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"The Walking Dead" Is Back

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC(NEW YORK) -- Sunday night marked the return of the fourth season of The Walking Dead. The AMC show's mid-season premiere was titled "After," and as its name suggests, the show focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne, all on the run after their prison safe haven was attacked and overrun.

Rick, badly injured from his battle with The Governor, struggled to put distance between himself and the prison complex, with Carl impatiently leading the way. After the pair hunker down in a home, Rick passes out, leaving an increasingly cocky Carl trying to prove to himself that he no longer needs his dad to protect him -- even though the teen nearly gets himself bitten by walkers in the process. After celebrating with a massive stash of pudding, he returned to lash out at his incapacitated dad.

Michonne returned to the prison and took two more armless walker "pets," and granted Hershel's body-less, now zombified head some peace at the end of her katana. Later on, a dream sequence showed her in a new light and revealed the true identity of her original pets, eventually leading to a breakdown that sends her on a walker slaying rampage.

Meanwhile, Carl's newfound confidence falters in a burst of tears, after he mistakenly thinks his dad has turned; the pair reconcile, with Carl realizing he's not as grown up as he thought he was -- even as his dad admitted Carl's not the kid he once was.

"You're a man. I'm sorry," Rick said. "You don't need to be," Carl responded, relieved.

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday, Feb. 16, on AMC.

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