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'Seinfeld' Star Daniel von Bargen Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Zuma(MONTGOMERY, Ohio) -- Daniel von Bargen, perhaps best known as Mr. Kruger on Seinfeld, was hospitalized this week after shooting himself in the head in a botched suicide attempt.

The Montgomery, Ohio, resident shot himself in the temple with a Colt .38 gun on Monday. He called Hamilton County 911 after his attempt failed.

According to the call, Von Bargen shot himself to avoid going to the hospital. After the dispatcher asked if the shooting was accidental, von Bargen responded, "No, I was supposed to go to the hospital today, didn’t want to … well, I shot myself.” Von Bargen is a diabetic and was supposed to have two of his toes amputated that day.

The harrowing call was caught on tape. Hear the call:

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One can hear Von Bargen painfully describing what happened to the dispatcher.

“Yes, I shot myself in the head and, uhh, I need help,” he said.

Unable to open his eyes or move to open his door, he was able to stay on the phone until police and fire officials arrived at his home five minutes after he called 911. Apparently worried that Von Bargen may have other weapons around, police can be heard yelling at Von Bargen to stay still and keep his hands where they could see them.

According to Montgomery Police Srgt. Greg Vondenbenken, Von Bargen was “seriously injured.” They took him to Bethesda North Hospital, where Vondenbenken says that his condition is improving.

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Cops Stop Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Pal in Suicide Attempt

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(CHICAGO) -- Chicago Police apparently stopped the suicide of Kacey Jordan, one of the porn stars partying with Charlie Sheen during the epic Los Angeles bender that preceded his self-induced rehab.

Cops were called to the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago after Jordan reportedly tweeted suicidal messages, TMZ reports.

Jordan's Twitter feed shows a downward spiral from Monday afternoon into the evening.

"I've over done it... the more i do...i keep passing out... i just pray i wake up each time," read one post.

"I took a bunch of pills...drank a hotel size bottle of jack..." read another, while another declares, "those 16 hours i was i was with charlie sheen... messed me up... i can't get that image out of my head... i think i keep trying to feel his pain."

Cops showed up to her room, which was littered with broken glass, to find her with cuts on her hands and wrists.  Jordan reportedly tried to dismiss the tweets as a stunt, but she needed to be subdued when, according to TMZ, she swiped a corkscrew and tried to cut herself with it.  She's been hospitalized for a mental evaluation.

Tuesday, she tweeted "I'm Soooo bored in this hospital bed! I wanna have someone save me."

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