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Who was really "The Fool" on last night's episode of "Empire"?

Fox/Chuck Hodes(NEW YORK) -- Tonight's episode of Empire, titled, "The Fool," begins with Hakeem's lawyer trying to gather more information from Hakeem regarding Anika, and his relationship with her. Cookie gets a phone call from Portia who tells her to watch TMZ and sees that some news has leaked regarding Lucious' mental health and Empire's financial stability.  

Here are some more highlights from the show: 

- Cookie proposes that reporters follow Lucious for 48 hours in order to dispel any rumors about Empire and his health. 

- Shine plays his music for Lucious, Cookie and visiting reporters, which brings back a memory for Lucious. Lucious rejects the song and tells Shine to work on it more while he goes to bring a friend back to Empire, which turns out to be Eddie. Eddie and Lucious collaborate on Tiana's song.

- A meeting with Angelo gets tense, ending with Hakeem punching Angelo in the face. 

- Hakeem tells Tiana that he plans to run away to Cuba with Bella and asks Tiana to come with them. 

- Cookie gives a presentation to the board and reveals that Lucious is suffering from TBI, which is a traumatic brain condition. She brings Eddie into the board meeting and proposes that Eddie join board instead of a person with no ties to the family. Eddie agrees.  

- Lucious starts painting in order to continue his healing progress. He begins to remember key moments of his life. He calls Claudia his muse and tells her that he loves her, while envisioning her as Cookie. She tells Lucious that she loves him too and asks what he thinks about her writing a book. Instead, he says he loves Cookie and tells Claudia to leave.  

- Lucious gets back to his old self. 

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