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Faintings at Screenings of New James Franco Film, '127 Hours'

Image Courtesy - Fox Searchlight(NEW YORK) -- The new James Franco movie, 127 Hours, about the trapped hiker who amputated his own arm to escape certain death is apparently so graphic its causing audience members to faint.  That wasn't director Danny Boyle's intent and studio executives say they would rather people not get sick at the film, but industry experts say it could boost box office.

The film is the story of Aron Ralston, a young hiker who went off into the Utah mountains in 2003 without telling people where he was going.  Falling boulders pinned his arm and after five days unable to free himself, Ralston decided the only way to survive was to amputate his arm.  He did so and the film shows it graphically. 

The filmmakers say its not meant to be a gross-out film and critics are singling it out as a high-brow drama with awards on the horizon.  Danny Boyle, who directed Slumdog Millionaire, is no stranger to the Oscar stage.  That film won eight Academy Awards. 

127 Hours opens Friday.

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