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Taylor Swift's mom takes the stand: "He sexually assaulted her. *That* guy."

iStock/Thinkstock (DENVER) -- Taylor Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, delivered some emotional testimony Wednesday afternoon in Denver, at one point looking at David Mueller -- the deejay who's suing her daughter -- and declaring, "He sexually assaulted her. That guy."

Mueller is suing Swift, saying her claim that he groped her during a meet-and-greet in 2013 is false, and caused him to be fired.  Swift has countersued, claiming assault and battery for "offensive and harmful physical contact." 

Wednesday, Andrea Swift said she didn't witness the alleged incident, but after her daughter told her about it, she "wanted to vomit and cry at the same time."  She added that it was "inconceivable" that someone would grope Swift, adding, "We were shocked."

Andrea Swift recalled that Taylor told her, "Mom, a guy just grabbed my a**" and that the incident left her daughter "shaken" and "humiliated."  She denied that Taylor specifically asked for Mueller to be fired, but Mrs. Swift said others felt it was "imperative" to let Mueller's bosses know what had happened.

"We did not want him to get away with it," she said.

"I heard it from my daughter's mouth. I knew exactly what happened," said Andrea Swift, pointing at Mueller. "He sexually assaulted her. That guy."

Mrs. Swift said when she saw the photo of the incident, "I knew something horribly wrong was going on. I know these eyes better than anyone," she said, referring to her daughter.  "Her body is at an awkward angle.  Her smile is frozen on her face. Something is going on in her eyes.  I looked and was sickened."

Andrea Swift says she and her daughter visited thousands of radio stations and record labels over the years, and Taylor had "never" reported inappropriate touching or contact before.  Now, Andrea said, Taylor's team is doubly concerned about keeping her safe.

"It shattered our trust," she said. "It scared us."

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