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Adult Twin Sisters Share Bedroom, Wear Same Clothes

Discovery(NEW YORK) -- Amy and Becky Glass take being twins to a whole new level.

The 46-year-olds from Los Angeles live together. They get dressed together, always wearing identical, color-coordinated outfits. They buy two of everything in contrasting colors. They share a purse and a cell phone. They even share the same bedroom.

“Every time we wake up we say, ‘I missed you while I was sleeping!’” said Becky, with her sister chiming in to finish the sentence with her.

The pair appeared on the TLC show, My Strange Addiction, which highlights people with unusual addictions or behaviors. The Glass sisters’ addiction? Each other.

In the past 15 years, the sisters have never spent more than 30 minutes apart.

It makes dating interesting. “We date, we have fun,” Amy Glass said.

Added her sister: “If we date, we both go out on the date together with one guy.”

The women said they’re not interested in marrying because they consider themselves married to each other.

“It works because we have our soul mate already so, in all honesty…we’re like one person in two bodies,” Becky Glass said.

The sisters work out together and even eat matching foods.

When ABC's Good Morning America asked the Glass sisters why it was so important that everything in their lives be the same, Becky Glass said she and her sister love to live like that.

“We really do,” Amy Glass said.

Her sister added: “We think we’re the funnest people on our planet.”

Amy Glass acknowledged that people who don’t know her and her sister well could perceive them as a little neurotic, but added: “It’s so normal for us.”

“It’s like a well-oiled machine,” Becky said, with her sister chiming in to finish the sentence with her.

Their friends are concerned, and wonder how one twin would cope if something were to happen to the other.

Amy replied: “We have a deal with God. He’s taking us together.”

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