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"The Walking Dead" Named Deadliest Show on TV

Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- If carnage is your thing, then you will definitely want to tune in to the zombie drama The Walking Dead.  The AMC series has been named the deadliest show on television by the funeral resource guide

The show -- which resumed its third season Sunday night with its largest-ever audience at 12.3 million viewers -- averages 38 dead bodies per episode, and 91 percent of the dead are zombies.

In its second annual "TV Body Count Study," looked at the body count on 40 television series during the fall 2012 season.

In second place was Cinemax's Strike Back, with 26 dead bodies per hour, followed by NBC's Revolution, with 11.  However, all of the dead on those shows were human.

Guns were the weapon of choice on most shows, with gunshot victims making up 44 percent of all the fatalities in the study.  Knives accounted for 19 percent of the deceased.

Males represented 86 percent of the dead bodies observed in the study.  While females experienced much fewer on-screen deaths, they were most likely to be killed by means other than a gun, including beatings and strangulation.

There's no time for mourning in a half-hour show, so funerals are rare.  The study found 11 funerals, which is up slightly over the eight that were seen in the previous year's study.

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"The Walking Dead" Mid-Season Premiere Scores Largest Audience Ever

Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- AMC’s mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead scored the show's largest audience ever on Sunday night.

The zombie drama, which resumed its third season, delivered 12.3 million viewers for its 9:00 p.m. ET premiere.

The previous record was 10.9 million viewers for the season-three premiere last October.

Including encore presentations of the show later in the night, the episode drew a total of 16.6 million viewers.

A companion program called The Talking Dead, hosted by Chris Hardwick, scored 4.1 million viewers at 10 p.m.  The show features fans, actors and producers discussing the finer points of the main show.

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Man Shoots Girlfriend After Argument over "The Walking Dead"

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- An argument over the premise of the hit AMC drama The Walking Dead reportedly resulted in a Long Island, N.Y., man shooting his girlfriend early Tuesday.

Mineola's Patch website, citing Nassau County police, reports that Jared Gurman, 26, of Williston Park allegedly shot his longtime girlfriend in the back with a .22 caliber rifle.

The woman, whose name has not been publicly disclosed, is currently listed in serious but stable condition after suffering a pierced lung, shattered rib, and pierced diaphragm, plus blood loss.  A bullet reportedly is lodged in her body.

Gurman's girlfriend had driven him from a bar to his apartment, and at some point they disagreed over whether the premise of The Walking Dead is plausible.  The show revolves around a zombie epidemic that takes over the world following an apocalypse.  Gurman is said to be a big fan of the show.

The woman left the apartment but the dispute continued over text message.  Concerned that Gurman was, in the words of police, "going over the edge," she returned to his apartment building, where she was shot.

Gurman has been charged with attempted second-degree murder.

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AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Returns Sunday Night

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- On hiatus since November, the popular AMC drama The Walking Dead will resume its second season this Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

The series focuses on a group of people who survived a zombie apocalypse. Still, there's much more to The Walking Dead than the zombies, according to star Steven Yeun.

Yeun, who plays Glenn, says, "It's really about surviving and I think it really speaks to what's going on now, which is why I think it might be as popular as it is, its because it feels like we're up against the wall for some reason."

Yeun says the cast and crew never expected the show to be as successful as it's been.

"As we were filming they were like, 'You know what? This is going to be a good show,'" he recalled. "Even if it's not going to be huge numbers, they knew that critically at least, when we were filming, they were like, 'This is a good show, it feels good.'  And I think we were generally surprised when those numbers came back." ´╗┐

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Move Over 'Twilight,' Zombies Are the New Horror Obsession

Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision(LOS ANGELES) -- That glazed look in their dead eyes, the stench of rotting flesh, their hunger for fresh human brains -- zombies seem to be everywhere.

The fascination with the undead has been creeping up on the sexy vampires of the "Twilight" dynasty. Over the past decade, movies such as "Resident Evil," "I Am Legend " and the spoofy "Zombieland" -- not to mention the vast array of zombie DVDs, video games and accessories -- have brought in $5 billion.

Seven million people watched the premiere of the hit AMC series "The Walking Dead" last week. Greg Nicoterro, the co-executive producer for the TV show said people have become "really obsessed" with zombies.

"You know vampires also have this huge following, they're sort of been made sexy by the Twilight movies," he said. "I honestly believe it's the fact that as people grow up being fans of the horror genre that there's something about zombies that are iconic."

It's arguable that Nicoterro is responsible for this most recent zombie contagion. He has created about 200 zombies for just season two of "The Walking Dead," and his professional life has been dedicated to transforming regular-looking people into an army of flesh-feasting, blood-slurping ghouls.

Typical zombies prefer brains, but in "The Walking Dead," they'll attack anything with a pulse. Such was the case played out in a scene where the actors had to attack a horse.

"They were so excited and so into it," Nicoterro said. "I loaded it with fake guts and all this blood and they were like, 'Let's go, let's go, let's go!"

Come Halloween, roughly 2.6 million zombies will lurch toward your front door in search of candy. It's one of the trendiest costumes, and tens of millions of dollars are spent to look dead, according to the National Retail Federation.

So-called zombie walks -- massive parades of people dressed as the undead -- have gone global, with annual events in Dublin, Prague, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Grand Rapids, Mich.

Need to escape? There's an app for that. It's a game called "Zombies Run," where the walking dead groan and growl in your ear while you sprint to collect supplies to survive.

And should you ever be attacked by zombies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a zombie apocalypse survival guide -- a 40-page, illustrated novella, spelling out how to avoid getting eaten alive.

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'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Quits Twitter Following Rant

Brian To/FilmMagic/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Kurt Sutter, the outspoken creator of the FX drama Sons of Anarchy, knows when it's time to stop tweeting. He's shut down his Twitter account after he claimed on the site last week that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was responsible for the recent firing of The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont. In reference to Weiner's lengthy talks with AMC earlier this year for a new Mad Men deal, Sutter tweeted, "why darabont got fired - weiner. he held AMC hostage, broke their bank, budgets were slashed." Darabont oversaw production of AMC's The Walking Dead.

On his website, Sutter explained his decision to quit Twitter, writing, "I'm a guy desperately in need of buffers.  I have big feelings, big reactions, big emotions." Last month, he took to Twitter to complain that his show had not been nominated for an Emmy.

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