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‘Homeland’ Creators Talk Upcoming Season, Responsibility to Viewers

Showtime(WASHINGTON) -- During an interview for ABC’s This Week, Homeland co-creator Howard Gordon told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz that he feels a certain responsibility to viewers in the way that his hit Showtime show deals with its serious subject matter, which includes The War on Terror and use of unmanned drones.

“Yes. We do feel some responsibility…We do absolutely search our consciences as a group…and say…if this is untrue in some way or if this is…a dangerous idea or, or an irresponsible idea.” Gordon said.

Homeland in its first season revolved around a CIA agent, played by Claire Danes, who becomes entangled with a man held prisoner by al-Qaeda for several years, whom she suspects has been turned by the terrorist group. The use and potential consequences of unmanned drones are part of a key plotline in the show.

During his interview with Raddatz, Gordon acknowledged the real life complexity and subsequent controversy of using drones to kill terrorists.

“My only strong personal views is that it’s a very complex issue and that there are no good answers to it…I’m only a television writer, so I don’t pretend to be an analyst…I’m grateful some of these choices aren’t mine to make,” Gordon said.

Raddatz also asked Gordon if he thinks about the fact that President Obama, a notable fan of the show, may be watching.

“I would say so. But I don’t think we’d go into the room saying, ‘What — what does the president — what do we want to tell the president?’ We just hope he likes it, keeps watching,” he said.

Alex Gansa, who co-created Homeland with Gordon, also spoke to ABC News from North Carolina where season 3 has just begun shooting. He offered a preview of what is to come when the show returns in September.

“The issue in this season is what happens if it were learned that a major attack on the United States was sponsored by a state…the biggest piece of all is you know the aftermath of a second  9/11 attack…there is this interesting question which is, the CIA has proved in our show incapable of protecting itself. How can it be expected to protect the country…these are the big concerns we are going to deal with in the first sweep of episodes,” Gansa revealed.

“And then there’s the big question of where Brody is. Does anybody know that Carrie helped him get out of the country? And will they ever see each other again…there’s a couple of more surprises down the pike, I’ve spoiled a little bit already,” he said.

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