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The Bachelor's Chris Harrison is back behind the wheel of "Ferrari" that is "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

ABC(NEW YORK) -- The game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? returns for its 16th season in syndication today, and back behind the wheel of the property he calls the "Ferrari" is Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison. 

The game show has given away some 92 million bucks since it went to syndication, and that's not counting the money Regis Philbin gave away when he hosted on ABC in primetime. 

"Millionaire, which I was a fan of for years, and watched like everyone else...To be able to come in to host it, it's a dream job," Harrison tells ABC Radio. "I play along just like you do at home. That's why I love hosting. I sit there and play trivia all day, and and sometimes I realize I'm the smartest human being in the world, and then like a second later I'm the dumbest person on the face of the earth."

He adds, "The show is perfectly set up from drama, for tension because the money builds...the questions become harder...It's kind of a...perfect concept."

The Emmy-winning show now calls Caesars Entertainment Studios in Las Vegas home, and that city's famous vibe has rubbed off on Millionaire, Chris says. 

"The thing about going to Vegas [is] the contestants kinda having that gambling attitude...I've had so many contestants saying, 'I'm in Vegas, let's roll the dice!' I've even had kids say that, which is really bizarre." 

This season will also feature celebrity contestants, including, Sherri Shepherd, actor/comedian Rob Riggle, celebrity chef Curtis Stone, and even Las Vegas staple Wayne Newton.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? airs in syndication, so check your local listings.

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