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Careful! Your Voice Can Give You Away If You're Cheating

F1online/Thinkstock(READING, Pa.) -- There’s an easy way to figure out if your partner is stepping out on you: listen to him or her very closely.

Researchers at Albright College in Pennsylvania are convinced that there’s a relatively simple way to detect infidelity by how people alter their voices.

Dr. Susan Hughes, professor of psychology, and her team say that people’s voice choices change noticeably when speaking to lovers as opposed to same-sex friends.

They had participants speak to both on the phone by asking questions such as “How are you?” and “What are you doing?” and then carrying on a conversation.

Later, parts of the recordings were played to independent raters who were told to make judgments on sexiness, pleasantness and degree of romantic interest.

Generally, the raters could differentiate whether a participant was speaking to a lover or friend and the study concluded, “Vocal samples directed toward romantic partners were rated as sounding more pleasant, sexier and reflecting greater romantic interest than those directed toward same-sex friends.”

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