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Ashton Kutcher Hospitalized after Fruitarian Diet for Steve Jobs Film

Sundance Institute(NEW YORK) -- Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized with pancreas problems after following to a fruit-only diet to play the role of Steve Jobs for the biopic Jobs film, which premiered Friday at the Sundance Film Festival, USA Today reports.

The film claims that Jobs adhered to a fruitarian diet, which ultimately landed Kutcher in a hospital room two days before shooting the film. The actor said after the film's screening that the diet can lead to severe issues and that the "terrifying" experiencing left him "doubled over in pain," according to USA Today.

Jobs died from pancreatic cancer in October 2011.

The movie is slated for theaters in April.

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Steve Jobs Movie Won’t Be Full Biography, Says Aaron Sorkin

Shahn Kermani/Liaison(LOS ANGELES) -- While Ashton Kutcher gets ready to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie, Aaron Sorkin, the mastermind writer of The West Wing and The Social Network, is preparing another -- he plans to adapt Walter Issacson’s biography of Steve Jobs into a film.

“I am at the earliest possible stage with ‘Steve Jobs.’ What I will do is go through a long period that will not look to a casual observer like writing,” Sorkin said during an interview at the All Things D conference in Los Angeles.

Sorkin also likened writing about Jobs to writing about The Beatles.

“To be honest with you, one of the hesitations I had was that this was a little like writing about The Beatles," Sorkin said. "There are so many people out there that know him and revere him; I saw a minefield of disappointment. Hopefully, when I’m done with my research I’ll be in the same ballpark as some of the folks in here in terms of their knowledge about Jobs.”

Sorkin also discussed the challenges of turning a biography into a movie and said the movie won’t likely cover Jobs’ entire life. “When biographies are turned into movies it is hard to shake the cradle to grave. I probably instead will identify the point of friction that appeals to me and dramatize that,” he said.

Sorkin gave a nod to that other Steve Jobs movie, the one in which Ashton Kutcher is starring, and said he believes that “there is room for more than one movie.”

As for who might play Apple’s legendary founder in his film, Sorkin said he is still unsure. "I don’t know who the actor will be, but they are going to have to be smart. There are a lot of things actors can fake. Intelligence is something you cannot fake.”

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Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs in Biopic

(LOS ANGELES) -- Ashton Kutcher has been tapped to play Steve Jobs in a film based on the late Apple CEO’s life.

The Two and a Half Men star will star in the biopic chronicling Jobs' life from his hippie days to co-founding Apple, reports Variety.

The biopic will be produced by Five Star Institute's Mark Hulme and directed by Joshua Michael Stern. Production is scheduled to start in May.

Sony Pictures is also producing a Jobs film based on the book by Walter Isaacson.

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Aaron Sorkin's Next Project: Steve Jobs, the Movie?

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Aaron Sorkin, who most recently wrote the screenplays for The Social Network and Moneyball, may pen a film on the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

"Sony has asked me to write the movie and it's something I'm strongly considering," he tells E! Online.

The project would be based on the recently released biography of Jobs written by Walter Isaacson.

Jobs died early October at the age of 56, following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Steve Jobs' Life to Be Made into a Movie

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- A movie based on the Steve Jobs’ biography written by former CNN chairman and Time magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson is reportedly already in the works.

According to Metro, Sony Pictures is negotiating for the movie rights to Isaacson's Steve Jobs, a book about the life and work of the late co-founder of Apple.

Isaacson’s book was originally set to be released on Nov. 21, but due to Jobs’ death the release date was moved to Oct. 24.  The biography features interviews with family and friends, as well as former colleagues and with Jobs himself.

There has been no word yet on casting for the movie.

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