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Tasha Smith Shows Softer Side in Zane's "Addiction"

Courtesy of TBS(NEW YORK) -- Actress Tasha Smith is known for her strong, loud and in-your-face characters. As Angela in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married film series and its TV spin-off For Better or Worse, Smith has been the stereotypical strong black woman. Now, she gets to shed that type-casting in a new role in the film adaptation of Zane's sexy popular novel, Addicted.

"I get a chance to play a different beat of myself, which is Marcella Spencer, who is a therapist to the woman Zoe, who is dealing with addiction," Smith told ABC News Radio.  "The Zoe character is dealing with sex addiction and she goes to therapy to try to get a handle on it because this addition is literally ruining her life, ruining her relationship."

According to the website Shadow and Act, actress Sharon Leal will reportedly portray Zoe, the successful, sex-addicted business woman, who is married and a mother to three children.

"My character is the one that pretty much helps her through that.  She helps her to deal with that addiction so that she does not lose her family," Smith continued, adding that production started in October with a hope that the film will open in 2013.

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