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Rihanna Scores 10th Number One Single; Sets Chart Records

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Rihanna has only been releasing music since 2005, but she's just scored her 10th number one hit, as "S&M" tops the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Rihanna has now set the record for the shortest span between a solo artist's first and tenth number-one hits -- she racked them all up in just four years, 11 months and two weeks.  The only artists to score 10 number ones quicker are both groups: The Beatles and The Supremes.

In addition, Rihanna now sets the record for being the youngest artist to score 10 number one hits -- she's 23.  The previous record holder was Mariah Carey, who was 25 when she scored her 10th number one.

On Twitter Wednesday, a thrilled Rihanna wrote to her fans, "10th!!! Now look at what you did, Rihanna Navy.  You rocked the [expletive] out!  Thank you so much, this is the best news!"

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Rihanna, Britney Spears Release 'S&M' Remix 

Max Morse/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- A few months back, Rihanna asked her Twitter followers who they would most like her to collaborate with.  The answer was Britney Spears, and now her fans' dreams are reality.

Monday morning, Rihanna released a remix of "S&M" featuring Britney, who contributes some new verses.

Rihanna tweets about the remix, "Too much sex in the air. Think u can handle it?  You're the only ones who can."  She also says that Britney is "gangsta."  To which Britney responded, "You ain't so bad yourself, honey."

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Rihanna Upset Song Censored, Retitled by BBC

Photo Courtesy - Island Def Jam/Def Jam Recordings(LONDON) -- Rihanna's new single "S&M" is racy -- but the BBC considers it so racy that not only has it censored the lyrics, it's actually changed the title.

According to London's Metro publication, BBC Radio 1's Official Chart Show has retitled the song "Come On," and edited out the words "sex," "whips" and "chains."

Rihanna is not happy about this development.  Upon learning of the censorship, she wrote on her Twitter account, "Are you bleepin' kidding me???"  And when a fan asked her if she was okay with it, she responded, "Absolutely NOT!"

A Radio 1 spokesperson told that they plan to play the edited version of "S&M" during the daytime hours, when children are more likely to be listening, but will play the original version in "specialist shows with an appropriate introduction."

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Rihanna Posts Racy Video on Website to Avoid YouTube Censorship

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Rihanna isn't happy that YouTube deemed her new video "S&M," which depicts her wearing bondage gear, brandishing a whip and cavorting with a blow-up doll, too hot for young people.

Fans who attempted to watch the video on YouTube were met with an "inappropriate for some users" parental warning flag, and a request to verify that they were 18 years or older before viewing.

As a result, Rihanna tweeted a link to the clip, and wrote, "U can now view the 'S&M' video on UNFLAGGED!!"  She also pointed out one of her previous videos was even racier, but nobody seemed to mind.  "They watched 'Umbrella,'" she tweeted.  "I was full nude."

Meanwhile, the British press has reported that the video has been banned in 11 countries, and BBC's Radio One won't play the song before 7 p.m. because of lyrics like, "Sticks and stones may break my bones/But chains and whips excite me."  However, it isn't true that MTV is considering editing the clip.  MTV News reports the video was approved by the network as is.

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