parts in front of the masseur after removing his pants.  The lawsuit says he subsequently apologized, but then allegedly floated the idea of having sex with the masseur, as well as the two of them having sex with a "Hollywood starlet in the building that wanted to have three-way sex and to be double penetrated."

Travolta, who is currently married to actress Kelly Preston, also allegedly stated that he enhanced his career by performing sexual favors during the time he starred on the TV series Welcome Back, Kotter.

Travolta's camp has released a statement in response to the lawsuit, calling it "complete fiction and fabrication."

The statement contends that Travolta was not in the same state as the masseur on the day in question.  It concludes, "John intends to get this case thrown out and then he will sue the attorney and plaintiff for malicious prosecution."

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