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Can Technology Help You Read Faster?

Spritz(NEW YORK) -- A new speed reading program promises to help you read a novel in less than 90 minutes without having to move your eyes.

Boston-based tech company Spritz has been working in “Stealth Mode” for three years, developing technology that manipulates text word format to limit your eye movement when reading, and shorten the time your brain takes to process the information.

The program streams one word at a time, highlighting the “Optimal Recognition Point” or ORP of the word in red and aligning those specific letters to a central point. This can help you read at speeds of up to 1,000 words a minute, depending on the reader’s comfort level, the company says. Test it here.

Spritz is planning to debut the technology on the Samsung Gear 2 and Galaxy S5 (release dates haven’t even been announced yet), and says that it can be used for more than just books, but also to read emails, articles, social media streams or any Web-based content on mobile devices.

While there are numerous ways to teach yourself to speed read, including skimming, talking to yourself while reading, running your finger faster along the page and reading entire pages by taking a mental “snapshot,” these take time and effort, Spritz says.

“Spritzing can be learned in less than five minutes and, if you don’t spritz for a month, no practice is needed to return quickly to your previous speed or skill-level,” the company says on its website.

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