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Tom Hardy cast as "Spider-Man" baddie Venom

Getty Images/Jason LaVeris(LOS ANGELES) -- Tom Hardy has gone from playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises to portraying another superhero baddie: Spider-Man's shape-shifting nemesis Venom. 

"Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock," reads the announcement made Friday by Sony Pictures, naming the character's human alter-ego. The post featured a menacing picture of the Mad Max actor wearing a Venom shirt.

The character of Brock is a disgraced journalist who comes into contact with a black, gooey alien organism that covers his body and gives him fearsome powers...which he uses to try to take down Spidey.

Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, will be seen next on July 7 in Spider-Man: Homecoming -- officially, at least, there's no mention yet if he'll appear in Venom.

Venom is slated for an October, 2018 release.

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