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Bradley Cooper's Ex: 'I Worship Men'

Jonathan Wenk/CBS Films(NEW YORK) -- Following her breakup with Bradley Cooper, actress Zoe Saldana hasn’t given up on love.

“I worship men. Men are Adonises,” the 34-year-old beauty told InStyle UK.

In fact her ideal guy is a strong, sensitive type. “A bada** renegade! A pirate! A pirate who can cry. Oh, my God!” she told the magazine’s June edition.

The star of the upcoming film Star Trek Into Darkness has never confirmed nor denied her relationship with Cooper, though the pair were spotted off and on through 2012.

Instead Saldana prefers keeping her private life, well, private.

“It’s physically hard and it’s so unnatural for me to talk about certain intimate and private areas of my life, that I’m incapable, naturally incapable of saying anything remotely relating to this topic…” she told InStyle. “Literally, I’m sweating.”

She did, however, allude to her heartbreaking split with former fiance entrepreneur Keith Britton after 11 years together.

“When it didn’t work [with Britton] it was heartbreaking for the both of us, but it’s life,” Saldana said, adding that the breakup did not make her bitter about love. “I believe in love because I had it for so long, so I know it’s possible. I’m not one of these people who’s going, ‘Oh, because I was with someone for so long I need to take a break.’ What if love is just around the corner?”

Saldana is also unafraid of a little lust, acknowledging that women may think naughty thoughts even if they don’t talk about them. “We’re very, very filthy too,” she joked to the magazine.

“I’m tired of watching these 50-year-old actors with these 23-year-old actresses and they’re soul mates in the movie. What? [In real life] a 23-year-old would look at a 50-year-old and go, ‘Are you kidding me?!’” she added. “We love plump muscles as much as they do.”

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Zoe Saldana: Hollywood's Newest Female Action Star

Kevin Mazur/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Move over Angelina, there's a new female action star in town and her name is Zoe Saldana.

Saldana is carrying her first film, Colombiana, in which she plays an assassin bent on avenging her family's deaths. Despite a slow opening weekend thanks to Hurricane Irene, the film debuted at No. 2 and remains firmly in the top five.

At 33, Saldana is no ingenue. For one thing, she has been in the business for more than a decade. A classically trained ballerina, she got her break playing a dancer in Center Stage in 2000.

She went on to play the girlfriend of Nick Cannon -- in Drumline.

She also brought home Ashton Kutcher in Guess Who, the 2005 update of the classic Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. And she portrayed a young Lieutenant Uhura in the 2009 Star Trek reboot.

But it was her role as Neytiri in James Cameron's Avatar, the biggest movie of all time, which put her center stage. Suddenly, Saldana was walking the red carpets, gracing the covers of magazines, posing for Calvin Klein underwear ads and making the best -- and worst -- dressed lists.

Saldana is a departure from the typical female action hero. Hailing from Queens, New York, she is Dominican and Puerto Rican and grew up, in part, in the Dominican Republic.

Last year, Saldana was the only woman to crack the top 10 of Entertainment Weekly's list of highest grossing stars under 40.

And she's not just popular with the male crowd, having made Maxim's Hot 100 list two years in a row

According to the market research firm CinemaScore, 57 percent of the opening weekend audience for Colombiana was female.

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