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Steven Spielberg Commemorates Anniversary of Gettysburg Address

VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images(GETTYSBURG, Pa.) -- Steven Spielberg, who directed the highly-acclaimed movie Lincoln, delivered a keynote address Monday near the site of the 16th president's famed Gettysburg Address, to commemorate its 149th anniversary.

Appearing at an event at the Soldier's National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pa., Spielberg said he was "humbled" to deliver an address at the historic location that President Abraham Lincoln made famous with his 1863 speech.

According to Entertainment Weekly, he said, "I admit that one of the reasons I wanted to make this film, I wanted -- impossibly -- to bring Lincoln back from his sleep of one and a half centuries even if only for two and a half hours, and even if only in a cinematic dream."

Spielberg remarked that Lincoln feels like a close friend to him, so much so, he joked, that "I have Daniel Day-Lewis’ phone number in my speed dial.  And if I start to really miss him terribly, I can just call him up and ask him to tell me a story."

Day-Lewis portrays Lincoln in Spielberg's film.

During Monday's event, several immigrants took an oath of allegiance to become U.S. citizens.

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Steven Spielberg Opens Up About His Dyslexia

VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Usually behind-the-scenes, filmmaker Steven Spielberg stepped in front of the camera for the first time to talk about his challenges with dyslexia and how he struggled for years with the undiagnosed learning disability.

It was just five years ago that Spielberg was properly diagnosed.  In a video for the website Friends of Quinn, the director explains how he "dealt with it by making movies."

The director is interviewed by Quinn Bradlee -- who also deals with learning disabilities and other physical ailments related to a condition called Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, or VCFS, as documented in Quinn's memoir, A Different Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures.

Spielberg reveals that as a child, it took him more than two years to learn how to read.  He says growing up in the 1950s before dyslexia was even a diagnosis was tough, especially during the junior high years.  According to Spielberg, his inability to read, particularly in class, caused a lot of bullying and mean treatment from his classmates and had school administrators mislabeling him as lazy.

Still, says Spielberg, "I never felt like a victim."  He says he banded together with a similarly quirky click of friends who also didn't quite fit in or played sports like other students.  It was this same group of friends that later became his inspiration for the 80s cult classic film The Goonies, which he produced and co-wrote.

Rather than feel like an outsider, Spielberg says, "Movies really helped me, kind of saved me from shame, from guilt, from putting it on myself...when it wasn't my burden." 

The super successful director goes on to say, "I think making movies was my great escape, it was how I could get away from all that."

Luckily, Spielberg's therapy of making films adds up to a bonus for the movie-going public.  His new movie, Lincoln, comes out on Nov. 9.

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Steven Spielberg Working on ‘Jurassic Park 4,’ ‘Indiana Jones 5′

VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Could another Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones flick be in the works?

Steven Spielberg indicates both could happen. In a new interview with Empire magazine, Spielberg revealed that screenwriter Mark Protosevich, known for his scripts for Thor and I Am Legend, is drafting Jurassic Park 4. Spielberg told the magazine it’ll blow 2001′s ill-received Jurassic Park III out of the water. He also said that despite the not-so-favorable reviews of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he’s down to do Indy 5.

“George [Lucas] is in charge of breaking the stories,” he told Empire. “He’s done it on all four [Indiana Jones] movies. Whether I like the stories or not, George has broken all the stories. He is working on Indy V. We haven’t gone to screenplay yet, but he’s working on the story. I’ll leave it to George to come up with a good story.”

Action fans, rejoice.

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Spielberg, Ford 'Hopeful' for an 'Indy 5,' Diss 'Crystal Skull'

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- At a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark in Los Angeles Tuesday night, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford again admitted they'd like to make a fifth Indiana Jones adventure -- and the pair also took shots at the much-maligned but super-successful Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

When a particularly enthusiastic audience member hooted at the prospect of Indy 5, reports the director said, "I think that's the one [fan] we didn't alienate with the fourth." Ford also took a dig at Crystal Skull, by saying a fifth Indy adventure wouldn't be continuing the fourth film's scorned UFO-centric plot, saying Indy next time "ain't going to Mars."

Jabs aside, Crystal Skull was a global blockbuster, taking in more than $780 million worldwide, and both men certainly seem like they want another shot at the Man in the Hat. Ford said, "Next time we get a script for Indiana Jones, I'd be delighted to play the character."

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Spielberg Fined in Italy for Disturbing Beachgoers with Boat

Photodisc/Thinkstock(LA MADDALENA, Italy) -- A boat ride off the coast of Italy cost Steven Spielberg a couple of hundred dollars. Us Weekly reports that the director was joined by Gwyneth Paltrow on a speedboat in La Maddalena on July 11 when people on the nearby beach complained to police and the coast guard that the boat was too close to shore and making too much noise. Though he apologized to the coast guard, Spielberg was fined 172 euros, or about 247 U.S. dollars.

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