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Viral Video: Kansas Toddler Overtaken by Zoo Camel

File photo. Purestock/Thinkstock(KANSAS CITY) -- Lions, tigers and a camel in the car window, oh my! That was the early zoo experience for one young child in Kansas whose parents took her to a drive-through zoo near Kansas City.

The up-close-and-personal experience got extremely up-close-and-personal when the family ran out of snacks and the camel dove in for the daughter’s head instead.

In a video that was posted to YouTube in January but is now making the rounds online, the Izner family of Olathe, Kan., captured the moment when, on their second loop through the park that day, they visited the camels, one of its daughter’s favorite animals.

“She LOVED feeding every furry animal that would pop its head up to our car window,” the girl’s mother wrote on YouTube.  “We drove slow through the zoo and allowed her to sit up front so that she could help feed the animals while under close supervision.”

That close supervision proved fruitless, however, when the family came up against the hungry camel.  The video shows the daughter, whose name is not known, sitting on the lap of her father, Tyler Inzer, in the driver’s seat, handing the camel snacks.

A nuzzle between the girl and the camel quickly turned into the camel putting his very large mouth over her very tiny head and, soon, the camel sticking his whole head into the family’s car.  The daughter appears briefly traumatized before responding to her parents’ laughter with giggles of her own.

The camel briefly ran alongside the Izner’s car as the family made its getaway and then blocked the roadway ahead.

Meanwhile, inside the car, the Izner’s daughter remained fascinated by the slime her furry friend left behind on the steering wheel.

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