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"Saturday Night Live" Spoofs Christine O'Donnell Ad 

(NEW YORK) -- Christine O'Donnell, the Delaware Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, was in Saturday Night Live's sights once again over the weekend, specifically, her recent TV ad in which she declares she's not a witch.  In the ad, O'Donnell dismisses a comment she once made on the TV series Politically Incorrect in which she stated she'd "dabbled" in witchcraft.

SNL spoofed the ad last weekend, with cast member Kristen Wiig portraying O'Donnell in a mock commercial in which she tells Delaware residents, "Isn't that what the people of Delaware deserve? A candidate who promises first and foremost that she's not a witch? That's the kind of candidate Delaware hasn't had since 1692."

She then proceeds to drop hints that she is in fact a witch, at one point mentioning that she'd moved from the "black forest of Germany" to Delaware almost three thousand years ago.  In the final seconds of the skit, the camera zooms out, revealing that Wiig's character is floating in the air, surrounded by ghostly images and a skeleton playing a piano.  Wiig concludes the sketch by saying, "I'm not a witch, but if I am, do you really want to cross me? I didn't think so."

For her part, O'Donnell tweeted on Sunday, "SNL skit was really funny...and I have to admit, her hair looked better than mine."

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