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Baby Gorilla Is Back With Mom, Breastfeeding

ABC News(SAN DIEGO) -- A baby gorilla that was nursed back to health by a team of humans at the San Diego Zoo has been reunited with her mom, who is still recovering from an emergency C-section.

The nearly two-week old baby, who has yet to be named, cuddled with 18-year-old Imani before latching on for a feed -- a departure from the bottles of infant formula she received from her human caretakers.

“Initially [Imani] was just carrying the baby, she never set the baby down,” said Andrew Stallard, animal care supervisor at the zoo’s Safari Park. “And about three hours in, she began nursing the baby.”

The baby fell asleep about five minutes into the feed, according to Stallard -- just like a human infant might.

The gorilla pair will stay under 24-hour surveillance to make sure the “nursing trend” continues, Stallard said.

In her short life, the baby has survived a collapsed lung and pneumonia.

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