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"Teen Mom" Star Farrah Abraham Waxes 3-Year-Old’s Eyebrows

@F1abraham/Twitter(NEW YORK) -- Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham had a dilemma. To wax or not to wax? But the decision didn’t involve her body hair — she was talking about her 3-year-old daughter.

In a blog on, the 20-year-old MTV star recounted her decision to wax her toddler Sophia’s unibrow.

“Recently I could not ignore it, like I know I’ve seen madonna’s duaghter have a stand out uni brow, I remember when I was little I had a unibrow, but I couldn’t remember if there was an age limit, a rule!” she wrote.

Abraham, who has had a breast augmentation, a chin implant and rhinoplasty, finally decided the waxing had to be done.

“So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm to myself that my little, adorable,most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow :( , I felt bad for her, and I started asking friends…. is this hair just going to fall out… is it just hormones at this age?, well the hair didn’t go away and others started saying it was here to stay.”

Abraham said she told her daughter about the unibrow and waxed her own brows to show Sophia how it’s done.

“So I tryed to wax her, the second a dab hit the Uni, she touch it with the towel she had in her hand, UHHH so now, wax was in the towel, and I yanked it back ASAP, but fuzz was not stuck to the wax stuck to her Uni, OMG moment, So now sophia was freaking out, so I had to act like it was a cool science project to get the wax off,” Abraham said.

Sophia then fell asleep, Abraham said, so she used tweezers to remove the rest.

“The next morning I showed her and told her how well she did and she didn’t even know, She was more intrigued now to be ok with upkeeping her non-unibrow. I could tell she was proud,” Abraham said, adding that she felt like a good mom.

Fans were outraged by the post.

“Farrah, this truly appalls me! What were you thinking waxing and tweezing a 3 year olds monobrow!!! How irresponsible,” one person commented. “Did you not recently say you think people should be natural? Yet at 3 you are already teaching Sophia to be self conscious. She’s 3…. A bit of extra hair doesn’t matter.”

“That poor baby….,” another wrote.

Requests for comment from MTV and Abraham were not immediately returned.

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"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Jailed After Violent Fight

FIle photo. (Brunswick County Sheriff's Dept.)(OAK ISLAND, N.C.) --  Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and her estranged fiancé Gary Head got into a brawl over the weekend at her Oak Island, N.C., home that landed them both behind bars.

Evans later tweeted, “Yes I left him becuz he was caught cheating. He did something to me that was physical and traumatizing. I’m just so grated jace wasn’t there,” she added, referring to her son Jace.

Evans’ attorney, Dustin Sullivan, told E! Online that Evans was the one who reported a domestic violence incident on Sunday by calling 911, but police also arrested her.

Evans was charged with simple assault, possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Meanwhile, Head was charged with assault on a female, possession of less than one-half ounce of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

Sullivan added that Jenelle spent Sunday night in jail and was released on a $500 secured bond while her Marine on-again, off-again partner posted a $1,500 bond.

Head later tweeted about his rocky relationship, writing, “[Jenelle is] no longer my fiancé or girl. She can be with who she pleases…I can honestly care less who she’s with. And I put that on my friends grave… no. I’m def not marrying her. @PBandJenelley_1 has ruined my life.”

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"Teen Mom" Star Amber Portwood Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Kevin Horan/Stone(LOS ANGELES) -- Teen Mom reality star Amber Portwood was sentenced to up to five years in prison on Tuesday, TMZ reports. 

Portwood, 22, had been sentenced in February to three years in an Indiana prison for possession of prescription drugs without a prescription, and an additional two years for a probation violation, but she remained free in an agreement that offered treatment at a rehab center.

TMZ reports Portwood gave up on the rehab program and asked a judge to reinstate her previous prison sentence.  The judge granted her request and referred her to the Indiana Department of Corrections therapeutic community program, a prison-based treatment program. 

Portwood will receive credit for time served, and may be out in just over two years.

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MTV's Original "Teen Mom" Series Ending This Year

PRNewsFoto/MTV Networks International(NEW YORK) -- The original cast of Teen Mom will be raising their children away from MTV's cameras after this year. The cable network has announced that the upcoming fourth season of Teen Mom will be the last for Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell.

MTV told Us Weekly in a statement, "They will continue to be a part of our MTV family, and we're thankful to these brave young women for sharing their stories and helping to make a positive impact on teen pregnancy prevention."

Us Weekly reports the fourth season is expected to air this summer.

Portwood has continuously made headlines in recent months for her legal problems. Last month, she pleaded guilty to felony possession of a controlled substance and was ordered to complete a local drug rehab program. It was later reported that she failed a drug test.

MTV's announcement does not spell the end of the Teen Mom franchise. Though the status of Teen Mom 2 is unclear, four girls who will appear on the upcoming season of 16 and Pregnant will eventually star in Teen Mom 3.

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'Teen Mom' Star Faces Jail Time for Allegedly Violating Probation Terms

Hemera/Thinkstock(ANDERSON, Ind.) -- Court documents filed in Indiana, which have been obtained by TMZ, allege that Amber Portwood of Teen Mom fame has violated several terms of her probation.

The 21-year-old Portwood was sentenced to two years in jail after she was convicted of beating up Gary Shirley, the father of her daughter, Leah. The sentence was suspended on various conditions, which she allegedly has since broken.

Those lapses reportedly include failure to complete six months of anger control evaluation and classes, failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her child and failure to pay probation fees. It is also alleged that she got drunk and hit someone in a restaurant last month.

She recently revealed that she struggles with bipolar disorder and that she was also diagnosed with dissociative disorder while in rehab this summer.

A court hearing is scheduled for January.

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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Busted for Drugs

Brunswick County Sheriff's Dept.(OAK BRANCH, N.C.) -- More trouble for Teen Mom Jenelle Evans. The 19-year-old star of the MTV reality series Teen Mom 2 was arrested Monday for violating her probation after she tested positive for marijuana and opiate use during a meeting with her parole officer in her hometown Oak Branch, N.C.

According to her attorney Dustin Sullivan, Evans also violated her probation by associating with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Kieffer Delp, "a known drug user," on July 16 and Aug. 6.

"She's facing a 45-day active sentence," Sullivan told ABC News. "The judge could put her in jail for 45 days. Up to this point, I've had 12 or 13 charges dismissed. I've never had to have that conversation with her until now."

Sullivan said he has yet to speak to his client since she was placed behind bars on $10,000 bond Monday. He said she was released that night.

Back in April, the teen mom was sentenced to 12 months probation after she pled guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia. Evans is due in court August 24.

In March, Evans was charged with simple assault after a video surfaced of her punching a young woman. The woman, Brittany Truett, told ABC News that Evans attacked her in a fit of jealousy because Delp was flirting with Truett. Sullivan told ABC News at that time that his client might have been the victim of a set up.

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MTV's 'Teen Mom' Most-Watched Debut in Franchise History

John Rogers/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The third season premiere of MTV's Teen Mom on July 5 was the most-watched debut in franchise history, with more than 3.6 million viewers checking out the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  That made it the number-one program on cable on Tuesday among viewers between the ages of 12 and 34, and the top-rated program across all of TV among female viewers aged 12-34.

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'Teen Mom' Star Hospitalized in Apparent Suicide Attempt

John Rogers/Getty Images(ANDERSON, Ind.) -- Amber Portwood, one of the mothers who shot to fame on MTV's hit reality show Teen Mom, was taken to an Indiana hospital after an apparent suicide attempt.

According to police in Anderson, Ind., Portwood was hospitalized Tuesday morning after threatening to take her life. She'd reportedly fought on the phone with her daughter's father.

The report comes just a week after Portwood pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges, after slapping and punching her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley, and lost custody of her 2-year-old daughter Leah.

Police investigated the then-20-year-old after all of these events were captured on MTV's hit show. Domestic violence in front of a child is a felony in Indiana.

Star magazine reports that Portwood admitted to taking pills on Tuesday, and when paramedics arrived they found her drifting in and out of consciousness. The magazine also reported that rescuers removed a rope from around her neck.

But according to the police report in the case, Portwood did not appear to be injured -- and was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation.

MTV released a statement on Tuesday saying: "Our understanding is that Amber has been admitted to a local hospital but we have not been able to confirm the accuracy of any reports being circulated and are waiting for further details."

Portwood's on again/off again boyfriend Gary Shirley reportedly visited her in the hospital. Shirley raised speculation about the realty star's motive in the apparent suicide attempt by tweeting: "never cheated on Amber. She may have thought I did, but haven't. I will always love and respect her, even if we aren't together."

According to reports, Portwood is still being held in the hospital. The new season of Teen Mom begins July 5 on MTV.

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'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Punches Woman on Tape

PRNewsFoto/MTV Networks International(NEW YORK) -- The hit MTV reality show Teen Mom has suffered another black eye with a brawl featuring one of its stars, Jenelle Evans, caught on tape. It's unclear when the incident happened.

Evans, 19, was caught on video punching another woman in her Oak Branch, N.C., hometown.

On the tape, after a friend pushes Evans into Britany Truett, Evans throws the first punch. Screams can be heard from Evans' friends encouraging the fight.

Truett reportedly invited Evans over to talk about a guy they were fighting over, but things quickly turned vicious.

Evans eventually pins Truett on the ground, repeatedly punching her in the face. Truett grabs a hold of Evans hair and doesn't let go until one of Evans friend threatens to stomp on her face.

Evans' lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, said that his client had no comment on the video.

Evans, the mother of one-year-old Jace, found reality fame first on MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant and now on Teen Mom 2.

Evans, who was arrested Sunday, faced charges of drug possession and breaking and entering last week stemming from an incident that happened in January of this year. In recent weeks, she also escorted her on-again, off-again boyfriend to face assault charges she had previously filed against him.

The brawl caught on tape is the latest controversy for Evans and for the popular MTV reality show which follows four teens coping with young motherhood.

Amber Portwood, a star of the first installment of the show, was seen on television repeatedly punching and slapping her on again, off again fiancée, Gary Shirley while their daughter Leah was nearby. She now faces two felonies.

"People that are on reality TV shows are allowing themselves or giving themselves permission to turn up the volume when there's a camera. But that's not an acceptable thing when it's really in their own personal life," Dr. Charles Sophy, author of Side by Side: A Mother, The Revolutionary Mother-Daughter Program for Conflict-Free Resolution, said.

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MTV 'Teen Mom' Charged With Domestic Battery

Photo Courtesy - MTV Networks International(ANDERSON, Ind.) -- A fight captured on tape from MTV's Teen Mom is what got Amber Portwood charged with two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony charge of neglect of a dependent and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery, according to and 

Police in Indiana pursued domestic violence charges against Portwood, 20, who appeared on the reality show that chronicles the challenges of being a young mother.

In footage taped by the show, Portwood is seen repeatedly punching and slapping her on-and-off boyfriend Gary Shirley in the presence of their daughter, Leah.

"On Aug. 14, 2009...Portwood shoved Shirley against a wall, slapped him on the face and choked him," Anderson Police Detective Mitch Carroll told ABC News Indianapolis affiliate WRTV in November. "The incident was witnessed by the couple's one-year-old child, who sat in a child seat on a nearby bed."

If convicted, Portwood would face up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000.

Portwood has denied hitting Shirley in front of their daughter.

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