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Henry Cavill Reveals Roles He Didn't Get

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival(LOS ANGELES) -- Henry Cavill is at at the top of his game right now, playing Superman in the blockbuster film, Man of Steel. But in a new interview with Peter Travers, the actor, 30, reveals that landing huge movie roles hasn’t always been so easy.

In fact, he tried out for the James Bond role that Daniel Craig landed, and also the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – both of which went to the same man, Robert Pattinson.

But Cavill harbors no sore feelings. In the case of Craig playing Bond, he said: “Daniel Craig was absolutely nailed that role and best man for the job. I don’t care if I don’t get the job if the best guy for the job gets it.”

Had he practiced shaking and stirring martinis?

“No, but I practiced asking, ‘shaken, not stirred,’ though,” he said.

However, just a few years later, Cavill landed the role of a lifetime – though, he admits, he almost missed the call.

When he learned he had won the part of Superman, he was playing World of Warcraft, the popular online game, and was so distracted that he ignored the ringing.

“I looked down at the last minute and I see its Zach Snyder and I dive for phone,” Cavill said to Travers. “I was like, ‘forget you guys, I’m going for Zach!”

Playing Superman is, so far, a dream come true. The film is a smash at the box-office and a sequel is already in development. For Cavill, the road to Superman was paved with several casting rejections.

For more of Peter Travers’ far-reaching interview with the Man of Steel actor, where they discuss Cavill’s chubby childhood and the prospect of a Justice League movie, watch the video below.

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“Man of Steel” Sets New June Opening Record

Warner Bros. Pictures(NEW YORK) -- The new Superman movie Man of Steel set a June opening record this weekend, collecting more than $113 million for first place at the box office.

Man of Steel broke the old record for a June opening weekend, previously held by Toy Story 3, by a little less than $3 million. The record does not include an additional $12 million the film made in a corporate group sale screening program on Thursday.

The R-rated apocalypse comedy This is the End opened on Wednesday and earned $20.5 million over the weekend. This brings its five day total to $32.8 million, enough to cover the entire production budget.

Now You See Me dropped just 46 percent in its third weekend, good enough for third place, while Fast & Furious 6 managed to keep in the top five with a fourth place finish.

Here are the top five movies for the Friday through Sunday, according to

1.     Man of Steel     $113.08M     
2.     This is the End     $20.5M      
3.     Now You See Me     $10.32M      
4.     Fast & Furious 6     $9.4M      
5.     The Purge     $8.2M     

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The New "Man of Steel" Speaks Out

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival(NEW YORK) -- British actor Henry Cavill can't say much about his starring role in the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel, but in a new interview with the movie magazine Cineplex, he's shedding a bit of light on the anticipated film.

"There's no better feeling than to get that call," Cavill says of 300 director Zack Snyder's letting him know he'd gotten the gig.

Man of Steel flies into theaters next summer, and a teaser trailer shed no details of the plot, and only one shot of Cavill suited up as the superhero.

"What I can say is that it's a modernization of the character and a very realistic view of one, obviously, very fantastic individual," the actor says.  "It's an unreal situation, but it's approached from a very practical viewpoint.  We wanted to make the character easier to identify with."

Cavill knows 2006's Superman Returns failed to win fans' hearts, and he knows he's the center of not only what Warner Bros. hopes is a hit movie, but also an anchor for a likely Justice League film.

"There are a lot of people relying on me to do this well," he admits.  "I gladly accept that responsibility [but] I don't let the pressures get to me because that's going to hinder my performance and, therefore, let people down.  So I choose to...ignore the pressure side of it and focus on doing justice to Superman."

The actor, who will be seen in theaters Friday in The Cold Light of Day opposite Bruce Willis, explains after playing planet Krypton's favorite son, he'd love a shot at another legendary character -- a certain cinematic spy.

"I would love the opportunity to play Bond!," Cavill exclaims.

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Superman and Wonder Woman Kiss in New "Justice League" Issue

Ian Walton/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Superman is usually romantically connected to Lois Lane.  But in the Justice League No. 12 issue that will be released on Wednesday, it's clear that he only has eyes for Wonder Woman now.

In the issue, the two popular DC superheroes kiss.  Their newfound romance follows DC's relaunch of the Justice League last year.

As Jonah Weiland, the executive producer of, explains to ABC News Radio, Superman and Wonder Woman have been involved before, but those moments were typically swerves or alternate-reality scenarios. 

Their kiss in the new Justice League issue is significant because, he says, "It offers a lot of opportunities for some really big stories and some really big fights."

And where does this leave Lois Lane?  It leaves her without Superman as a romantic partner.  It will probably leave some fans feeling a little upset, too.

Weiland says, "I think for most longtime comic book readers, the relationship between Clark and Lois is rather sacred."

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"Superman" Actor Henry Cavill Ends Engagement

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival(NEW YORK) -– British actor Henry Cavill has reportedly split from fiancée Ellen Whitaker.

The couple mutually decided to end their engagement, according to Us Weekly.

A rep for Cavill did not immediately respond to ABC News’s request for comment.

“There was no fallout. They just both agreed it wasn’t working,” the magazine said, quoting a source. “They broke up three months ago.”

Cavill, 29, is best known for his role as Charles Brandon on Showtime’s The Tudors. He will play Clark Kent-Superman in the 2013 Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

Cavill is also in the running to play the lead in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

After Cavill proposed to Whitaker, 26, a British champion show jumper, she told the Belfast Telegraph in May 2011, “I couldn’t believe it when he asked me to marry him. I thought we were there to celebrate his birthday. It was such a surprise and I am so happy.”

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Superman Comic Sells for $2 Million-Plus

Hulton Archive/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- An extremely rare 1938 comic that depicted the debut of The Man of Steel was as good as gold at an auction Wednesday, selling for $2.161 million.  According to ComicConnect, the site that ran the auction, an anonymous -- and apparently ecstatic -- winning bidder ponied up the king's ransom for the near-mint condition copy of Action Comics No. 1. The same issue previously set a record when it was sold in 2010 for $1.5 million.

The history of this particular book has become something of a legend itself: it was reportedly stolen from Superman super-fan Nicolas Cage, and went missing for a decade until it turned up earlier this year -- still in pristine condition -- amid a stack of magazines uncovered in a storage locker near Los Angeles, California. The person who found the comic had purchased the contents of the locker sight-unseen.

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First Photo of Henry Cavill as Superman Released by Warner Bros.

Clay Enos/Warner Bros(CHICAGO) -- Warner Bros. has released the first official image from the next Superman movie, Man of Steel.

The film stars Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel and is director Zack Snyder's reboot of the Superman franchise.  The role of Superman was previously filled on the big screen by the late Christopher Reeve, then later Brandon Routh in 2006's Superman Returns.   

Man of Steel is currently being shot in Chicago with a cast that includes Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Michael Shannon.

It's scheduled to open in theaters nationwide on June 14, 2013.

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Diane Lane Given Limited Time to Examine Superman Script 

Michael Caulfield/WireImage(LOS ANGELES) -- You'll have to be stronger than the Man of Steel to get your hands on the script for the upcoming Superman reboot.  Diane Lane, who stars in the movie, said to be titled The Man of Steel, tells E! Online the project is veiled in secrecy. 

She said, "I read the script under lock and key.  I was locked in a room with the script and was only allowed three hours with it.  I nailed it into my memory.  I'm really excited.  I'm really not allowed to talk much about it, I think, but it does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on." 

Henry Cavill stars as the title character in The Man of Steel, which will also feature Amy Adams, Kevin Costner and Michael Shannon.

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British Actor Cast as New Superman

Photo Courtesy - Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival(LOS ANGELES) -- British actor Henry Cavill has been cast as the next Man of Steel in the latest re-boot of the Superman franchise, according to

Best known for his role as Charles Brandon on Showtime's The Tudors, Cavill, 27, will take on the iconic role in director Zach Snyder's film, which is expected to hit theaters in December 2012.

In a statement, Cavill expressed his delight at being cast in the role, which was previously held by the late Christopher Reeve in four feature films in the 1970s and 1980s and Brandon Routh in Bryan Singer's 2006 film Superman Returns.

Cavill was in the running to portray the Man of Steel in the 2006 re-boot, but was replaced by Routh after Singer took over the project from director McG, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Action movie fans who are unfamiliar with Cavill will become more acquainted with the actor after this November's Immortals is released, where he will portray the mythical Theseus in an ensemble cast that includes Mickey Rourke, John Hurt and Stephen Dorff. 

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