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There's Nothing Like Wendy Williams on TV

Courtesy Wendy Williams Show(NEW YORK) -- Wendy Williams, the self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media," is known for giving her fans the inside track on the entertainment industry.

During her 23-year career in radio, the 48-year-old constantly dished on celebrities and gained notoriety for telling it like it is -- so much so that even Jay-Z rapped about it: "For the millionth time, askin' me questions, like, Wendy Williams, harassin' me then get upset when I catch feelings."

Now, on The Wendy Williams Show, her hit syndicated daytime talk show currently in its fourth season, Williams is introducing more viewers to her no-holds-barred style from a newly-renovated purple and pink studio.

"We have such an eclectic show on The Wendy Williams Show.  It is the only place where you could see Nas, on the couch, rip the mic and in the same show you will see Rachel Maddow," the daytime talk show host, who was recently named one of the 35 Most Powerful People in Media by The Hollywood Reporter, tells ABC News Radio.

Out of all the guests who have sat on her couch and showed off their shoes on her "Shoe Cam," a special close-up camera just for fashion's sake, Williams says she has a favorite: Simon Cowell.

"Well, he says it like he means it and he's easy on the eyes," she admitted.  "And he likes me."

While Williams seems extra chummy with her celebrity guests, including Halle Berry, Vivica A. Fox and Tamar Braxton, she admits that they're not her friends.

"We may be at a charity event later on in the week together, and we might drink white wine and giggle for that moment, but I don't have one celebrity phone number in my phone," Williams tells ABC News Radio.  "My closest women friends are moms in the school system where we live because I have more in common with them."

"I have celebrity girlfriends for their purpose of coming to the show," she continues.

Williams considers herself to be just a regular girl from New Jersey and balances her daytime career with being a wife to Kevin Hunter, who doubles as her manager, and a mother to her son, who she lovingly refers to as "Little Kev."

Williams is known for saying whatever comes to mind, but there's one thing the daytime talk show host will always remain mum on, she tells ABC News Radio.

"You will never hear me talking about who I'm voting for and why," she says.  "I feel as though politics and celebrity aren't necessarily the best thing."

And Williams knows what makes a good thing.  In fact, along with her daytime talk show, she's the author of five books, two of which have been New York Times bestsellers, and she even has a line of jewelry on QVC.  Still, does Williams, who has been inducted in the National Radio Hall of Fame, miss life behind the mic?

"I don't miss it because if I stayed in radio it wouldn't be fair to my family: my husband and my son," Williams says.  "If I was a single woman, secretly I'd probably still be doing both because I'd have nobody but me."

The Wendy Williams Show -- which features Real Housewives’ Phaedra Parks, Kyle Richards, actor David Hasselhoff and ABC’s Carla Hall next week -- airs weekdays at 10 a.m. ET/PT and midnight on BET.

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