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Mr. Rogers Gets a Remix

Fotos International/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- What happens when you mix the childhood comfort of seeing Mr. Rogers in his green sweater, tying his shoe and asking you to be his neighbor with today’s ramped-up technology?

A viral video that you can’t stop watching.

Called “Garden of Your Mind,” the video is a musical mash-up of classic scenes from the PBS children’s show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, remixed and played over and over to a slow tune.

Even more captivating is that the three-minute YouTube video gives Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers himself, the Auto-Tune treatment, using an electronic processor to alter the pitch of voices in the clips.

“You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind,” Rogers, who died in 2003, “sings” in the song’s chorus.

The show went off the air in 2001, after more than 30 years of Rogers signing off with his signature, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” goodbye.

PBS Digital Studios saw the video, which was posted to YouTube on Thursday, as a way to pay tribute to a hero, the station said, and found an unlikely Mr. Rogers fan in the world of music to produce it.

“When we discovered video mash-up artist John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, on YouTube, we immediately wanted to work together,” PBS Digital Studios explained in a statement on its YouTube channel.  “Turns out that he is a huge Mr. Rogers Neighborhood fan, and was thrilled at the chance to pay tribute to one of our heroes.”

Perhaps more intriguing is that PBS says the Mr. Rogers remix is just the first of several iconic personalities from PBS shows that will get the Auto-Tune treatment, meaning Sesame Street in Auto-Tune could be next.

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After Viral Video, Kelly Clarkson Sends Message to Children's Hospital -- A video featuring young cancer patients and staff at Seattle Children's Hospital lip-synching to Kelly Clarkson's hit "Stronger" has become an online sensation, attracting over half a million views in five days.  Kelly raved about it on Twitter and posted a link, and now she's also sent a personal video message to the hospital thanking them for a great job.

A new video posted Wednesday by the hospital shows the patients and staff watching the video message from Kelly on a laptop.  "That was so amazing," Kelly says. "It made my day, I know it's making everybody else's day online.  Everybody's been watching it and everybody's been talking about it and it's so beautiful and it's so meaningful."

Kelly adds, "I just can't wait to meet you. I think that was the coolest thing to be able to watch. And I'm not gonna cry 'cause I gotta go perform right now, but it was just so beautiful, so thank you so much!"

The rest of the video shows the kids and staff reacting to Kelly's message: one talks about how much she loves "Stronger," while another wants Kelly to do a concert for them.


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Viral Video: Notorious B.I.G. Song Stops Baby From Crying

Goodshoot/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- When it comes to soothing a crying baby, here’s a trick most parents probably haven’t tried.

In a video posted on YouTube, a baby girl named Rachel from Connecticut won’t stop crying until she hears Notorious B.I.G.

“It was our first experience having a newborn,” said her father, Dave.  ”So when she was crying, we would do anything – make funny faces, play music, anything. We tried rock, rap, reggae, jazz and blues.”

Notorious B.I.G.’s song “Hypnotize” is what stuck.

“We must have listened to that song 100 times,” her dad said, noting that Rachel was too young to understand any of the lyrics. “She’s got that wail of a cry. To not have a crying baby, I’d play that song 1,000 times.”

Also on the baby’s playlist was Jay Z’s “H to the Hizzo.”

Now, Rachel is almost 2 years old. She no longer listens only to Biggie, her dad said.

“She’s a big music fan now, but it doesn’t matter to her what we put on [anymore],” he said. “She’ll run into the room and yell, ‘Dance party!’”

The family also has a newborn boy. No word on whether he’s a Biggie Smalls fan yet.

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Kardashian Wedding Causes Spike in Kim's Sex Tape Viewership 

David Livingston/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Because of her fame as a reality show star and a seemingly omnipresent trendsetter, it could be easy to forget that Kim Kardashian's biggest role at one point was in a homemade sex tape leaked back in 2007. But millions of people did remember, and apparently chose to celebrate her seemingly royal wedding to NBA star Kris Humphries this past weekend by checking out Kim Kardashian: Superstar, the homemade porno she shot with rapper Ray J.

Adult giant Vivid confirms to ABC News Radio that, the website for its movie, saw a massive spike in traffic before and after the wedding: roughly 2 million people checked out over the weekend. The site usually sees a fraction of that -- 300,000 unique visitors per month -- Vivid tells ABC News Radio.

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Rebecca Black, ‘Friday’ Singer, Receiving Death Threats

ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- It's the YouTube sensation people love to hate: Rebecca Black's song that went viral, "Friday.” Some hate the song so much that the 13-year-old singer has received death threats.

Authorities say the threats, one by email and one by phone, came shortly after the release of her video in February, demanding that she pull the song from YouTube "or else."

"We consider these threats to be death threats, and we certainly take these things very seriously," said Sgt. Rick Martinez of the Anaheim, Calif., Police Department.

Although the Anaheim police acknowledge the death threats may just be mean-spirited snipes, authorities said they are taking it seriously.

"Specifically they mention that they were going to take her life," Martinez said, "and that's where you have to draw the line."

Black said in an interview with ABC News last month that she was shocked at the mean things people were saying.

"The meanest thing I read was I hope you cut yourself and I hope you get a eating disorder so you'll look pretty," Black said.

Her song and the accompanying video have inspired strong feelings, both positive and negative, and dozens of parodies. Comedian Steven Colbert performed his own version on the NBC series, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

The video has received more than 112 million views since it was posted to YouTube on Feb. 10. Of them, some 300,000 "liked" it, but more than two million "disliked" it.

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