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"The Walking Dead" Season Finale: Woodbury Goes to War

Gene Page/AMC(NEW YORK) -- The third-season finale of AMC's The Walking Dead on Sunday night began with The Governor beating on his former aide-de-camp Milton, who betrayed him in the next-to-last episode by helping Andrea escape.

The Governor showed Milton that he hadn't killed Andrea, but left her bound, as viewers saw at the end of the previous episode. The Governor told Milton he'll have to kill Andrea to prove his loyalty, assuring him his former assistant won't leave the room without doing so. When he handed Milton a knife, the erstwhile sidekick turned it on The Governor, who quickly turned the tables and stabbed the weaker man.   As Milton lay dying, the Governor reminded him that he'd soon turn into a walker and kill Andrea anyway.

Meantime, back at the prison, Rick's faction packed up and apparently got ready to abandon their shelter. In a rare moment, Michonne thanked Rick for taking her in.

Back at Woodbury, The Governor was on war footing, plotting a final offensive against Rick and the gang. Tyrese and Sasha wanted no part of the fight; they explained they'd stay behind to defend the community, but wouldn't take up arms against the living. The Governor accepted their terms.  

The Governor and his men stormed the prison and laid waste to the walkers there, but found out too late that Rick and the gang had apparently already fled.

In Andrea's cell at Woodbury, a dying Milton reveals to Andrea he'd deliberately dropped a pair of pliers behind her so that she could try to escape, and if and when she does, he tells her to stab him in the head to assure he won't "turn."

At the prison, The Governor's men found out too late they'd walked into a trap: Glenn, Maggie, and some of the other members opened fire on the Woodbury Army soldiers and repelled their attack.

Outside the prison walls, Jody, one of the Woodbury Army's members, tried to surrender -- only to be executed on the spot by Rick's son Carl.

The fleeing members of the Woodbury Army sped from the compound until The Governor forced their convoy to stop. Karen, one of his soldiers, claimed they learned their lesson, and won't fight against Team Rick.

The Governor responded by turning his gun on his own people, gunning them down without a word. When Allen drew on the Governor, he shot him, too, in cold blood.

The Governor took a pistol shot at each of his victims in the head. Only his empty gun spared Karen's life, as she hid under the dead body of another.

Back at Woodbury, Andrea struggled to free herself, racing against the time it takes for Milton to turn. He turned just as Andrea freed herself, and the camera cut away as the two grappled, leaving her fate unknown.

Rick, Michonne, and Darryl raced to Woodbury to save Andrea, and found Karen along the way. She convinced Tyrese to open Woodbury's gates, telling him how The Governor executed their own people.

The rescuers reached Andrea just in time to find her still alive -- but bitten. She asked for a pistol to kill herself, and Michonne refused to leave her side. Off camera, a single gunshot rang out.

Team Rick headed back into the prison the next morning, along with a bus containing a number of former residents of Woodbury, who "defected."

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