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Can a Bite Counter Help You Lose Weight?

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(CLEMSON, S.C.) -- Clemson University researchers have developed a new device that helps people figure out how much they’re consumed during a particular meal.

Eric Muth and Adam Hoover believe their new Bite Counter will enable users to keep better track of their food intake and, therefore, eat less.

The Bite Counter is sort of like a pedometer for people's maw. Worn on the wrist, it tallies bites through a pattern of wrist-roll motions. It then uses sophisticated filters and heuristics to determine whether the movement really represented the user taking a bite of food or a drink of a liquid, reaching about 90% accuracy.

The gizmo is automated, which leaves little to chance, and can be used any place where people can sit down and enjoy a meal.

The researchers say the chief advantage of the Bite Counter is that it will give people an accurate idea of their long-term food consumption and perhaps inspire them to cut back on their portions.

It hasn’t been determined just how the device relates to calorie count or if it can be eventually sold as weight-loss method.

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